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Misc  /  28 Sep 2010, 20:06
I've added a forum post looking for some suggestions for improvements/features to the site. Would be good to get some bug fix requests and feedback.

Any ideas would be great.
Misc  /  1 Sep 2010, 18:08
It's not dead yet but is it getting there....?

Having recently read through the latest Quakeworld revival thread, out of interest I went and performed some queries on the Quakeworld Statistics database to get an idea of activity, since the site went active in February last year.

I queried the total weekly matches played in 1on1, 2on2 and 4on4. I then compared these weekly figures from 2009 against 2010 in 3 separate charts as below.
You can see the various peaks and troughs in activity during the summer and winter periods as expected. However the main thing that is very obvious is that on a weekly basis across 1on1, 2on2 and 4on4, the numbers are definitely down and significantly so from last year. Yeah I know it might be obvious but now we know for sure.

It should be noted that before the site went active there had been stats for 2008 and I think 2007 and one thing that had been evident at the time was a surge in activity when there was a team building initiative and rookie tourneys.

This sounds like a bloody thesis or something. Tis just been another very boring day at work as you can clearly see :-)
So anyway numbers are down. Itís confirmed, but will there be a task force put together to reverse this trend before its too late. :-)

X- Vertical Axis (Number of Matches Played)
Y- Horizontal Axis (Week Number in the year)
Misc  /  28 Feb 2008, 18:42
There has been quite a number of threads that have sprung up recently where we have players, clans and admins unhappy over placements for the NQR.
There is a lot of people that are unhappy, admins and players alike.
Each of these threads start off with a grievance and ends up going off topic and going nowhere. This is leading to increased frustration for everyone and general unhappiness in the commmunity.

Well what I would like to see is the following:

Can a Quakeworld steering committee be set up which is made up of people covering all aspects of the qw community.
Important issues that need to be addressed regarding the future of qw and the best policies to be put forward are discussed in a proper forum with proper meeting etiquette .

Discussions should be chaired by an independent person to keep issues on topic.
I think the qw community needs a bit off organized direction. Any organiztion should have some management in order to help keep some order and to help resolve issues so that there is some fairness in how issues are raised and dealt with.

I'd like to see this happen so the leagues can request assistance in recruiting coders, writers, admins etc from a committee who get together and work out a solution. Same goes for people with issues. Players etc can raise issues to the steering committee who endeavour to deal with any issue in a fair and transparent manner.

People will rubbish this idea like they do with everything.
But the idea should be considered and expanded upon. I would like to see a representation from some of the old mature heads - Active and inactive and also rookies to gold players, Code developers, writers, client developers, league admins etc.

So balanced and varied views are given to any future development or issue.

Any comments on a format for a committee or on what you think about the idea ?

(I placed this here as it was buried in another thread and not really visible)
Misc  /  29 Jan 2008, 15:17
So with all the inactivity in QW the past two months.
There is a forum post on to get feedback.
lets hear your opinions.....

Way Forward Thread
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