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Qizmo is a QuakeWorld proxy, it works with network packets moving between a QW client and a QW server. Made by Flag fi.gif Zibbo and Flag fi.gif Perkele of UDP Soft.

Official website (now dead)
This page is a guide to Qizmo. To more information about running a Qizmo on a server, visit How to server.

How to use a Qizmo (Quickstart)

  1. Start QuakeWorld
  2. Type /connect <ip to qizmo> in the console and press enter (now you should be connected to the Qizmo).
  3. Type .connect <ip to server> to connect via current Qizmo the the given server ip.*

* With the command cl_useproxy set to 1, there is no need to use the .connect command as the regular /connect command will work just fine (will only work in ezQuake).

Using the Qizmo menu

  • Type .menu bind std to get the default bindings. After you enter this you can navigate through the different Qizmo menus.

Default Qizmo Bindings

  • uparrow = up
  • leftarrow = left
  • enter = select
  • pageup = pgup
  • home = home
  • insert = help
  • downarrow = down
  • rightarrow = right
  • pause = toggle menu on/off
  • backspace = back
  • pagedown = pgdn
  • end = end
  • del = delete

Qizmo Lag fix features

Qizmo has some unique features regarding lag and packetloss reduction. These are described in this article by Dirtbox and have their own wiki page Qizmo lag fix.

Color Forcing

See what's color forcing. Following text was borrowed from Pektopah

To enable color forcing in Qizmo use your arrows and enter to select "Teamplay help" -> Team color set this value to X/0 (zero). Change also the Enemy color to X/4. It should look like this: Qizmo color forcing menu.jpg

Now you have red enemyskin and white teamskin. You can change these colours by changing the values of "Z" in the X/"Z" setting. To get QizmoColours(C) really working the next step is to set our team- and enemyskins.

Type "enemyskin qizmo" and "teamskin qizmo" Then turn off colorforcing by typing "teamcolor off" and "enemycolor off". You've to write "off" there, the usual "" is not enough.

You need special kind of skins installed in your Quake dir, you can try this one

When connecting to a server remember to use .connect, otherwise you'll be disconnected from the qizmo-server, and thus colours wont work. Qizmo color forcing.jpg

The first ID colour is white (as the ID is set like 1,2,3,4,5..a.s.o as people connect to a server) so the colours still work if you're all white. Invite a friend to test these with you so you'll notice the difference (second ID-colour is brown).

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