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Group of mappers

The Wizard's Manse is a group of mappers who decided to convert 5 maps from Counter-Strike to Quake 1. Link started up the project and he assembled this group comprising of QurneL, QuakeR and Lurq. xstephx also joined and helped out. Their goal is to create maps that could work for QuakeWorld 4on4.


The conversions are not 1:1 and were never meant to be that either because CS and QW are 2 very different games. However, a lot of CS maps got good potential for QW gameplay and we looked at a lot of maps. We tried to find maps that could be nice for QW without changing too much of the maps identity: That narrowed it down pretty much.

We selected these 5 maps for qw 4on4:

  • Dust2 by QurneL, xstephx, Link
  • Italy by QuakeR.
  • Mirage by QurneL.
  • Nuke by Link.
  • Cobble by Quaker.

These are the main authors of the maps, but everyone contributes. Lurq is our map professor/rocket scientist and he contributes on all areas.

When we Quake-ify these maps we do so with QuakeWorld 4on4 in mind. Sometimes you need an extra wall/block to prevent a very long distance, or you need to make an area smaller, or an L-junction instead of a straight line and so on. However, all the paths are the same, they go from A to B in the same way as the original maps, maybe with some adjustments a few places.

But if you played CS on these maps, you won't have to learn the routes, you know them already. The next step would be to learn the item placements and form your tactics after that.

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