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More QuakeWorld Client (MQWCL) is a QuakeWorld client based on the Quake1 source released Christmas 1999 by Flag pl.gif Azazello. It includes all important teamplay features and FPS filters that were previously only available by using a proxy like Qizmo. In addition to that it features a built-in server browser and mp3-player, allows to modify the HUD more than every other client available and over the time has implemented other Quake engine enhancements like .lit (colored static light sources), model interpolation and new standards like the MVD demo format.

ApoK: What do you think of fuhquake if you´ve tried it?
dag: I don´t like the way the mouse moves in fuhquake, it feels different compared to mqwcl, but I use it.

Client mqwcl.jpg

Latest version: v0.96 - changelog