QuakeWorld AllStars 2020

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[e][h]QuakeWorld AllStars 2020
League Information
Start Date:
dm3 • ? • dm2 • ? • e1m2 • ? • ?

The QuakeWorld AllStars are a series of community run show-matches meant to promote Quake through digital streaming- and video archive-services.

The event itself revolves primarily around a live streamed show. Similarly to a televised sports event: The main feature of the show being commentary of QuakeWorld's 'team deathmatch' (TDM) 4on4 mode with two teams.

The two teams that clash always comprise of only the best and most well known players in the QuakeWorld community, both historically and currently.

The selection process of the players is typically done through a draft; lead by well established great players in QuakeWorld that are pre-selected by the organizers.


Team 777
Sweden bps (c)
Team 666
Finland Milton (c)

QuakeWorld AllStars 2020

The crew of the 2020 AllStars:
Casters: Andeh, Hemostick & Nidweyr.
Design & Graphics: Viag, XantoM and bps.
Captains: bps & Milton.
Tech and Audio: Meag, Stalkerrh, Ragga & Abraxas.
Player relations: ocoini, Gor & Glad.
Promotion: Hemostick, Åke Vader, Mushi, ocoini.

Post game MM3 player VOD' production: Meag - find them here: https://www.youtube.com/c/MeagQuakeworld/playlists


All maps will be played.
Casters on stream will likely get to decide what map is played when.

Players info

- Show up 1 hour before cast: 18:00utc, 18:00gmt, 19:00cet, 14:00edt, 21:00msk, 11:00pdt, 04:00 aest
- Join the teamspeak server & the FFA server: , adjust teamspeak player/game volume etc if you did not attend the "ts check/prac" event the week prior.
make your presence known... and wait (make sure to be back 15 min before gamestart)

- Always wait for casters, while the stream is ongoing the casters decide when you can start playing.
If Andeh, Nidweyr or Hemostick says go, go! Penta penta penta!

- Matchtag: AllStars2020

- Ruleset qcon (and smackdown).
- Modified checks report OK.
- Client: the only accepted clients are ezquake releases past 3.2.2
(make sure to check all three yourself before joining game)

- No ping rules
- No Specs
- Teamoverlay off (should it be on accidentally: instant restart)
- On disconnect : teammate replaces instantly(set team name and colors even when speccing.)

- Must use Teamspeak for mm3 (https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/)
- Teamspeak ip/pass: (check PM)

- Your team's mm3 could be broadcasted at any time during the game while you are playing, try to limit profanity.
- We use recordings from teamspeak to create player povs with team mm3 later.
- Speak English during games :)

Maps played: TB3 + x,x,x(xx)
Map order: DM3, x, DM2, x, (x) E1M2, (x), (xx)
Servers used: one of these *.badplace.eu, quakeworld.co.uk, *.irc.ax

Organizers Journal

14.10.2020: ocoini's AllStars development journal:

As any QuakeWorld AllStars, the 2020 event started with gathering people from the community that could contribute in compartmentalized tasks to making the project a community driven event.

Andeh quickly accepted to lead the cast as he has done with all other AllStar events prior, and it's becoming quite regular that The AllStars is involved with SuddenDeathTV. Hemostick and Nidweyr were seen as natural selections as co-commentators; as their own casting work in the previous year for events such as the GetQuad, Hammertime and Chop Chop tournaments had proven very successful.

Meag agreed soon after to be in charge of the technical aspects of server-side management. The AllStars has some special requirements that other tournaments have not required before - because the aim is to increase viewership on digital streaming services by "any means necessary" - We have blocked QTV access (the 2020 allstars won't be doing this), and removing the QTV-delay for the viewers to listen live to team voice communications by the players.

A huge part of the AllStars event is running a draft before the actual games begin. One of the major problems with running drafts in QuakeWorld, going all the way back to the highly successful Salvation series ended, is that we lacked the proper format to present the draft to the viewers, or we were reliant on asking for "outside help" (people not overly involved in the community) to get it done. XantoM offered to create such a draft feature for the AllStars, and within just a few hours of work he had the design all done. And the design is likely open for others to run future drafts from in a somewhat easy way - as it's on github for anyone to access.

Viag's graphical contributions during the last two years has been important in how the game is presented to the "outside world". When he agreed to make logos and team graphics for the AllStars - we were pretty much guaranteed an excellent result - and we got it.

In the 2018 AllStars we had four captains, but due to unavailable players or obligations that came in the way, we ended on two main captains for 2020 AllStars. The two are highly experienced players and have also been involved in tens of drafts before, and as such it's very safe to say that bps and Milton as the two teams figure heads we will likely see very equal teams. (The AllStars is more of a show than a competition, eventhough everyone tries to win of course we aim for equal teams. The players selected can be shifted around a bit or altered after a draft - We have never had to do this, and have seen good games each times before. The captains typically know very well what they are doing.)

With the major pieces in place, promotion started on sites, email, facebook, twitter and discord to reach out to the players we wanted to feature in the event. ie. |website=esreality.com/post/2957673/announcing-the-2020-quakeworld-allstars/ As some players are hard to reach, some have been away from QuakeWorld for some time, and so finding people that feel comfortable enough to attend a high skilled 4on4 series, but is also super well known, is typically slightly difficult. We ask for player suggestions from the community, and help in locating some, or translating for others to be able to reach as many as we can.

Moving forward we needed, like in 2018 and previous years, a way to record the teams audio to create Meag's player pov VOD's with team voice. We had used mumble and Teamspeak for this before - in 2020 we decided on Teamspeak again. Stalkerrh set up a dedicated Teamspeak server for us, and himself and Ragga accepted to handle team recording.

Abraxas would again reprise his role of moving the casters into the teams separate channels; for the live broadcasted on stream team communications.

to be continued..