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Innovative Twist in QuakeWorld TDM: CS Maps in Qenya Wars Season 3
The third season of Qenya Wars is set to introduce an exhilarating new challenge to its participants. Organized by the dynamic duo of Link and Alice, this 4on4 draft tournament is taking a bold leap by incorporating Counter-Strike (CS) maps into the QuakeWorld arena. The competition, which kicks off on February 26th, 2024, will feature five converted CS maps crafted by The Wizards Manse, promising a unique blend of strategy, nostalgia, and madness(?).

This season is poised to be more intense than ever, with a total of 50 players entering the fray. Ten seasoned draft pickers, serving as captains, have strategically assembled their teams from the player pool into ten formidable squads. The stakes are high, with an 800 EUR prize pool on the line, setting the scene for a competitive tournament.
Tournament Structure: A Closer Look

The tournament format is designed to test all participating teams thoroughly. It comprises two groups, each featuring five teams, ensuring that every match is a display of skill, teamwork, and strategy. The group stage will adopt a Games of 3 (Go3) format, while the playoffs will escalate the challenge with a Best of 5 (Bo5) setup. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of four Go3 matches in the group stage, followed by a playoff schedule that includes up to four Bo5 matches for the teams that advance.

A Fresh Battlefield

The decision to utilize converted CS maps introduces a fresh battlefield that merges the fast-paced, explosive gameplay of QuakeWorld with the strategic depth and iconic locations of Counter-Strike. This innovative approach not only pays homage to two of the most influential shooters in gaming history but also challenges players to adapt their strategies and teamwork to an entirely new set of environmental dynamics.
It will also be a great method for introducing new players into the Quakeworld community.

Anticipation Builds

As the tournament date approaches, players and spectators alike are eager to see how traditional QuakeWorld tactics will evolve to accommodate the unique challenges presented by the CS maps. The Qenya Wars Season 3 is not just a tournament; it's a pioneering venture that redefines the boundaries of classic esports competitions. Expect nothing anything else, coming from Link.

Please look at the drafted teams below and follow this channel and discored closely for upcoming games

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