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Is the QuakeWorld clan scene back?

A thought became and idea, an idea became a little news update and a discord server. And what now? 18 clans have so far registered and signed up for the newly spawned Qlan War Tournament. Players are already being traitorous
Last night players like milton, paradoks, zero, reppie, xterm, nitram and more where mixing it out. Some of them went on for over 10 straight 4on4 mixes.

The hype is real.

So when we started with this idea to try and get some sort of a clan scene back in action it was just that; an idea. But this community never stops to amaze me if you try and organize something. So how did this happen? Lets rewind the clock 3 years when the very first GetQuad! started.

This fall GetQuad! edition 5 started and it was the biggest yet, with 21 teams spawning over 3 divisions; almost 100 players. We all know that the glory days of old are gone, when we had like 100 active clans in EU for some years. And when EQL closed the doors for good the clan scene was more or less dead. The Salvation Draft League did 3 seasons before it went bust and after my knowledge the 4on4 scene slowly decreased after that (i guess someone can do some input on this).

Then GetQuad! resurrected the 4on4 scene (we even played kenya tours with old and new maps) and have been doing so for the last 3 years. In this time span we also have had 2 major QW Lan parties: QHLAN 19 in Denmark, summer of 2019 and the great LAN the polish guys had 3-4 weeks ago. I also recently wrote about it. VODs from QHLAN 19 and 17 can be found at Jehar's stream.

As we now count 18 clans in this newly spawned thing it is great to see a lot of old timers creeping out from their hideouts of their real life. Also we got a lot of "new" players who want to have some fun. The clan scene is of course a different type of animal if you compare it to draft leagues and it sure is fun and heartwarming to see so many players who want to play in clans again.

You can join the fun HERE and be updated on the scene. So why not brush off some dust and rust and make a clan? We will do tours for every skill level.

Perhaps it is time to hail the covid wintertime.

I do.
2021-12-04, 12:44
Indeed epic with so many returning.
Quad bless, and Merry Spawnluck!
2021-12-04, 16:28
Tyst o spella!
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