Kombat DM Heaven

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[e][h]Kombat DM Heaven
League Information
1on1 + 2on2
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End Date:
dm2 • dm4 • dm6

Kombat DM Heaven is a combined 1on1/2on2 tournament on DM maps only. DM2, DM4, DM6. Rally up your tag team to play on the good old ancient deathmatch maps.


  • Each team consist of 2 or 3 players.
  • Each game consist of
    • ONE 1on1 game (bo3)
    • ONE 2on2 game (bo3)
      • You can not use only 1 player for the 1on1 game, which means 2nd map need to be played by someone else than the first map. 2 players is enough for a 2on2 game. You can swap any player on any map.
    • Duel game is played first, then the 2on2
  • Tournament is round-robin group stage + playoffs
    • Top 2 to PLAYOFF A, Bottom 2 to PLAYOFF B
    • Double-elimination playoffs

Sign up

Sign-up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJ7FhTyLCdtJ9kouvQFLa5QOrKZ-3VZh74JaLHAAohjLUznQ/viewform


dm2 dm4 dm6
Dm2 Dm4 Dm6

Playoff A

Winners' Finals
Losers' Round 1
Losers' Round 2
Losers' Round 3
Losers' Finals
Grand Finals

Playoff B

Winners' Finals
Losers' Round 1
Losers' Round 2
Losers' Round 3
Losers' Finals
Grand Finals


  • Allowed to have an optional 3rd player replacement per team, but no late additions
  • The team names will be player names, aka player1/player2 or player1/player2/player3
  • Map order:
    • Bo3: pick, pick, play. If a map was picked twice, that map is also decider.
  • Tie-breakers:
    • 1. Points 2. Mapscore 3. H2H 4. Mapscore between tied teams 5. Rematch
  • If a rematch is needed as tiebreaker the rules are as folllows:
    • One Bo1 duel game. One Go2 2on2 game.
    • First to win 2 maps wins the tiebreaker.
    • Duel game: toss, toss, play
    • 2on2 game: toss, pick, play
    • Duel is played first.
    • Do rnd to select who toss. Loser of rnd is the team who tosses first duel map. Same team tosses the 2on2 map.
  • Ping rules
    • Keep ping difference even, more than 14 ping difference per team can be considered uneven. If server cannot be found where ping difference is even enough, then use cl_delay_packet to even it out until 14 ping difference.
    • This is a EU tournament. European players should never require to play on higher than 52 ping, if someone has 52+ then find a server where opponent has minimum 38 ping. NA players (100+ ping) can expect to play on a server where opponent is not on ping 14, but have around 38-52 (usually ireland/london servers)
  • Client: ezQuake 3.2.x or 3.6-alphaX
  • Ruleset: smackdown/qcon
  • Walkovers given if opponent fail to schedule after 7 days
  • Reporting: send screenshots in discord channel: #kombat, or message Sweden alice