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The European Quake League Cup 3 is back
The European Quake League Cup, EQL Cup 3, is back for a thrilling 4on4 tournament running from March 18th to April 21st, 2024. Featuring intense matches across divisions, including a seeding round and BO5 playoffs, with a special GO3 group stage for Division 3. Maps like DM2, DM3, E1M2, SCHLOSS, and AZTEC will challenge teams. Get ready for fierce competition and showcase your skills!

The EQL Cup invites teams to engage in the classic 4on4 format, marking its third installment. This edition, as last, introduces a structure, starting with a seeding round to determine quarterfinal placements, ensuring a balanced and competitive tournament.

Division 3 offers a unique twist with a GO3 group stage leading into intense BO5 playoffs, accommodating teams of varying strengths. The selected maps, including the strategic depths of DM2, DM3, E1M2, SCHLOSS, and AZTEC, are set to provide a diverse battleground for participants.
Aztec is the creative brainchild of Infiniti and Alice. This map, previously known under the name "Ruin," has undergone significant updates to reach its finalized form. Notable changes include the removal of the void path, outdoor ring area, and high SSG room, alongside the deletion of the YA balcony to make the Yellow Armor more accessible. A strategic addition is a teleport linking the Rocket Launcher area directly to the Quad-high area, enhancing movement across the map. Furthermore, the Quad-ledge has been extended for added utility, and the RA-SNG area has been redesigned to be more open, reducing the maze of corridors.

Among its key features, Aztec boasts slime tunnels at the map's far end, complete with a biosuit for protection against the toxic slime. This area not only adds a layer of complexity but also houses a secret room above the tunnel. This room contains an extra Lightning Gun and a crucial button that, when pressed, unlocks the Pentagram. Initially locked at the match's start, the Pentagram becomes accessible for the remainder of the game, once the button is activated, introducing a unique strategic element to the map.

EQL Cup 3 also boasts an exciting lineup of clans, each bringing their unique strengths to 4on4. Among the standout narratives is the integration of Andeh into Miltons clan, a move that sparks curiosity about his performance at such a competitive level. Suddendeath also sees a fresh face with Goblin joining its ranks, raising questions about his ability to keep up in Division 1.

The addition of Locust, a renowned 1on1 player, to Slackers adds an interesting dynamic to their gameplay, challenging him to adapt his individual prowess to a team environment. Meanwhile, the return of Firing Squad, two players recent victors at QHLAN, has fans wondering if they can maintain their top form in this tournament.

Division 2 highlights include Tribe of Tjernobyl stepping up from their last place in Division 3, now bolstered by the legendary Psycho_dad, whose return after a 20-year hiatus adds a layer of anticipation. Koff is pegged as the division favorite, promising intense competition.

In Division 3, the dissolution of Peppes Bodega leads to the formation of Modern Missiles, featuring Peppe in a new role. Their status as favorites in the division showcases the ever-evolving nature of the QuakeWorld scene, making EQL Cup 3 a tournament full of potential upsets and thrilling matches.

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