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Clients  /  9 Nov 2007, 06:59
Although most of ezQuake's 1.9 features are known, here's a glimpse of what we, the developers, are working on, and what's already done
Commentary  /  16 Jul 2007, 05:05
2007 has been one of the best years for modern QuakeWorld in a long, long time. We have seen a tremendous update to ezQuake wiki which adds modern capabilities like mouse-driven menus, demo-association, and many further improvements. QuakeTV (eztv) wiki has seen many updates and, though it's argued whether or not it's ready for mass-release, there is no doubt that this program will be a pivotal point in Quake's future. And finally, we see nQuake wiki and Ignition wiki - a Quake package and a Rookie's League which seem to complement each other perfectly for beginners.

Today, as I wondered about what's missing for Quake, like I always do when talking on IRC to friends, it suddenly hit me.
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