sassa  /  27 Feb 2024, 14:59
As the QuakeWorld community gears up for the third season of Qenya Wars, the tournament's bold move to incorporate Kenya maps has ignited a spectrum of reactions among players. Kenya maps, those not originally included in Quake's initial release, promise a refreshing divergence from the traditional map pool. To capture the essence of this shift and its impact on the community, we reached out to a diverse group of players, taking their insights on the addition of these maps to the competitive arena.

Responses varied from enthusiastic endorsements of the variety and fresh challenges presented by Kenya maps, to cautious optimism and outright reluctance. Veterans like Mushi and Timmi reflect on the fun and strategic diversity these maps bring, reminiscent of past successes and the potential for upset victories. Others, such as Flamer and Pattah, express straightforward enjoyment, highlighting the maps' ability to rejuvenate the game's competitive scene. Meanwhile, players like Reppie and Dirtbox offer a more reserved stance, signaling a preference for traditional play or outright skepticism towards the new additions.

Yet, with these varied perspectives, a common theme emerges: the quest for a competitive edge and the enjoyment of mastering new terrains. ParadokS and Razor touch on the crucial aspect of competitiveness, noting that the real fun begins when teams develop and employ advanced strategies, suggesting that a well-understood map pool can enhance the competitive experience. On the other hand, Max_Power and Gosciu point out the learning curve and the necessity of thoughtful map design to ensure enjoyment and fairness.

As Qenya Wars 3 unfolds, it's clear that the introduction of Kenya maps is more than just a twist in the tournament format—it's a moment for the QuakeWorld community to embrace change, challenge norms, and perhaps redefine what competitive play means in QuakeWorld.

The detailed insights from our interviews with the players will follow below
sassa  /  21 Feb 2024, 12:53
The EQL Cup 2, a compact tournament hosted by the European Quake League (EQL), wrapped up on February 19th after a series of intense battles that showcased the skill and strategic depth of the participating teams. Kicking off on January 22nd, this second iteration of the short-format competition brought together top teams from across Europe for a month of high-stakes QuakeWorld action.

Div 1 Tournament Overview
The tournament's opening matches set the tone for the high-caliber gameplay to follow. Sweden's Suddendeath faced a tough challenge against Finland's Miltons, with the latter securing a convincing 3-0 victory. In another opening clash, Norway's Axemen were bested by Poland's Polonez, who emerged victorious with a 3-1 scoreline.

As the competition progressed to the semifinals, Finland's Miltons continued their dominant run with a 3-0 win over Norway's Axemen. Meanwhile, Poland's Polonez edged out Sweden's Suddendeath with a 3-1 victory, setting the stage for an electrifying final between Macler and Milton.
sassa  /  21 Feb 2024, 10:59
The third season of Qenya Wars is set to introduce an exhilarating new challenge to its participants. Organized by the dynamic duo of Link and Alice, this 4on4 draft tournament is taking a bold leap by incorporating Counter-Strike (CS) maps into the QuakeWorld arena. The competition, which kicks off on February 26th, 2024, will feature five converted CS maps crafted by The Wizards Manse, promising a unique blend of strategy, nostalgia, and madness(?).

This season is poised to be more intense than ever, with a total of 50 players entering the fray. Ten seasoned draft pickers, serving as captains, have strategically assembled their teams from the player pool into ten formidable squads. The stakes are high, with an 800 EUR prize pool on the line, setting the scene for a competitive tournament.
Ake Vader  /  17 Jan 2024, 13:01
Airman has been on the lookout a long time for a replacement to his Steelseries Sensei mouse that has served him well over the years. It may be time to move on though as he has possibly found something in the Waizowl Cloud. He sums up his findings in a review on the link below.

To Waizowl Cloud review

And here is his review of Pular X2H Gaming Mouse
sassa  /  17 Jan 2024, 11:01

The Qhlan 2024 Masters stands out as a phenomenal event, elevating the standards of excellence and communal spirit. It wasn't just your ordinary LAN; it was a tribute to the enduring legacy of QuakeWorld, a game nearing its 30th anniversary. This event showcased a blend of remarkable skill, deep camaraderie, and the thrill of competition. We explore the core of this memorable event, highlighting key moments and significant scores that established it as a milestone in the QuakeWorld community. It was more than a competition; it was a rich testament to a game that continues to inspire and unite players across generations and continents.
Hooraytio  /  15 Nov 2023, 16:08
Hooraytio decided to bring back EQL with two ladder seasons during 2023 and the next step is a 4on4 cup.
Client software
toma  /  29 Oct 2023, 22:59
ezQuake 3.6.4 has been released!

As always, this was only possible because of you, dear Contributors! Thanks for keeping this alive!
ocoini  /  14 Aug 2023, 20:33
Another season of QuakeWorld!
2023 autumn season about to kick off!

Division Ninety Nine
Ten Year Anniversary
4on4 QuakeWorld Draft Tournament

Signup ends 27'th August.
Games begin after September 3rd.
Tournament ends mid-late october. (depending on signups.)
Client software
toma  /  10 Aug 2023, 21:46
ezQuake 3.6.3 has been released!

Once again, Big Thanks to all contributors, who make this project keep rolling!
XantoM  /  6 Jun 2023, 21:36

QHLAN2024 will take place on 10-14 Jan 2024 in Epic Studios, Stockholm.

Signup now at !
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