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A chronologically ordered description of what has gone on in Xband since 1997. Chapters 1-4 by Flag us.gif XBN-L3 and Chapters 5-9 by Flag us.gif XBN-grind .

Chapter 1 (1997)

Years and years ago, actually January 1, 1997 there was a quake player by the name of XBAND-man, this person thought he was all that and owned on the fabled llama land of Mplayer. One day this player decided that it was time to make a kick-ass quake clan, little did he know that this would not lead to be as easy of a task as he thought. So the young XBAND-man went into the Mplayer Quake lobby and scrolled, "Anyone wanna join the XBAND clan???" yet only a few people responded, looking forward to finding some l337 (this word might come up a little later!) players he made the room starting at e1m1. Him and others played until e1m5 was done, and XBAND-man asked his first prospect member to join. This spawned the first XBN member by the name of: XBN-SpaceCowboy.

The two fearlessly recruited and ended the day with another two clan mates; XBN-Bored2Death and XBN-WaveGuy, founding the Xband Clan. As time went on the Xband Clan recruited more members including Segoy, Overtime, Icey and so on... But one day XBAND-man ran into another player psychic reading by the name of Flash, as usual XBAND-man began to talk the mad head that he always would on mplayer thinking that no one could beat him. Flash and XBAND-man played a 1on1 DM6 and XBAND-man slimly beat Flash by a score of 10 to 9. Amazed that Flash had about a 300 ping and him a 180 ping XBAND-man asked Flash to join, strengthening the clan's unity that XBAND-man desired. The clan flourished on mplayer for months, going through difficult times but still surviving. In time the Xband Clan was the best clan on mplayer (w00t, KING of the llamas!).

Chapter 2 (1997)

The Xband Clan seeing that the competition on Mplayer was far too great for them, (little sarcasm, hope no one gets offended) they moved on to QuakeWorld. 5 members strong leaving behind the rest whom lost their desire to continue playing quake. So XBN-Flash, XBN-Ravage, XBN-Icey, XBN-Static and XBAND-man began to play QW (I'm sorry to admit this but I did play on QuakeWorld at one point :( MOMMY please forgive me!!!!). Ravage, Flash and Static adapted well to playing QuakeWorld yet XBAND-man could not figure out the llama ass physics of QuakeWorld and began to tire of quake.

Ultimately XBAND-man frustrated and sick of QuakeWorld went to kitty1 to play a game of NetQuake and joined into a 4on4 teamgame. On the other team there were a few players with the name of -player-. This game XBAND-man proceeded to get ass-raped like he had never been before. Later to find out the slut that owned him was none other then XP-Unholy (at the time, now: D13-Unholy. The other -player-'s now thinking about it were probably Frick and Handiman and someone else from DZ9). Even more pissed after this complete ass-rapage XBAND-man disbanded the Xband Clan which at that time was only 3 members strong with the nickname (T3H: The 3 horsemen, but you don't care about this you want to get back to this fantastic, epical story about the Xband Clan), and quit quake, thinking he'd never play the game again.

Chapter 3 (1997)

Even though he quit quake XBAND-man still kept in touch with Icey and Flash whom still played quake but not nearly as much as before. Over time Icey left Flash and XBAND-man to pursue other things. But Flash and XBAND-man decided to play quake one day because they had nothing else better to do. They went back to their old (still llama infested) hunting grounds of Mplayer and began a voyage they never could have dreamed of (HAHA!). From there Flash and XBAND-man joined a prank clan called PUBE and changed their names to PUBE-Butu and PUBE-Daddy B2. They met PUBE-Hair (later XBN-Ninja) and PUBE-Jabawanga, and Southpaw. Obviously PUBE did break up but Butu, Daddy, Jaba and Ninja still remained together and formed a revised Xband Clan with a later addition of XBN-Spectra (a sexy babe I might add).

Xband then began to play on the net full time with a few new acquired members including DY-Blackdragon and DY-Boozehound. The 5 kept together and performed well in matches and got better at a rapid pace. But due to a few scattered incidents Xband's reputation was tarnished due to arguments involving Blackdragon, Jaba, and yet again, the shit talker Daddy. Xband was able to surpass those things and finally became a formidable HPB clan on the net with a lot to prove and nothing to lose.

Chapter 4 (1997)

Stronger then ever XBN grew acquiring expert members to aid them in their mission to own. Xband made additions to the clan including XBN-Tiny, XBN-Gibbie, XBN-X_treme, and other formidable players. Playing mostly on kitty1.stanford.edu Xband developed their skills playing in many-a-stacked games, learning how to frag the best. Toughened through time Xband grew to what it currently is now. Led by XBN-L3, XBN-Butu, and XBN-JabawangA. Three friends who learned a lot from a "game," called quake.

Chapter 5 (1998)

Xband went through big player changes. Icey, Ravage, BlackDragon, and Booze left to join DY. Also a few either left or joined various other clans. But that was for the best because Xband acquired the talented grindage, Phoenix, Saiyan, blaze, Descendent, Inferno, Shatter, LaydBack, MacDRE, homegrown, sergo and funkyman. With this new talent Xband was the dominant force in HPB Quake. No one could match the skill in a 4v4 HPB game. This is shown through never being beaten in a 4v4 HPB game.

PGL Season 3 featured Quake Team Deathmatch. Xband competed in the HPB tournament and recruited the skills of dmann for this endeavor. They defeated DY in the finals and were all flown to the finals that were held in San Francisco at Club-I. The other 3 clans that were finalists were Deathrow, Clan GIB, and clan Kapitol. Xband took 4th place.

Chapter 6 (1999)

With Quake2 out, Xband quickly realized how stupid this game was. So for the next year Xband would play Quake on kitty1 not once being defeated. The last big HPB Quake tournament arose which was the North American Quake League, led by Mephistophiles of Clan Elohim. Xband would dominate this league and go undefeated. We were crowned the Champions of the NAQL. After this nothing happened, there was no more competition, and Xband activity faded.

Chapter 7 (2000)

Enter Quake3. After being inactive for quite a few months, it seemed as that Xband would fade away. But there would be new members to help further Xband's existence. Xband acquired Nomad, harmless, and frost. This would bring the Xband Quake3 scene alive which allowed us to enter into the TeamPlay.net Kickoff, the first big tournament for Quake3 teams. We did pretty well making it to the 4th round and making it into the top 8. Xband showed very quickly they can compete with the best showing off their Quake skills.

Xband was then invited to the Quake Invitational League 3. This was easily the best Quake 3 Team Deathmatch tournament. We made it to the playoffs and took West Final 4. The most memorable moment was versus our friends in kOz, a team comprised of Deathrow and Demolition members. grind, sergo, harmless, and Nomad versus HandiMan, ZeRo4, Boss, and Sector. The series was tied 1-1 with DM7 being the tiebreaker. What ensued was an intense battle til the very end. Xband was up by 1 with around 5 seconds left and ZeRo4 ends up getting the kill to tie it, and the kill to win the game at 19:59. And if you want to watch the demo, HandiMan will gladly show it to you.

Chapter 8 (2002)

Xband competed in every single Quake3 TDM league, except Badlands, because everyone knows that it was the stupidest tournament ever conceived. Anyways.. through the tournaments we always placed near the top, but never taking first place til the last TDM tournament Xband played in, Ressurection 2.

Xband also participated in CTF as the Untouchables. UT won a few tournaments and also got kicked out of a few. UT was arguably the best Q3 CTF clan at that time with the starting lineup being, grind, Nomad, Boss (UT-pimp), and ZeRo4 (UT-Bubba). And everyone won't forget the contribution that AliasInCaseWeCantField4 did.

And then there was Rocket Arena 3. Most of the Xband players were in different RA3 clans till Xband and the sYndicate came together for a LAN. The peak of 'sAnd' happened at the Gamerzday LAN in Vacaville, CA. sAnd went on to beat all the top RA3 clans around and win mousepads! Lineup consisted of grind, Nomad, ZeRo4, and Fizzilime. Quake3 is at its end and Xband is currently delving into the world of Soldier of Fortune 2 till Quake4 or DOOM3 comes out. New members during 2000-2002 included FenrisLoki, Z{e}ro, roos, tai, imminent, Oblivion, Boss, inq, HandiMan, locura, Stormz, and Xraided.

Chapter 9 (2004)

Even though there have been no competitive game since Quake 3 that we enjoy that has brough us back as a team we have all still remained, minus Oblivion and Xraided. The only notable things are grind, Nomad, chino, and Aurora planned to go to the PainKiller 1v1 tournament at the CPL in Dallas, TX. grind called one of CEO Angel Munoz's comment stupid and was kicked out. grind, Boss, Nomad, and HandiMan are playing Battlefield: Vietnam for Vanguard. DOOM3 comes out and we can only hope it is good enough so that we can come back as a team.




NetQuake: Team Deathmatch (1996-1999)

Quake 3: Team Deathmatch (1999-2003)

Quake 3: Capture the Flag (1999-2001)

Quake 3: Rocket Arena 3 (2000-2001)

IRC History ()

canine.txt -
[15:16] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:10] |K9-Alcazar|wk| So only K9 will be ops, to prevent ghey llamas from taking over our topic.

[15:16] |XBN`funky_wrk| rofl!
[15:16] |XBN`funky_wrk| heaoheaoh
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:11] |pred-wrk-USA| w0rd
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:12] |pred-wrk-USA| i missed the whole thing
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:12] |pred-wrk-USA| dare i ask what happened?
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:12] |pred-wrk-USA| :D
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:13] fool_ass_tool is now known as c3
[15:17] |XBN`harmless| doesnt surprise me
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:13] |K9-Alcazar|wk| Basically, some l33t hax0r thought he'd be cute and post the spoils of his exploit in our topic, and the exploit was to abuse the no-alias port on Jade.
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:13] |CAL|Joe| don't need ops unless u need to ban or mute the channel anyway
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |CAL|Joe| which nobody outside of k9 does
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |CAL|Joe| heh
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |K9-Alcazar|wk| right
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |K9-Alcazar|wk| it's just a power trip
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |K9-Alcazar|wk| For us it's a job
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |K9-Alcazar|wk| :)
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |pred-wrk-USA| bummer someone ruined it for the cool peeps
[15:17] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |K9-Alcazar|wk| Now because the l33t hax0r found a way to exploit the no-alias jade, the no-alias i no-more and aliases are back on all the time.[15:18] |XBN`funky_wrk| [15:14] |K9-Alcazar|wk| yeah
[15:18] |XBN`grind| aAHAHAHAHAHA
[15:18] |XBN`funky_wrk| rofl
[15:18] |XBN`harmless| didu do that brad? or drew?
[15:18] |XBN`grind| AHAHA
[15:19] |XBN`grind| they are all butt hurt
[15:20] |XBN`harmless| they really get upset cause someone changed the topic
[15:20] |XBN`grind| they need smth to whine about
[15:20] |XBN`grind| :P
[15:21] |XBN`grind| old ppl
[15:21] |XBN`grind| this is going into canine.txt
[15:21] |XBN`harmless| FREEDOM!
[15:21] |XBN`funky_wrk| u go BOOOYYYYEE!!
[15:21] |XBN`harmless| topic!
[15:42] Topic (#canine): changed by XBN-inq: || C A N I N E || www.spikes.com || I forget what the topic used to be. || http://www.xband.net/xband/canine.txt
[15:46] |K9-Moonshine|work| we dont go to your channel changing the damn topic


[09:31] <XBN`funky_wrk> [09:17] Now talking in #canine
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[09:31] <XBN`funky_wrk>
[09:31] <XBN`funky_wrk> [09:17] mode/#canine [+o XBN`funky_wrk] by K9-cerealkilla
[09:31] <XBN`funky_wrk> #clan_ttc is not a known command.
[09:31] <XBN`funky_wrk> [o: 8][v: 0][n: 54][t: 62][m: +tn]
[09:31] <XBN`funky_wrk> [o: 8][v: 0][n: 54][t: 62][m: +tn]
[09:31] <XBN`funky_wrk> [09:21] gibkid [notac@cr26066-a.rchrd1.on.wave.home.com] has joined #canine
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mak.txt -
K9-makaveli [~PioCesare@dsl093-129-052.sfo2.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #xband
<K9-makaveli> fucking dickhead
<K9-makaveli> whoever that was
<K9-makaveli> nothing but a punk ass bitch
<K9-makaveli> i was just trying to play a game
<K9-makaveli> shows what fucking jealous ass lame fucks you are
K9-makaveli [~PioCesare@dsl093-129-052.sfo2.dsl.speakeasy.net] has parted #xband

zero4-and-football.txt -
[00:18] <XBN`grind> god wtf
[00:19] <XBN`grind> giants lost AGAIN
[00:19] <ZeRo4> baseball or football?
[00:19] <XBN`grind> uh
[00:19] <XBN`grind> im not answering that
[00:19] <ZeRo4> ill assume football
[00:19] <ZeRo4> since its sat
[00:19] <XBN`grind> omfg
[00:19] <XBN`grind> OH MY
[00:19] <XBN`grind> FUCKING
[00:19] <XBN`grind> GOD
[00:19] <ZeRo4> rofl
[00:20] <XBN`grind> WHAT THE
[00:20] <XBN`grind> FUCK
[00:20] <XBN`grind> ARE YOU ON?
[00:20] <ZeRo4> i thought u were some wierd "I LIKE THE NY GIANTS!!!"
[00:20] <ZeRo4> i dunno
[00:20] <XBN`grind> Football is played on SUNDAY
[00:20] <ZeRo4> ur grind
[00:20] <XBN`grind> SUNDAY
[00:20] <ZeRo4> #(%&#)(%&#
[00:20] <ZeRo4> oh yah
[00:20] <XBN`grind> JESUS
[00:20] <ZeRo4> college is today
[00:20] <XBN`grind> CHRIST

boss.txt -
[12:46] Bludshed` [~nigstylin@] has joined #xband
[12:46] <XBN`Boss> laf
[12:46] <XBN`Boss> sup blud
[12:46] mode/#xband [+o Bludshed`] by XBN`Boss
[12:47] <XBN`Boss> <ZeRo4> loc <ZeRo4> ur touring me around stanfard <XBN`grind> i wouldnt tour someone who calls it stanfard
[12:47] <Bludshed`> steve!
[12:47] SignOff Jared: #xband (Quit: Protector of the Innocent, Light in the Darkness, I am Truth. - Goku)
[12:47] <Bludshed`> sup man
[12:47] <Bludshed`> hey I got a questioin dunno if you can help
[12:47] <Bludshed`> but im trying to make a dir txt file and I need to make it so it add's sub dir's and files
[12:47] <Bludshed`> so would that be dir > blah.txt /a?
[12:47] <Bludshed`> or something
[12:47] <djnice> haha
[12:47] <inq> rofl boss
[12:47] <djnice> in dos?
[12:47] <XBN`Boss> uh
[12:47] <Bludshed`> yeah in dos
[12:47] <XBN`Boss> use winzip or smth?
[12:48] <djnice> rofl
[12:48] <XBN`funky_wrk> rofl
[12:48] <XBN`funky_wrk> omg
[12:48] <XBN`Boss> :D
[12:48] <Bludshed`> uhh?
[12:48] <Bludshed`> zero4 wannabe..

zero4noob.txt -
<ZeRo4> yah i heard its good
<XBN`grind> aha
<ZeRo4> i play it on wma right?
<XBN`grind> uh
<XBN`grind> wtf
<ZeRo4> wtf do i use
<XBN`grind> have u ever played a divx?
<XBN`grind> u fucking internet newbie
<ZeRo4> wtf do i USE
<XBN`grind> WTF
<XBN`grind> AHA
<XBN`grind> actually..
<ZeRo4> i usually just go to the movies
<XBN`grind> dude u can not tell me
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`grind> uve never ever played a divx
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`grind> omfg
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> ahahahahaha
<XBN`grind> haha
<ZeRo4> uhhh
<XBN`grind> wma
<XBN`grind> er wmp
<XBN`grind> gd
<XBN`grind> dude
<XBN`grind> ahaha
<ZeRo4> where do i get htat
<XBN`grind> ahahahahahahaah
<ZeRo4> SUE ME
<XBN`grind> OMG
<XBN`Boss> OMG
<ZeRo4> ROFL
<XBN`Boss> UH
<XBN`grind> WTF IS WMA?
<XBN`Boss> uh
<XBN`Boss> u dumb?
<XBN`grind> jesus
<XBN`grind> this is going next to inq
<XBN`grind> ahahahaha
<XBN`Boss> main page

twysted.txt -
Session Start: Tue Aug 10 12:01:12 2004
Session Ident: p4-TwYsTeD
Session Ident: p4-TwYsTeD (~twysted@c-24-7-189-202.client.comcast.net)
[12:01] <p4-TwYsTeD> whats up bitch why dont you fuckin get tuff and drop your address
[12:01] <p4-TwYsTeD> see how quick i run up in your house with me and couple my homies
[12:02] <XBN`grind> I don't even message you, and you are acting like a 2 year old over IRC
[12:03] <p4-TwYsTeD> yo
[12:03] <p4-TwYsTeD> unban me
[12:03] <p4-TwYsTeD> im in sac why dont we just handle your fuckin beef you got
[12:03] <XBN`grind> It's IRC, get over it.
[12:03] <XBN`grind> My beef?
[12:03] <p4-TwYsTeD> you keep fucking bannig me
[12:03] <p4-TwYsTeD> even if i dont do shit
[12:03] <XBN`grind> Yes, I really care about some random person on IRC
[12:03] <p4-TwYsTeD> and imma fuck your ass up good
[12:03] <p4-TwYsTeD> i wont leave sac till i find your address
[12:03] <p4-TwYsTeD> so keep slipping faggot
[12:04] <XBN`grind> That's nice
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> your a bitch brad
[12:04] <XBN`grind> 'You banned me on IRC. I'm so mad!'
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> always have been
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> always will be
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> imma fuck your ass up
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> for fuckin always running your mouth
[12:04] <XBN`grind> I don't even talk to you
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> its over irc
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> and your gunna get your fuckin ass beat down hard'
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> by my homies here too
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> when i find your address
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> every day if need be
[12:04] <p4-TwYsTeD> faggot punk bitch
[12:04] <XBN`grind> I'm sorry you feel neglected by me and want to be my friend!
[12:05] <p4-TwYsTeD> comedian
[12:05] <p4-TwYsTeD> how you plan on laffin it up
[12:05] <p4-TwYsTeD> when your jaws busted up
[12:06] <XBN`grind> How do you feel about IRC being the most important thing in your life and complaining someone banned your from a channel
[12:06] <p4-TwYsTeD> im not even fuckin round homie
[12:06] <p4-TwYsTeD> your fucked for the shit you been saying for yrs
[12:06] <p4-TwYsTeD> abuot me
[12:06] <p4-TwYsTeD> your fuckin big tuff guy
[12:06] <p4-TwYsTeD> crackin shit on me
[12:06] <p4-TwYsTeD> and laffing it up
[12:06] <p4-TwYsTeD> imma get the last laff
[12:06] <XBN`grind> refer to previous statement
[12:07] <p4-TwYsTeD> you keep fuckin hiding behind your comp
[12:07] <p4-TwYsTeD> long as you know your a pussy no body
[12:07] <p4-TwYsTeD> fuckin thinkin your raw your stupid fuckin clan couldnt even win more then 500$ for tdm
[12:07] <p4-TwYsTeD> you sorry shit fuck
[12:08] <XBN`grind> Yeah, the reason that I'm a loser in life and am such a nobody is because we suck at a game. Man, I'm glad you set me straight.
[12:08] <XBN`grind> I need to go increase my e-penis and tell all my friends
[12:08] <p4-TwYsTeD> lol
[12:09] <p4-TwYsTeD> your such a fuckin pussy
[12:08] <p4-TwYsTeD> lol
[12:09] <p4-TwYsTeD> your such a fuckin pussy
[12:10] <p4-TwYsTeD> im on elk grove n florin
[12:10] <p4-TwYsTeD> why dont you meet me some where
[12:10] <p4-TwYsTeD> bring all your friends
[12:10] <p4-TwYsTeD> show you how we fuckin play games in real life
[12:11] <XBN`grind> Are you feeling neglected?
[12:11] <p4-TwYsTeD> nah my gf wants to see you get beat too
[12:12] <p4-TwYsTeD> you wont eb able to show up to any event
[12:12] <p4-TwYsTeD> so might as well go away off irc
[12:12] <p4-TwYsTeD> cuz we find you at an event
[12:12] <p4-TwYsTeD> your gunna get jumped
[12:12] <XBN`grind> Yeah, that's nice.
[12:13] <XBN`grind> Hopefully IRC will not be the only thing in your life.
[12:13] <XBN`grind> good luck
[12:14] <XBN`grind> It's funny how all the internet wierdos get all mad when I ignore them.

genius.txt -
<n|juggalo> my cousin is playing in the olympics
<XBN`Boss> vlade
<n|juggalo> for softball
<XBN`Boss> wtf they have softball now?
<n|juggalo> yeah
<XBN`geNius> wtf?
<XBN`Boss> nice
<XBN`geNius> no
<n|juggalo> she was in stuff magazine too
<XBN`Boss> wtf
<XBN`Boss> she hot?
<n|juggalo> yeah
<XBN`Boss> pic
<XBN`geNius> wtf
<XBN`Boss> ..
<n|juggalo> hmm
<XBN`geNius> why havent you told anyone before?
<XBN`Boss> hahahahaha
<XBN`geNius> with holding information
<XBN`geNius> wtf
<n|juggalo> http://www.usasoftball.com/Women/Olympics/2004OlympicGames/Bios/mendoza.html
<n|juggalo> not best of pictures
<XBN`Boss> nice
<XBN`geNius> oh no shit
<n|juggalo> http://www.usasoftball.com/Women/Worlds/2002Worlds/bios/mendoza.html
<XBN`geNius> your lying
<XBN`Boss> stuff material!
<n|juggalo> http://www.nbcolympics.com/athletebios/5013117/detail.html
<XBN`geNius> ah damn
<XBN`geNius> shes related to you?
<XBN`geNius> damn
<XBN`geNius> :))
<n|juggalo> heh
<XBN`geNius> -)
<XBN`Boss> The Mendoza family owns property on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and often vacations there. Mendoza's father Gil was born in El Paso, Texas, and has dual American-Mexican citizenship.
<n|juggalo> put your pants on
<XBN`Boss> wtf
<XBN`Boss> go shack up with them
<XBN`Boss> they are rich!
<n|juggalo> lol
<XBN`geNius> haha
<XBN`geNius> dude shes nice
<n|juggalo> her pic in stuff is ;|
<XBN`geNius> to put it mildly
<XBN`Boss> linki
<XBN`geNius> yea wtf
<XBN`geNius> where isthis stuff?
<n|juggalo> i looked on stuff online
<n|juggalo> not there
<XBN`Boss> -_-
<n|juggalo> it's in the newest magainze though
<XBN`Boss> uh
<XBN`Boss> i have stuff
<XBN`Boss> newest
<XBN`Boss> lemme check
<n|juggalo> who's on cover
<XBN`geNius> oh shit
<XBN`geNius> scan that shit
<XBN`geNius> steve
<XBN`geNius> hah
<n|juggalo> the one with all the girls of the olympics?
<XBN`Boss> no
<XBN`Boss> amber
<XBN`Boss> from survivor
<n|juggalo> yeah
<n|juggalo> thats it
<XBN`Boss> page
<n|juggalo> index
<XBN`geNius> hahaha
<n|juggalo> uhm
<n|juggalo> i dont want to go downstairs to get mine
<n|juggalo> she got hosed on it
<XBN`Boss> oh damm
<XBN`geNius> dude
<XBN`geNius> fuck you
<XBN`Boss> jamie finch
<n|juggalo> she is in the index
<XBN`Boss> pg 73
<XBN`geNius> haha
<XBN`geNius> BOSS
<n|juggalo> look at the begning of the magazine
<n|juggalo> that shows what page it's on
<XBN`geNius> look nigga
<n|juggalo> says like 'want to see more of jennifer mendoza goto page 70'
<n|juggalo> or some shit
<XBN`Boss> the women of olympics
<XBN`Boss> mmmmmm!
<n|juggalo> but she isnt in the main spread i dunno why
<n|juggalo> u see?
<XBN`Boss> checking
<XBN`geNius> yea
<XBN`geNius> shes tight man
<XBN`geNius> damn
<XBN`geNius> i'd.. yea
<n|juggalo> wtf u yappin about genius
<XBN`geNius> haha
<n|juggalo> you would what binary root hack her?
<n|juggalo> thought so.
<XBN`Boss> damm keri walsh is hot
<XBN`geNius> yea if you think
<n|juggalo> bah
<n|juggalo> dont make me get my magazine
<n|juggalo> :P
<XBN`geNius> you just dont understand man
<XBN`geNius> the chick im seeing now
<XBN`geNius> is dope
<XBN`geNius> i dont slump
<XBN`Boss> amanda freed
<n|juggalo> steve..
<XBN`geNius> steve..
<n|juggalo> you're not even where i told you
<n|juggalo> to go
<XBN`Boss> where
<n|juggalo> you're in the main spread
<XBN`Boss> yes
<n|juggalo> i said THE INDEX
<n|juggalo> like page 4
<n|juggalo> or 5
<n|juggalo> what ever it is
<n|juggalo> she's on the bottom
<XBN`Boss> no shit
<XBN`Boss> says pg 84
<n|juggalo> u see her pic?
<XBN`Boss> no
<n|juggalo> ...
<n|juggalo> left page
<n|juggalo> bottom
<XBN`Boss> i think your lying!
<n|juggalo> sigh
<XBN`geNius> rofl steve
<XBN`Boss> uh
<XBN`Boss> thats amber on the bottom left
<XBN`geNius> dude
<XBN`geNius> jessica mendoza
<XBN`geNius> !
<XBN`geNius> look
<XBN`Boss> they show jamie finch
<XBN`Boss> on the index
<XBN`geNius> look for softball on the index
<XBN`geNius> homo
<XBN`Boss> easit
<XBN`geNius> then go to the page
<XBN`Boss> i see her
<XBN`Boss> she is on the index
<XBN`geNius> then look around
<XBN`Boss> barely
<XBN`Boss> so small
<XBN`Boss> not in main spread
<XBN`geNius> aw
<XBN`geNius> that sucks
<XBN`Boss> fucking lame
<n|juggalo> k
<n|juggalo> i got mine
<XBN`Boss> says "olympican jamie mendoza as your never seen her! (unless your've seen her like this before)"
<n|juggalo> [03:27] <XBN`Boss> she is on the index
<n|juggalo> rofl
<n|juggalo> fuckin idiot
<XBN`Boss> and has a small pic
<XBN`Boss> haha
<n|juggalo> AS I WAS SAYING
<XBN`Boss> not a small pos
<n|juggalo> rofl
<n|juggalo> I SAID BOTTOM
<XBN`Boss> plus you said BOTTOM LEFT
<XBN`Boss> ooooooooook!
<n|juggalo> LEFT PAGE
<n|juggalo> LEFT PAGE
<n|juggalo> LEFT PAGE
<n|juggalo> LEFT PAGE
<n|juggalo> [03:26] <n|juggalo> left page
<n|juggalo> [03:26] <n|juggalo> bottom
<n|juggalo> [03:26] <XBN`Boss> i think your lying!
<XBN`geNius> haha
<XBN`Boss> shes hot for sure tho
<XBN`geNius> hahaha
<XBN`geNius> yea
<XBN`Boss> too bad she didnt make the main one
<XBN`geNius> go for it steve
<n|juggalo> yeah i dunno why
<n|juggalo> you should write them
<XBN`geNius> im too far away
<n|juggalo> have them post the spread
<XBN`geNius> haha
<XBN`Boss> hahaha
<n|juggalo> i should write in
<XBN`Boss> amanda freed shouldnt have been in
<n|juggalo> 'dude thats my cousin, she is hot post her whole spread'
<n|juggalo> what page
<XBN`Boss> 88
<XBN`Boss> shes hot
<XBN`Boss> but your cousin is better
<n|juggalo> hahahah
<n|juggalo> thanks!
<XBN`geNius> haha
<XBN`geNius> np man
<n|juggalo> dude page 80
<XBN`geNius> you should be proud
<XBN`Boss> wt
<XBN`geNius> hahaha
<n|juggalo> those stickers
<n|juggalo> own me
<XBN`Boss> <n|juggalo> thanks!
<XBN`Boss> <XBN`geNius> haha
<XBN`Boss> <XBN`geNius> np man
<XBN`geNius> wtf?
<XBN`Boss> ahahahaha
<n|juggalo> ROFL
<n|juggalo> WHAT?!
<XBN`geNius> ROFL steve
<n|juggalo> THE
<n|juggalo> FUCK
<n|juggalo> OMFG
<n|juggalo> HAHAHAHAHAH
<XBN`Boss> fucking genius
<n|juggalo> i just realized
<n|juggalo> hahaha
<n|juggalo> genius.txt

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