mushi  /  9 Dec 2014, 12:53
qw server project asking for donations
QuakeWorld server project is now accepting donations.

Here's a comparison of the servers spawned in under one year (thanks mli):

One week later, donations have completed HALF the value we need to ensure the servers run for 12 months.

If you didn't already, consider donate. Why? Read the forum post.
Thanks to everyone!

10 days later, donations have reached the 700USD goal! Thank you Everyone!!
2014-12-12, 10:21
We also need some existing server admins to start running Qizmos... Specifically in Scandinavia. Once we have a few in this area I will be able to complete my second guide on how to lower your Packet Loss with Qizmo.
2014-12-12, 11:18
bring that guide
server install intructions and client guideness
2015-03-12, 23:33
Hey just saw this again, you should make another 'transiting' image like this, but this time. December 2014 -> December 2015 and show the amounts of players that are playing.
2015-04-21, 12:43
There is probably more servers than players.
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