Link  /  26 Nov 2022, 19:14
4on4 all winter
This winter we get a lot of 4on4 action in the QuakeWorld scene.
Elites or rookies, there is something for everyone.
New 4on4 tournaments coming up in January 2023 - Signups are open.

Qlan War 3 will be for teams/clans, Qenya War will host kenya tournaments and D99 will host a tournament for rookies/low-skilled players, called: QuakeWorld MIX League (QML).

Also there will be a tournament for the elites.

Qlan War 3 will be clans/teams: TB3 + schloss mirage - wiki page
Qenya War 2, 3 and 4 will be draft: Kenyas - wiki page
QML is neither, you just sign up as a single player: TB3 + Kenya - wiki page
Qlan War Elite will be clans/teams: TB3 - wiki page

To get more info/signup on each tour, click the links below:

Qlan War 3 - Signup

Qenya War 2 - Signup

QML - Signup

Qlan War Elite - Signup

We wish you all a merry 4on4 winter and happy new tours!
2022-12-07, 11:03
It will be fun!
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