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QNC Winners bracket Quarterfinals
There's been some action in the Quake Nations Cup since my last news here so let's take a look on the matches that have been played and also let's see some predictions!
Quake Nations Cup
Web: Winners' Bracket | Losers' Bracket | QuakeWorld National Teams
Admins: JohnNy_cz, Hawr1x, cuky

Info for the team leaders:
- Under Winners' bracket and Losers' Bracket pages there is a calendar with deadlines your team should adhere. The "schedule" deadline says how long the admin will wait for the teams to schedule the match before he sets the schedule by himself.
- The match should be played before the "result" deadline.
- The team leaders should be present in IRC channel.
- Structure of the brackets has been changed!

Round 1 results
There's been only one more match played in this round and it was the match between
Poland B and Sweden C - results, demos, report
When Sweden C played against Poland A team, you could see strong Abandoned Base (dm3) routine on the Swedish side and well known Claustrophobolis (dm2) routine on the Polish side. In that match the game went into 3rd decider map. Here in the match against the B team of Poland the first two maps were the same - dm3 and dm2 - but the second map didn't go for Poland B as well as for Poland A. Game has been played on the Polish Aster server to get equal pings. The most deciding moments were strong Swedish attacks on the Quad area when the Quad was about to spawn.
In dm3 Sweden C didn't gave Poland B too many chance to take control over the map, they pretty much dominated there and showed some solid map control. So the match was 2:0 for Sweden C. Congrats!

Sadly the other matches had to be solved by giving out some walk-overs. Why did this happen?
Poland A - as I've mentioned in the previous news, this team has almost wanished into air. The remaining Polish players didn't confirm my "WoW/Poker suspicion" and I don't really know what happened, but according to Insane this team cannot be found online anymore. It seems like the next match for Poland A will also result in a walk-over.

Denmark - this team was highly dependant on it's starplayer ]SR[ParadokS who is temporarily in "offline mode". But he's been seen online recently saying that he'll be back with his low-ping connection again so hopefully the activity of this team will return. Denmark also played matches in the Base groups even without ParadokS. Match against Finland however resulted in a walk-over.

Portugal - players from this team join and leave IRC all of a sudden but they didn't manage to gather all their members in time and it was time to say "3 weeks is enough" and give walkover to Sweden B team which was ready to play the game.

Hungary - the most silent team in this competition, only known contact to this guys is ]SR[zero who himself doesn't speak too much. But these guys did show up in the base group matches so hopefully they will realize one more lost and they are out of this double-elimination tourney. Match against Germany resulted in a walkover.

Austria is suffering from missing players too, QW comunity in there is probably not as big as in other countries so in this case the inactivity is a bit understandable. But according to Defcon_5 there's still a small possibility that they will play again.

Round 2 results
In Winners' bracket we've already seen Round 2 match, it was Russia A vs. Russia B. As an admin I was shocked how big ping-drama there was. It really took long for this match to start, Russia B team not satisfied with their pings because they had 3 players with ping above 40 while Russia B only one such player. But finally the countdown went on and first map was dm3. What a tight game! Even though the final result doesn't look so, it the scores were pretty close for most of the match in this map. But Russia A had good Quad runs at the end of this map and achieved lots of frags quickly by cleaning all main areas of the map including rocket launcher area.
And in the second map (e1m2) there's been even more drama - Russia B managed to catch up the initial frags loss and the fights in yellow armor area got pretty messy lots of times.
I was surprised how good fight Russia B showed, didn't expect such results at all. Link to demos can be found in the result page

Round 2 predictions
There are 3 more matches to be played in this round in Winners' bracket:
Finland vs. Sweden B - here I expect clear 2:0 win for Finland, as the Sweden B seems as the weakest of the three national teams Sweden put in this tourney but also because Finland are the favourites of this tournament.
Sweden C vs. Netherlands - the most interesting match of this round, Sweden C team is strong in dm3 and I think they could win at least this map. We will see how Reppie and his teammates will handle the Swedes :-)
Sweden A vs. Germany - another match with Sweden team included, probably the strongest one. Germany is facing a tough opponent but we should not forget they won 2:0 against Sweden B team in the base groups.

Reminder: schedule deadline in WB is 4.4. 20:00 CET, deadline to play the matches is 7.4. 23:59 CET, inform the admins about the schedule as soon as you can

Losers' Bracket Round 1
Four matches are to be played in here and all of them with quite equal opponents. Question is how active some of the teams will be. I'm sure we will see Poland B vs. Czech Quake match where Poland B seems to be the favourite, but one never knows ;-)

I wish all the teams good luck and have fun in this all-Quake tournament.

Note: The brackets are now a bit different from how they initially looked because the seeding wasn't too good - teams from base groups would meet again in the playoffs. This should be fixed now.

P.S.: Maybe some of you would be interested in results in Q2, Q3 and Q4 games too.
2008-04-01, 00:10
Well written and go go Holland!
2008-04-01, 06:31
nice one
2008-04-01, 09:35
So the playoff structure was changed, but is there any news item covering this? I'm confused.
2008-04-01, 11:17
Yes the the structure of the bracket(s) has been changed, the original one was done wrongly as explained in the article. We will notify every each team personally about this as soon as possible.
2008-04-01, 16:05
top work JohnNy_cz, keep it live
2008-04-01, 16:57
good read
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