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Formerly a QuakeWorld TeamFortress clan founded by Drutt and Mhael in 1998. With QWTF scene diminishing in 2005 Chosen also picked up QWDM squad and has been one of the most active teams in the scene ever since.


  • Home map: E1M2 (or is it?!?!)
  • Status: Active


Active members

Inactive members

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Trademarks & Quotes

  • Joulupines
  • izi cuz izi
  • 1 hit 2 izi
  • silentdrops
  • Junkasswhine
  • e1m2 done easy
  • bezmysi
  • Chosenphobopolis
  • div0 Flag se.gif Pyta
  • Haggeluck

Yearly summary


With players losing interest in Teamfortress players from Chosen forms a QWDM sqaud and signs up for NQR 8 in the spring of 2005. Clan leader is Term and other active notable players are Votary, Ovderdose, Puh and Bambuz. CSN end up in division 5A where they consequently lose all 5 games they play and miss the playoffs.

During the summer Chosen pick up alot of new players including Hooraytio, Fisto, Kalma, DjRun, Naali, 187 and Ganon while losing Votary and Overdose. The reason for the heavy recruting is the upcoming EQL with its first ever season. During EQL 1 Chosen plays in division 4 and manages to reach 3rd place. EQL didnt have playoffs for the lower divisions during the first seasons but instead promotion and relegation games for the top/bottom clans of the different divisions. At third place in division 4 CSN just missed out to qualify for division 3 next season.

In the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006 Chosen also played a staggering 63 games in the NQR Winter Ladder 2. The results, Winning 23 out of 63 games, MW 64, ML 88, landed them a 3rd place in this practice tournament.


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