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Player Information
Popnallen, Rockbjörnen
Andreas Wahl
June 15, 1989 (1989-06-15) (age 34)
Broadcaster and player
First spawned:

Formerly a cpm player in Quake 3, Andreas "Andeh" Wahl was convinced by his friend Sweden LocKtar, whom he had known essentially since birth, to play QuakeWorld instead of Quake 3 in the mid to late 2000s. Reluctantly, he tried the game on LocKtar's request and LocKtar ended up destroying him on dm4 by a score of ~60-0. Demoralized as he was, Andeh still recognized the beauty and depth of the game by analyzing what LocKtar did in order to win and decided to start his grind to become a good player.

While first aspiring to follow LocKtar's footsteps and becoming one of the greats in 1on1, Andeh eventually came to prefer 4on4 over all other game modes, citing the incredible depth of strategy and potential of QuakeWorld 4on4.

After quickly gaining skill as a newcomer to QuakeWorld and making friends with other Swedish players, most notably Sweden bps and Sweden Trash, Andeh was invited to join team Sweden Suddendeath in late 2008.

In 2012, the QuakeWorld scene lacked commentators and streams for its official tournament games. Andeh, not afraid to speak in front of crowds of people, took the job upon himself to try and provide the best coverage QuakeWorld could get and as a member of team Sweden Suddendeath, he founded the channel SuddenDeathTV.

He has since appeared in many ArenaFPS-related projects outside of SuddendeathTV, such as TastyspleenTV, Organ Grinder, DOOMBRINGER, QHLAN and QuakeCon, providing everything from commentary and hosting to producing and organizing.

During the covid-19 years, Andeh also picked up interest in development of QuakeWorld which led him to start - and fund - the entire development of an improved QuakeWorld netcode that allows for a more seemless transition from low-ping play to high-ping play, and helping transatlantic games be much less painful than they were in the past.

Ever since becoming a member of the QuakeWorld scene, Andeh has also engaged in a lot of behind-the-scenes work, such as hosting/helping administration of numerous tournaments and leagues; QuakeCon, QHLAN, Hymn of Hope, SdCup, Qlan Wars, GetQuad, QuakeWorld Duel League, amongst other minor events.

To this day, Andeh remains a keen personality, talent, and player, within the QuakeWorld community.


Mouse settings
Mouse Effective DPI cm/360 in/360 DPI In-game sens. Windows sens. Raw input? Rate Mousepad
Logitech  (G Pro X Superlight) 2000 20.8 8.2 400 5 6/11 On 1000 Hz Artisan  (Hayate Otsu Soft XL)


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2023 A22nd Qlan War Tournament 5 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2023 A33rd Qlan War Elite 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2023 A77 - 8th Kombat Duel 5 1on1
2023 A33rd Qlan War Tournament 4 4on4 Norway The Axemen
2022 A33rd Kombat League 1 1on1 $50
2022 A33rd Time 2 Hammer Season 3 2on2 Sweden Lakad Matatag
2022 A33rd Qlan War Tournament 3 4on4 Sweden Yolos
2022 A55 - 8th Qlan War Tournament 2 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath2
2022 A44th Qlan War Tournament 1 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath2
2022 A33rd QuakeWorld Duel League Season 2 1on1
2021 B010th QuakeWorld Duel League Season 1 1on1
2019 A66th GetQuad! Draft 6 4on4 Sweden bps' Bonanza
2015 A77th Thunderdome Season 5 1on1
2015 A22nd EQL Season 20 B playoffs 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath2
2015 A44th EQL Season 19 B playoffs 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath2
2015 A99th Duelmania Worldwide 1 1on1
2015 A77th Thunderdome Season 4 1on1
2013 A55th Thunderdome Season 3 1on1
2013 A55th Salvation Draft League Season 3 4on4 Sweden Bps' Primary
2013 B313th Duelmania Reloaded 3 1on1
2012 A99th Thunderdome Season 2 1on1
2012 A33 - 4th HoonyMode (One day) 1on1
2012 B414th Thunderdome Season 1 1on1
2012 A33rd Salvation Draft League Season 2 4on4 Sweden Milton's Secondary
2012 A11st EQL Season 15 Silver 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath2
2011 A33rd EQL Season 14 Div 2 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath2
2011 A22nd EQL Season 13 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2011 A99th ShowDown Season 2 1on1
2011 A99th Duelmania Reloaded 2 1on1
2010 A77th ShowDown Season 1 1on1
2010 A44th EQL Season 12 4on4 Sweden Suddendeath
2010 D232nd Ownage 3 1on1




Console: Andeh kicked himself.
    — Accidentally and regularly kicking himself when elected admin on servers.
Kan vi inte prova den där mappen med mindre graviditet?
    — Meaning "Can't we try that map with less pregnancy? (trying to say "that map with less gravity")