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The AskerLANs, at one point the heart of the Norwegian Quake scene, were arranged by The Vicious Vikings in Asker, close to Oslo.

The first LAN-party, held from February 14th to16th 1997, turned out to be a huge success and spawned about 10 more LAN-parties over the next couple of years, with visitors also coming from Denmark and Sweden. Most of the participants at the earliest AskerLANs were members from The Vicious Vikings and other Norwegian clans like Carnage Clan, Game Over, Dead Presidents, Spawn Clan, Clan gRUS and Grendel Warriors, but also visitors from Sweden and Denmark, among them Brutal Deluxe.

Traditional LAN competitions like FFA, 1on1 and 2on2 were held during these weekends, in addition to a lot of clan matches between the participating clans. Stalin dominated the AskerLAN duel tournaments in the beginning, before Sectopod conquered the throne.

Written reports:

  • 1997: February 14th - 16th: AskerLAN I (report here)
  • 1997: April 25th - 27th: AskerLAN II (report missing)
  • 1997: June 20th - 22nd: AskerLAN III (report here)
  • 1997: August 15th - 17th: AskerLAN IV (report missing)
  • 1997: October 30th - November 2nd: AskerLAN V (report here)
  • 1997: December 19th - 21st: AskerLAN VI (report here)
  • 1998: 26th - March 1st: AskerLAN VII (report here)
  • 1998: June 5th - 7th: AskerLAN VIII (report here).
  • 1998: August 28th - 30th: AskerLAN IX (report missing)
  • 1998: October 2nd - 4th: AskerLAN X (report missing)