ocoini  /  9 Nov 2020, 01:07

A super exciting draft has been concluded with highly interesting teams!

On Sunday 15. November 19:00 UTC the main event takes place
ocoini  /  4 Nov 2020, 21:52

We are super excited to host another season of GetQuad and hope you all, regardless of skill level, want to join us in playing some 4on4 QW this winter in organized teams that lead to fair matches!
eb  /  21 Oct 2020, 14:24
DuelMania is opening the gates one more time for a no-frills duel tournament.
One double elimination bracket, TB5, no divisions.
Are you man (or woman) enough to sign up?


Signups open until Sunday, 25th October 2020. Start on Monday after that.

fourier  /  30 Sep 2020, 20:22

Duel tournament with divisions Thunderdome Season 14 has been started officially!

Signed up 59 players from 19 countries!
We made 6 divisions in Europe section and 2 divisions in America section:Several games have already been played!
The deadline for WB1 in all divisions is: 2020-10-04!

Follow us on official tournament Discord server for upcoming games, schedules, streams and results!
alice  /  29 Sep 2020, 08:26

GetQuad Nations Cup is on the way and the first week has been played! Here are results and VODs from first games

Australia 2 : 0 Norway
Harlsom, Yeti, Blindcant, Swoop, Drcs -vs- Nigve, Ocoini, Stalkerrh, Link
VOD: Andehs stream

Russia 0 : 2 Finland
gor, zp, max_power, glAd -vs- Milton, HENU, fix, Creature
VOD: Hemosticks stream

Australia 0 : 2 Sweden
Harlsom, Yeti, Blindcant, Drcs -vs- bps, ok98, tumult, skurk
VOD: Lordlames stream

Sweden 2 : 0 Poland
bps, xantom, raket, shaka -vs- insane, tom, goniec, riki
VOD: Andehs stream

More info and coming games on NationsCup wiki!
Client software
meag  /  23 Sep 2020, 16:56
ezQuake 3.2.2 has been released in time for upcoming Thunderdome. A very minor update, main changes are:

- /gl_outline 1 supported again in thunderdome ruleset, by request of Thunderdome tournament organiser VVD.
- /demo_jump would cause multiple entries in the itemsclock (reported by Milton)

Fuller changelist and download links on the github release page
fourier  /  10 Sep 2020, 20:22

With the Fall starting to deliver us more dark and rainy days, the interest in QW raises significantly after the summer break. Now we are happy to announce a new fourteenth season of Thunderdome. The registration is open now until 25th of September. 26th of September is "div-whine day". The season officially starts on 27th of September 2020.
HangTime  /  30 Aug 2020, 21:28
This weekend, the GetQuad! crew that have been running a recent series of Draft and Invitational 4v4 leagues have announced a new 4v4 tournament, the GetQuad! Nations Cup!. This is, as the name implies, a tournament focussed on International match-ups between different nations.
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