bps  /  Yesterday, 08:57
QHLAN2024 announced!
1014 January 2024
Epic Studios, Stockholm
Website with more info coming shortly

Watch Hype trailer on youtube
Link  /  24 Apr 2023, 17:14

On Wednesday 26 April @ 22:00 CEST we will have a great 4on4 showoff on some great custom maps. Some of the best 4on4 players will battle it out on rocka, obsidian and phantoma.
RaggA  /  9 Apr 2023, 14:10
Hello fellow Quakers

We are pleased to announce that signups for QW LAN PL 2023 are now open!
Client software
toma  /  19 Mar 2023, 21:49
ezQuake 3.6.2 has been released!

Thanks to all contributors! Without you guys, there will be just void!
bps  /  19 Jan 2023, 07:58
Forsberg, the server admin of, recently declared the much beloved foppa server end of life:
"An epoke is over, went down again, and I do not think it's coming up at its current location again. I will try to bring it back up another place, but I dont have high hopes for routing etc. I want to thank everyone who used or helped with the quake servers, it has been a pleasure to give a little to this great game we all love <3"
toma  /  19 Dec 2022, 12:26
The match to end it all!

Today from 21:00CET the Grand Final of GetQuad Draft Season6 between Milton's Mutants and Diki's Cocks will finish yet another outstanding and exciting season of the GetQuad franchise. Let's see who will sit on the throne of QuakeWorld!
RaggA  /  11 Dec 2022, 08:27

Seasons greetings Quakers. We are happy to announce that the Time2Hammer 2on2 League will be returning in January 2023!
Link  /  26 Nov 2022, 19:14
This winter we get a lot of 4on4 action in the QuakeWorld scene.
Elites or rookies, there is something for everyone.
Link  /  10 Nov 2022, 09:20
The Wizard's Manse released 3 new 4on4 maps today. They are all converted from Counter-Strike: Italy, Mirage and Nuke. 2 more is on the way; dust2 and cobble.
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Rock2ober 2019 = THIS Saturday!
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