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Clients  /  9 Nov 2007, 06:59
ezQuake's 1.9 Progress
Although most of ezQuake's 1.9 features are known, here's a glimpse of what we, the developers, are working on, and what's already done
Every ezQuake release has seen a longer changelog; each one with bigger and better features. Will 1.9 be any exception? Certainly not!

First and foremost, as most of you may already know, high-speed downloading from servers has been implemented. While many may use it only a few times, think of how this feature will help people who are new to the game. Instead of downloading at <20KB/s, they will download aerowalk.bsp or some custom map in just 1-2 seconds! (recent build of mvdsv is required).

Next, on to demos. Cokeman has added demo rewinding. YOU READ CORRECTLY, we finally have demo rewinding working! If you have a recent build of ezQuake, just try demo_jump backwards

PK3/zip loading: pk3/zips are a great way to organize your quake directory. If you want to save space for keeping Quake on your thumb drive, make sure you compress your .zip files. If you have plenty of space and just want to tidy things up, just zip up your files uncompressed. This also makes distribution of graphics much easier, as you can distribute for instance custom_aerowalk_textures.pk3 and tell your users to simply stick it in /id1/

VWEP support: View Weapons support for any server that enables them and ALL demo playbacks. Finally, the ability to see the actual gun the player model is holding!

Menu/binds: We are continuously working on making the menu easier and more intuitive, and the binds more helpful. You can always help by giving us your input and ideas

However, the biggest changes remain unfinished. While I don't want to give out too many details, I'd like to say that ezQuake's interface will (hopefully) change dramatically once this feature is done. The menu/hud_editor/demo_browser etc will all get a big face lift I promise you won't be disappointed.

When will 1.9 be out? "when it's done"
2007-11-09, 08:02
pk3/zip! Finally, thanks.
I hope the file browser will be fixed on Linux.
2007-11-09, 08:20
perhaps it says somewhere, in what priority is textures used if u have a pk3 file (with textures) in id1/ qw/ ezquake/ and current_mod/
and a texture folder in id1/ qw/ ezquake and current_mod/
2007-11-09, 15:26
this makes me really horny
2007-11-09, 15:26
i just wish 1.9 could be released before dreamhack
2007-11-11, 19:56
A small correction: vweps will work in all mvds recorded by the server (not converted), and for qwds only if the server had vweps enabled during recording.
2007-11-12, 00:30
no more new features please, stabilization/optimization ftw :e
2007-11-14, 10:13
gotta love these guys!
2007-11-21, 09:46
2007-11-23, 21:52
wow super !! *thumbs up*
2007-11-26, 21:23

with this and qtv, qw is becoming a very complete platform
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