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Commentary  /  16 Jul 2007, 05:05
An Introduction to Quakeworld
2007 has been one of the best years for modern QuakeWorld in a long, long time. We have seen a tremendous update to ezQuake wiki which adds modern capabilities like mouse-driven menus, demo-association, and many further improvements. QuakeTV (eztv) wiki has seen many updates and, though it's argued whether or not it's ready for mass-release, there is no doubt that this program will be a pivotal point in Quake's future. And finally, we see nQuake wiki and Ignition wiki - a Quake package and a Rookie's League which seem to complement each other perfectly for beginners.

Today, as I wondered about what's missing for Quake, like I always do when talking on IRC to friends, it suddenly hit me.
A beginner's mod for Quake.

How many games have you played where there is a "tutorial" pre-game, showing you things like how to jump, fire, etc. I've seen this in many games, and after I got through with the tutorial, I left with the feeling that I have gained absolutely nothing from it. Why? Because the game is so easy, so linear, that the tutorial is completely unnecessary.

Then there's Quake. Where after 10 long years of playing the same maps, TB3 wiki, aerowalk wiki, etc, there are still new things discovered. Take last year, when BogoJoker discovered the teleport "bug", where you can shoot an instant before entering a teleport and maintain the speed after you teleport. Or take for instance the elevator bug, introduced by BogoJoker again, where you can throw pineapples through walls.

Are rookies expected to know all this? If anything, I think Quake is the one game that really does need a beginner's mod. We need an offline tutorial for rookies to learn how to trimp, speed jump, tele-rj, and soft-land. Not only could this offline database be helpful for rookies, but it will also help offload how much training a rookie needs. Be honest, would you rather teach a rookie some more advanced gameplay features, or how to bunnyhop?

What I propose is adding an option menu to ezQuake wiki, something along the lines of "Quake Tutorial". When users click this, they go to a map with several teleporters, reading all the different techniques that he can learn (soft-land, trimp, bunnyhop, tele-rj, speed jump, etc). When he enters one teleporter, the game shows a brief demo of someone completing a jump on the map. I should state here that there is a new feature, recently added to ezQuake wiki which allows users to see what buttons are being pressed while watching a demo. This will certainly help in this case. After the demo is over, the rookie joins the map and it is now his turn to perform the trick. There are thorough explanations written out in the map, as well. Yes, this idea requires both a new mod and several (or maybe one large) map. But isn't it worth the time?

This beginner's mod will hopefully give players a crash-course on Quake physics, and hopefully better prepare him for the unavoidable beatings he will experience his first 1-2 months of online play.

Thoughts, comments, and ideas are very welcomed.
2007-07-16, 07:09
i guess learning tricks etc.. can be nice. The thing is you dont have to be a master-bunny-hopper to play qw. I still cant finish more than 50% of the levels on ztricks. But manage to have fun playing qw anyways.

This is a good idea, but i rather see time put into learning gameplay strategy and tactics. This is what will make rookies improve faster. RL -> quad jump on dm2 wont win many games in div5. But headjump or knowledge about which positions is good or not might.
2007-07-16, 10:19
I kinda agree with Willgurht (although i am all for ninjas of course!) and i think there is a severe lack of actual gameplay documents out there. The ones i have seen focus on bunnyjumping or just introduces the maps and the basic thoughts on what to do on them (like DM2 - guard tele/water when in the lead and stay at low when down until you have a couple of rl's etc). Proper articles where not just general stuff is explained would be nice. I haven't seen new such articles in years.
2007-07-16, 10:37
ake, I should perhaps spread my div0 knowledge

Good idea up2, some ppl like that stuff and some don't, I believe that end games are the best for rookies, then ffa then 1on1! from that they need at least 1 year experience to be ready for 4on4.


If you didn't know, nQuake contains some trick demos thanks to Empezar, if I'm not wrong now!
2007-07-16, 11:15
Worth the time and if the project is delivered and well done. It will bring quake to more lurkers
2007-07-16, 15:00
as long as people who are not already doing important things do this, it's all good!
2007-07-16, 17:36
HEHE. I am working on something like this. Patience
2007-07-16, 19:42
Shitballs for the rescue! xF <3
2007-07-16, 23:43
Nice, glad to hear, phil. Can you fill us on on some details?
2007-07-17, 10:48
check this movie out: Warsow Movement School #2 - Bunnyhopping (130 MB), it is a fairly good tutorial for bunny hopping.. has a nice exercise system in it
2007-07-17, 19:36
Did someone backup qwguide?
I vote for extending that one.
Turning it into wiki... Also ezQuake pack for years contains that guide + tutotial demos.
2007-07-18, 00:33
turning it into a wiki would be great
2007-07-18, 03:27
or just import it to the quakeworld wiki
2007-07-18, 07:13
agreed with ruskie
2007-07-18, 16:42
or just copy the guide, and paste it into the qwdrama wiki (i thought one more identical suggestion was needed).
2007-07-18, 18:50
dudes.. nobody wants to read anything these days (not even books)
a demo tutorial shouldn't be very hard to do like that in Warsow.. the next version of EZQuake will feature input show so it will be easier to understand what buttons are needed to be pressed.
2007-07-18, 19:34
I think a guide with map positions for dueling and 4on4 would be great. Also detailed pictures of points to aim for on the map like spam shots and techniques for outsmarting your opponent would be sweet. I could probably contribute a bit since I am still learning the game and trying to retain everything I've learned since 2005.
2007-08-10, 18:48
2007-10-20, 00:38
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