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Player Information
eXceSs-The-Feared, Maddy, MadMordigaN, Mentos, oceani, Sige, ini
Nini K.
January 11, 1900 (1900-01-11) (age 123)
First spawned:


Favorite mod: 4on4
Favorite 4on4 maps: E1M2, anything Kenya!
Favorite 1on1 maps: Skull

Ocoini is a ++forward lune, a 4on4 player and a community organizer. Kent is the prefer'd cigarette of choice... though one day she will quit again!


Ocoini founded two clans:

Organizer of several tournaments:

  • QwCompo, a 1on1 tournament which introduced new maps. QwCompo later changed owners and name, becoming the first 1on1 "Kenya" tournament called Custom map dual Tournament CMDT.
  • Sunday Spawnfraggin, a series of different tournaments. Experimenting with draft, hoonymode and regular clan vs. clan play.
  • QuakeWorld AllStars, showmatches where only the most profiled QuakeWorld 4on4 players compete.
  • + some ancient ones


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2023 A11st Qlan_War_Tournament_3 Div 2 4on4 Europe Div99
2019 Z? HAMMER TIME! Quake Duel League Div 3 1on1
2018 A99 - 16th 2018 QW Duel Showdown Div 2 1on1
2018 A66th SundaySpawnfraggin18 4on4 Europe Div99
2018 A99 - 12th Thunderdome Season 10 Div 3 1on1
2018 A11st QW2018Teamleague Div 2 bronze 4on4 Europe Div99
2016 A55th EQL Season 21 Div 2 4on4 Europe Div99
2015 A99 - 12th Thunderdome Season 5 Div 4 1on1
2015 A44th EQL Season 20 Div 3 4on4 Europe Div99
2015 B010th EQL Season 19 Div 3 4on4 Europe Div99
2015 A77 - 8th Thunderdome Season 4 Div 4 1on1
2013 A77 - 8th Thunderdome Season 3 Div 4 1on1
2013 A33rd EQL Season 16 Div 3 4on4 Europe Div99
2011 A99th EQL Season 14 Div 3 4on4 Finland Oldones
2005 A44th NQR Season 8 Div 3 4on4 Scandinavia Sexy
2005 X? Smackdown Season 6 4on4 Scandinavia Sexy
2005 A22nd EQL Season 1 Div 3 4on4 Scandinavia Sexy
2004 B010th NQR Season 6 Div 4 4on4 Norway Hixos
2003 A66th NQR CMT Season 2 4on4 Norway Fudoh
2003 A33rd NQR Season 5 Div 2 4on4 Norway Fudoh



- Paniagua er helten min!

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