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QuakeWorld Summerjam 2007 was a duel tournament played in the summer of 2007. It was an attempt to bring some activity into the QuakeWorld scene during times where activity is low due to the obvious reasons: People are on holiday, the weather is nice, all regular leagues & tournaments are on break. It is at that time that QuakeWorld Summerjam steps in to keep the actitity going. One of the things a little out of the ordinary for QuakeWorld Summerjam 2007 was the fact that people only had 2 days to play their games, rather than an entire week (like for example in Duelmania and Ownage).





Settings, Rules, Maps


Flag se.gif Swedish Players Flag se.gif

Flag ru.gif Russian Players Flag ru.gif

Flag fi.gif Finnish Players Flag fi.gif

Flag dk.gif Danish Players Flag dk.gif

Flag world.png Other Countries Flag world.png


Grand Final

Flag ru.gif DooM vs Flag se.gif Valla - demos

Semi Finals

Flag pl.gif Billy vs Flag ru.gif DooM - demos

Flag se.gif Valla vs Flag dk.gif ParadokS - demos

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