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  • The best North American clan from the moment it saw the light. Played in all tournaments and never lost a single official game. * Nationality: [[Image:flag_us.gif]] American
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  • A clan that played in North America just after the famous [[American Gangsters]] split up, mostly played [[The Boss]] in the short period this c ...the older players. There were several years in North America without 4on4 tournaments and the activity was very low.
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  • * '''Nationality:''' [[Image:flag_us.gif]] American 1st place at a couple of MacWorld San Francisco LAN tournaments
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  • ...playing game|RPG]] hybrid game while level designers [[Tim Willits]] and [[American McGee]] wanted to make a more futuristic, Doom-like game. Ultimately the Do ...upgraded by pulsewidth and rook. This was widely used for team deathmatch tournaments. As of late 2005 two CTF servers still get active gameplay, nearly 10 years
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  • [[NQR North America]] (NQR NA) is a North American [[4on4]] [[Team Deathmatch]] tournament. ...the older players. There were several years in North America without 4on4 tournaments and the activity was very low.
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  • ...knew HGC by those days as they hadn’t appeared in that form in European tournaments before. <br> ...ould be an easy one for ZR because they all had loads of experience in big tournaments and playing good clans and HGC didn’t have those people. Still, I was qui
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  • ...d some of the games were so close, this would've been one of the best 1on1 tournaments to watch in ages I guess.<br> with a small report of my view of the lan after I finished covering the tournaments, seems to be a bit easier. As most of you might have understood we got to t
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  • [[Image:flag_us.gif]] American: [[Claw]], [[Phil]], [[Sane]], [[Vamp1re]], [[Vegeta]] {{Duel tournaments}}
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  • of [[Quake 3]], and therefore the beginning of the decline of the North American QW scene (although it was quite active in the period of [[1999]]-[[2005]] a == Tournaments ==
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  • == Tournaments == * Scottish Quaker QL-Ettu goes on an American server (Clan 311 server) on May 27th, 1997 and destroys all the players he
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  • == Tournaments == ...-ups ever. Although players outside the USA knew how good Clan 9 was, most American players were shocked at the results
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  • ...lso part of the United States Quake scene, collectively known as the North American Quake scene. Activity has been declining since [[2001]], low since [[2004] * [[:Category:American Players|American Players]], [[:Category:Canadian Players|Canadian Players]]
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  • ...ting aim have steered him to the top of many 1v1 and Team Deathmatch (TDM) tournaments throughout his career. ...16 top six LAN finishes, six of which were first place victories at major tournaments.
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  • ...eing defeated. The last big HPB Quake tournament arose which was the North American Quake League, led by Mephistophiles of Clan Elohim. Xband would dominate th ...that it was the stupidest tournament ever conceived. Anyways.. through the tournaments we always placed near the top, but never taking first place til the last TD
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  • [[Image:flag_us.gif]] American: [[sane]], [[GND]], [[tay]], [[zb]] {{Duel tournaments}}
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  • ...e Cyberathlete Professional League, World Series of Video Games, and other tournaments dropped ''Painkiller'' in favor of 'Quake 4'', Kaasjager retired from profe ...nts than any other player. He has competed in multiple professional gaming tournaments around the world. Kaasjager won two world championship titles, one with the
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  • ...e|''who came up with this retarded name''|BD shows hostility towards a new American clan (Year of Kaos)}} ...othing else to do :D (other than training in BJJ). I'm always happy to see tournaments come up, the more the merrier. I'm not a huge fan of CA but I joined it to
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