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Spawn Clan was one of the first and most successful Norwegian Quake clans. It was dissolved at the end of 1997, when most of the players went on to new clans like Game Over, 7th Sphere and The New Breed.

  • Founded: October , 1996 by Sandman and Rodan
  • Nationality: Flag no.gif Norwegian
  • Clan prefix: [SC]


Spawn Clan was founded in October 1996. They quickly established themselves as one of the top Norwegian clans, second only to Carnage Clan. Its first official clan match was a victory against Swedish Chefs. Spawn Clan had an active first year, but the activity declined when several of the clan's best players decided to merge with Carnage Clan and Insomnia and form the new clan Game Over in November 1997. The remaining members decided to dissolve Spawn Clan and formed new clans like The New Breed and 7th Sphere. More on the Spawn Clan history can be found here.

Spawn Clan arranged what was probably the first Quake-LAN-party in Norway in January 1997 in Oslo. A report from the LAN can be found here. One month later, founder Sandman was also heavily involved in setting up the first of a series of legendary AskerLANs together with BM, founder of The Vicious Vikings. The AskerLANs went on to become the heart of the Norwegian Quake scene for a the next couple of years, see further information here.


  • Flag no.gif Ace
  • Flag no.gif Avenger
  • Flag no.gif Boomer
  • Flag no.gif Doch
  • Flag no.gif Drifter
  • Flag no.gif Flopp
  • Flag no.gif Galxus
  • Flag no.gif Inquisitor
  • Flag no.gif Init
  • Flag no.gif Jolleguru
  • Flag no.gif Mammadalton
  • Flag no.gif Momo
  • Flag no.gif Odin
  • Flag no.gif Polvar
  • Flag no.gif Rookie
  • Flag no.gif Rubberduck
  • Flag no.gif Trash
  • Flag no.gif Violator
  • Flag no.gif Zodiac
  • Flag no.gif Wulfen


Spawn Clan had comfortable victories against top clans like Swedish Chefs, Crusaders and Euthanasia. From its start in October 1996 and until November 1997 Spawn Clan played 39 clan matches and only lost three of them. All three losses were to the Norwegian clan Carnage Clan.


Spawn Clan vs. Rapid Fire 19.01.1998
Spawn Clan vs. Rapid Fire 19.01.1998