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A clan that played in North America just after the famous American Gangsters split up, mostly played The Boss in the short period this clan survived. The main players in those games were Cholo, Def, Purity and Yogic.


After American Gangsters had dominated the North American TDM scene for years, not losing a single official game, they split up the new and the older players. There were several years in North America without 4on4 tournaments and the activity was very low.

American Gangsters got split up in two parts, the first contained three of the old four core players: Def, Fiend and Yogic who formed this team, only John was missing from the original four but he had quit long ago. Instead they first took in Cholo who is best known for his dramatic english skills and his way better aim. The other part of American Gangsters formed The Boss and those two clans were the only ones for a while.

Though, at the time Purity came in and he was determined to resurrect SmackDown worldwide, the others laughed at him though because there was hardly any activity in the North American scene and there were only two clans. Nevertheless Purity joined their forces and later Aardappel and HangTime did too. Against the odds Purity gathered enough teams but it became NQR instead SD due to some ancient rules in SmackDown that couldn't be changed.

It wouldn't have been less than logic that Massacre @ Chicago Smooth signed up for the tournament but some troubles came in. Just before the league started Yogic announced his retirement from Quake after winning Vendetta with Def; and Purity left to try to become golfproffesional. Because Fiend was moving to another city there weren't enough active players to compete in the competition.

This is why a new team was formed, originally with the main members of this clan, to play in NQR North America, the new team was called 5 Angry Men and the members at the moment of foundation were Aardappel, Cholo, Def and HangTime with Fiend and Purity as backup.



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