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Player Information
Patric Nordmark
First spawned:
2012 – Present

Patric "RIO" Nordmark is a Swedish Quake player with a long and mixed career in general. Although playing some Quake I in school with friends in the early teens, it wasn't until much much later he started playing Quakeworld. It was instead Quake III Arena that really got him into online gaming and Quake multiplayer.

Having played in all the major game modes TDM, CTF and Clan Arena, always at a high level has made him a very versatile player. This probably served as a huge benefit in transitioning into QuakeWorld in 2008 when RIO first appeared in the NQR Rookie division. Steadily rising through the ranks in QuakeWorld 4on4 and eventually teamed up with friends made along the way in the top team Sweden Suddendeath where he found his QuakeWorld home.

You can still notice traces of Quake III Arena in his playstyle. Arguably having one of the worst movement of all div1 players he instead relies heavily on raw aim and getting that NET dmg in all situations along with smart team play. Probably the best 4on4 boomstick in the world.


Mouse settings
Mouse Effective DPI cm/360 in/360 DPI In-game sens. Windows sens. Inv. mouse? Raw input? Rate Mousepad
Logitech G400 1760 23.6 9.3 800 2.2 6/11 yes on 1000 Hz Xtrfy  (f0rest)


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2024 A33rd QHLAN2024 4on4 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath $400
2023 A33rd EQL cup 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2023 A22nd Qlan War Tournament 5 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2023 A33rd Qlan War Elite 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2022 A99 - 16th QHLAN2022 2on2 2on2 Sweden goblin
2022 A22nd QHLAN2022 4on4 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2017 A11st Shifter Exhibition Tournament 1on1
2017 A44th QuakeCon 2017 1on1
2017 A22nd Dreamhack Summer 2017 1on1 4000SEK
2017 A11st QHLAN2017 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath Plantronics 500E
2017 A55th QHLAN2017 2on2 Norway trygve
2016 A33rd Bravado Exhibition Tourney 1on1
2016 A55 - 8th QuakeCon 2016 2on2 Sweden feffe $500
2015 A22nd EQL20 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2014 A11st Suddendeath KitchenLAN 2on2 Sweden bps
2014 A22nd EQL19 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2013 A33rd Qwenya 2on2 Sweden LethalWiz
2013 A11st Salvation Draft League 4on4 Europe Ganon2

Trivia / Other achievements

RIO finished 3rd place in the QuakeCon 2017: Quake II 20th Anniversary Duel, ironically making him a more successful Quake 2 than QuakeWorld player earnings-wise :) The first ever LAN-title was finishing 2nd during in Dreamhack 2004's major Quake III Arena tournament. Even tho Quake III Arena was the second biggest competitive game (after CS) at Dreamhack, this was at a time when e-sports was still in it's cradle and the price money compared to the Dreamhack major events of today shows how much progress has been made in the sport.

Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2017 A33rd QuakeCon 2017: Quake II 1on1 $2000
2004 A22nd Dreamhack Quake III Arena 4on4 Sweden D1rtY 2500SEK




Sluta jiddra, börja trolla!
    — Knäckehäxan
Kebabpizza, slivovitza!
    — Andra Generationen