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Qlan War Tournaments
You read it right, its time for the 4on4 scene to try and put some life back into the totally frozen clan scene. Call it clans or teams or whatever, but now players can get to form their own squads again. But, there will be a minor restriction, because the days of 4on4 rapes are over.
As the GetQuad! projects has kicked life into 4on4 again for the past 2 years, we now set a new record high signup in GetQuad! 5. So lets push the envelope further and go for gold:

This is a work in progress but i guess the name sticks. The format will be real simple:

- Group games that settles the standings (BO3)
- All teams to playoffs (BO3)
- Playoffs are Double Elimination

The teams/clans who sign up will be placed in the tournament they fit best in, based on skill.

Nightmare - for div0s and div1s
Ultra-Violence - for div1.5s and highend div2s
Hurt Me Plenty - your regular div2 player
Hey, Not Too Rough - div3 players and lower

So when you form your team/clan remember this:

If a team consists of 3 div2 players and 1 div1.5 player, that team must go to the Ultra-Violence tour. The placement of the team will be decided by the highest skilled player in the team.

Each tour must consist of at least 4 teams to make it fly, so it will all depend on the signups. The player restriction rule on what tour your team/clan will be placed in, can also be changed: if all teams in the tour have the exact same skill when it comes to the players.

Who decides what div or what skill each player/team got? The admins do. After 2 years of GetQuad! we should be more than qualified to make such decisions.

There will be prize money in each tour, how much/little will be announced later.

Signups starts December. We aim to kick off asap January.

Well, EU servers ofc, but if suddenly other regions provide miracles, who knows.

Each tournament should take 4-6 weeks, depending on number of games. With a group of 4 you get a minimum of 3 games + 2 games in the playoffs. With larger groups you get more. And if we should be so lucky to get more than one group in a tour we are soon reaching heaven. And if the tour goes smooth and teams/players are hungry for more, we make Qlan Wars Tournament 2nd edition, and so on.

To be continued...

Oh....make a logo plz?
2021-10-14, 12:53
Finally, a return to form!
2021-10-15, 07:45
This could be reeeally good.
And as always, I can help with a logo.
2021-10-15, 09:41
unless someone beats you to it
2021-11-18, 14:15
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