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The very first Norwegian Quake clan and also the longest running. Arguably the third best clan in Northern Europe in 1999. Dominant in the Norwegian Quake scene in the 90s by arranging ten AskerLANs and playing over 200 matches in virtually every competition and tournament. Made a short comeback in 2007 in the 5th season of European Quake League.

The Vicious Vikings vs. Nasty Beasts Inc., 06.12.1997: NBI had a comfortable lead after the first leg on DM3.
The Vicious Vikings vs. Nasty Beasts Inc., 06.12.1997: VV showed no mercy in the second leg, on the unusal map choice of E4M3, and won 339-265 on aggregate.


Norway's first Quake clan was formed by a small group of friends who had grown up in the same neighborhood, playing lots of Doom II via LAN between their houses - and Quake since the test-release. BM took the initiative to form the clan.

The Vicious Vikings was never the best or the most successful Norwegian clan, but one of the most influential ones, mainly because they were arranging the infamous AskerLANs and playing matches virtually every week for three years. In 1996 The Vicious Vikings was rated as third best in Norway, behind Carnage Clan and Spawn Clan. Three years later they were 3rd in NECL and arguably the third best clan in Northern Europe.

From the summer of 1996 to the fall of 1999, The Vicious Vikings played more than 200 clan matches. Unlike todays TB3, the matches were (usually) decided over a two-legged tie, the winning clan determined by aggregate score. VV had the unusual map choice of E4M3, which often proved an advantage against supposedly better clans. VV perfected the E4M3 team play and won big against many clans who's players were of individually superior skill. By controlling a few key points on the map, VV could time and control all four (!) Quads and at the same time RA, YA and GA fairly easy. As there are few spawns, the frag count on E4M3 would get pretty high, which of course was essential to winning matches on aggregate score.

The Vicious Vikings peaked in 1999, finishing 3rd in the North-European Clan Leagues top division, winning against clans like Flag de.gif Schroet Kommando, Flag se.gif Teddy Bears, Flag uk.gif Demonic Core, Flag se.gif Orkney Clan and Flag dk.gif Nasty Beasts Inc. The league was won by Flag fi.gif Clan Z.

Along with the general QuakeWorld scene, VV's activity slowly declined during the fall of 1999 and 2000, when many players moved on to Counter-Strike and Quake III Arena. The occasional match was played until 2001, when it was officially dissolved. A few former players resurrected the clan for a comeback in EQL in 2007, but it was unsuccessful and short-lived.

Three former members are still active as of 2014: Flag no.gif Rikoll, Flag no.gif Trygve and Flag no.gif Erlend.

Original members

Other members: Flag no.gif Rikoll (aka Zyntifox), Flag no.gif ByteMaster, Flag no.gif Doink, Flag no.gif Eaze, Flag no.gif Stigi, Flag no.gif Tr0ll, Flag no.gif Argh, Flag no.gif Askeladd, Flag no.gif Coroner, Flag no.gif Explorer, Flag no.gif Frostbite, Flag no.gif Gjesdal, Flag no.gif Glasfiber, Flag no.gif Hellspawn, Flag no.gif Highlander, Flag no.gif Huzla, Flag no.gif ICE Flare, Flag no.gif Ims, Flag se.gif K-rist, Flag no.gif Little Soldier, Flag no.gif Lynx, Flag no.gif MacGibber, Flag no.gif Man1ac, Flag no.gif Motorsag, Flag no.gif Observer, Flag no.gif Pain, Flag no.gif Pipen, Flag no.gif Piranha, Flag no.gif Royster, Flag no.gif Satan Claw, Flag no.gif Sni, Flag no.gif Snitch, Flag no.gif Snurre, Flag no.gif Spark, Flag no.gif Spawn, Flag no.gif Spiff, Flag no.gif Stein, Flag no.gif Vargtass, Flag no.gif Ventrue, Flag no.gif Vicenza, Flag no.gif Wildthing and Flag no.gif Xenomorph.