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NQR North America (NQR NA) is a North American 4on4 Team Deathmatch tournament.



Here is a short story about how the North American quake scene got a short revival inactivity. After American Gangsters had dominated the North American TDM scene for years, not losing a single official game, they split up the new and the older players. There were several years in North America without 4on4 tournaments and the activity was very low.

American Gangsters got split up in two parts, the first contained three of the old four core players: Def, Fiend and Yogic who formed Massacre @ Chicago Smooth, only John was missing from the original four but he had quit long ago. Instead they first took in Cholo who is best known for his dramatic english skills and his way better aim. The other part of American Gangsters, KovaaK, cyan and myth took in ultimo and formed The Boss; those two clans were the only ones for a while and held some heated scrims.

Around that time Purity came by and he was determined to resurrect SmackDown worldwide, most people laughed at him though because there was hardly any activity in the North American scene and there were only two clans. Nevertheless Purity joined Massacre @ Chicago Smooth and started with his project. Trying to get enough teams for the tournament he asked help from pg who later became the headmin of the league since Purity went inactive. Together they managed to get inactive players and people that quit back, went through the Clan Arena and Netquake communities to gather teams, even a Quake 3 team signed up.

Against the odds they gathered enough teams but it became NQR instead of SD due to some ancient rules in SmackDown that couldn't be changed. The problem was that according to the Smackdown rules players were not allowed to play in more than one division. All of this made sure there was quite some drama because there were several European players in the different clans that had been founded like Fruit, TWAT and Where's The Grapple.

The league came there afterall, as said before, under the wings of NQR. It might have been the only QuakeWorld tournament in the history that didn't feature a single WalkOver during the group games. Sad enough, The Boss got two of them in the playoffs, making them win the tournament without even playing a game after the regular season.

The semi-final that did get played, between 5 angry men (former m@cs) and Confederates was highly controversial because even though Confederates had enough players they decided to play with a non listed player named fore who nobody had seen before. Because 5am just wanted to play they agreed and fore turned out to be a key player for Confederates' victory. Strangly, after this they did not play the final with The Boss, leaving them the title uncontested.

To keep it to the drama part, NQR North America Season 2 had another fine story of drama in the final where The Boss and Team Einstein met. The latter was the core of Confederates added up with def. The problems in this final were mainly caused by the admins who forced the teams to play before christmas which was very bad timing for some of the players because after new years there would have been less problems.

Now they had to play it turned out that The Boss had two players with ping 190 and pl 50, those were myth and cyan, the latter even timed out every five minutes. The upset on the other side of the playing field was that def was not present to play. After the finals were played it was said that john flooded his connection because he did not want def to play with the everlasting arch rivals of American Gangsters and beating ex-clan members (The Boss), though, how true this is one can only guess because def had a primal role in AG and had a lot of problems with the men he played with now in the past. Maybe he set it all up to leave them in the final and set the ultimate hoax ... !

With both teams heavily cripled in this final it got a lot less of a show than it could have been, in case emc2 had their regular lineup with Def, Animalboy, Slik and Wyte and The Boss with KovaaK, Ultimo, a not lagging Cyan, Myth and Purity it would have been a totally different story than it was now. In this rather sad show emc2 won the first map where cyan played for The Boss and timed out four times during dm3. Then on dm2 and e1m2 KovaaK put on a show and took home both maps for The Boss. Since the finals were best of five there were more maps to be played but after about an hour of whine ecm2 threw in the towel and The Boss was named winner of season 2.

NQR North America
NQR North America Season 1 (Spring 2005)
NQR North America Season 2 (Fall 2005)
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