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Misc  /  28 Sep 2010, 20:06
Feedback and suggestions needed
I've added a forum post looking for some suggestions for improvements/features to the site. Would be good to get some bug fix requests and feedback.

Any ideas would be great.
2010-09-29, 07:06
Just out of curiosity, have you used any framework when making the site?
2010-09-29, 09:24
The site itself was done with Smarty PHP.
2010-10-03, 15:36
awsome site that with some tweaking could be very useful for extracting interesting statistics before any important league games. But I find the player comparison very buggy: the Probability Factor doesnt work at all? And I wanna compare two players, I cant find percentage of wins, which to me is the most interesting stat (except amount of games). Is this beeing worked on as we speak pleura?
2010-10-04, 10:27
The player comparison section never really worked. There was a performace problem with it at the time and I never got round to developing the feature more. Should really have hidden it until it was working properly. I can work on that as well as all the other suggestions and try and improve it.
2010-10-06, 07:35
New graphs comparing this year with last year would be nice :-)
2010-10-06, 08:51
You want them here or integrated into the site ? There was a nice surge in activity the past month. Lots of 4on4.
2010-10-06, 10:07
Where do you want to put them? Doesn't matter much for me, but since the comments from the last blog entry is gone after this one came up, didn't know where else to request them.
2010-10-06, 10:52
Okay I shall stick them up here later this afternoon so
2010-10-07, 06:44
Ty pX. Quite pleasant read, specially that 4on4.
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