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Personal Information

Location: Pasadena, Canada

Age: 22

Status: Active

Gaming Experience: 10 years


Paul is widely accepted as the best Quake 3 player ever. His extremely intelligent strategical abilities and dominating aim have steered him to the top of many 1v1 and Team Deathmatch (TDM) tournaments throughout his career.

A member of Clan Kapitol in it's prime, Paul and cK dominated every team that attempted to go toe-to-toe with it. With six first place LAN finishes, and at least six significant online tournament finishes, he has secured his place in the annals of Quake. He is no slouch in the 1v1 scene either, accumulating 16 top six LAN finishes, six of which were first place victories at major tournaments.

Paul recently completed undergrad at Princeton and is now at Caltech working toward a Ph.D. in mathematics. He's competed regularly in Quake 3 since June of 2000, both individually and as a member of numerous successful teams. Through gaming, Paul has met players * from all over the world, and has satisfied his extremely competitive nature.

Achievements in Quake 1

Quake 1 1v1

  • 1st CPL 4-Year Anniversary Event
  • 1st Faceoff (Q1 1v1)