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Another merry season of 4on4 QuakeWorld joy is upon us!
An opinion prediction article on all the Division one teams.
Horribly happy we are going to be; creating even more fond memories camping dm2 tele and water with your 30 ammo stacked rocket launcher! Massacring the fastest spawner in Quakeworld, me! As I desperately try to reach my own pack that I dropped 10 seconds ago near top of tele, by re-spawning near it!
Best tactic to get your own pack back by the way – because when it actually works, you'll be a goddess!

Only, of course, while busily spawnfraggin' me like some Samon on steroids; you will have your entire body suddenly go 'Wiiimpeeeeeh'! (Yes, it's a bodily reaction as well as a sound!)
As unaware to you bps's was LurQing behind you... with an axe in one hand...the Quad glimmering blue in the other... There Will Be Blood...Dogs.
It's going to happen... you can't run from it. That would be like saying there 'IS a spoon' – which doesn't function with reality, as we all know: 'There is no spoon'.
When it does happen to you, and it will... embrace the beauty of the sound of the axe as it wooshes through the air, creating wonder-us harmonics with my nemesis: The stone-walls; before it hits you, and splices your head in bloody morbid Gor'y bits all over, and be at peace, as the cries of amazement from Hemosticks Twitch chat soothes all embarrassment over time.

So - before the boring 'normal-peoples-christmas' (gawd, what a drag...!) rolls along and pulls us screaming and hollering back to our miserable Christmas-tree-with-star-on-top lives without 4on4, we have already started OUR most joyful time of the year already!
The drafts for the GetQuad has already happened!
And VR – is horribly annoyed no-one has written anything about it!
Seeing as VR is currently my Arch-Angel of justice partner in QuakeWorld – as we battled the fate of the division three players dismissal to boot camp and came out victorious. (no-one is getting relegated to bootcamp by the way, it was all just a big misunderstanding!)
I can't have my Arch-Angel partner be annoyed, and Lord Εke Vader agrees. Plus someone only really has to write 2-3 sentences about it according to him; (takes the pressure off, ty Εke! Lets have a look at the division one's teams and the structure of it all!

I'm super fond of the new squad structure that we have!
If you are somewhat confused about it – don't worry! Most people are! Once you're actually in a Squad, all the drafts are completed and your in the discord channel with the rest of your team and the entire squad; you will go: “Ahhhh, now I get it! Of course, brilliant!”. I'm positive you will use those exact words in fact!
As such I won't spend to much time explaining it part from: Your team, and the other teams in your squad you are on the same side – everyone else are alien insects that wants to eat your intestines and write love letters on your white brain matter. If you don't help your squad, alien poetry will occur, and someone carrying a towel will be forced to listen to it.

Now all done with the movie and discord chat references; and the small tidbits of what can occur in 4on4 – Lets move on to the teams – and what I'm one-hundred-percent expecting to be the result of me writing this will be an instant comment from Link stating: “LOL! Du syns de er bedre enn DEM?! Nerd.” (Google translate from Norwegian not really needed..).
Nonetheless! I daringly-will brave the treacherous waters of Links ridicule: With my division three captain aspirational skill level form opinions on the division one teams chances of success, and offer a prediction on the final outcome based on pure gut feelings!
I offer a little apology as well before we begin – not every player will get the same emphasis. It's because of my lack of knowledge about the player – and I don't think you are here for a book either !

This is an opinion piece, there are things that don't correspond to the real world objectively

Nigve's Narcos


OMG ITS PARADOKS! I feel like I want to write it just one more time, but that might bore you. But Oh my GOD...!
If you are somewhat familiar with QuakeWorld today – imagine for a second that Milton one day said:
“I'm so done with this game: I'm going to buy me an island and chill on the The Beach!”.
Just let that sink in a bit.... though perhaps just the first part of the sentence above
If Milton 'LEFT US' tomorrow for whatever reason – imagine the hole that would leave in our community. The absolutely travesty of losing such an epic player – just not starting up Quake again.

That is what it felt like and we experienced with Paradoks when he found other interests and moved on from QuakeWorld.
Paradoks, arguably the most famous 4on4 team player there ever was: Stopped playing Quake! Perhaps, as most artists, his departure increases his notoriety tenfold, but his accomplishments are after all astounding.
Some 12 years+ of always being in contention to win every 4on4 tournament he joined, while also being apart of organizing several tournaments for our community. A M a s s i v e loss! Lets hope it was a temporary one, and he's here to stay!

Naturally then when he comes back; the temperature in the room goes from lava to solar!
The immense impact he had on our little scene. In a time where hundreds of players were actively playing in tournaments, his team was ALWAYS the main hurdle to overcome for any clan.
And he's back, and he's playing in GetQuad 5..!
We just received the 'WOW signal'! Brace for entertainment!
Everyone is going to and HAVE TO spectate when he plays – just cancel EVERYTHING you have planned and join Andeh on SuddenDeathTV! If you miss this 'WOW signal' broadcast and think, “Oh, I'll just watch the demo later..” You WILL be missing out – it's going to be otherworldly!

The team he is on is looking strong. You have Paradoks's captain:
Nigve, perhaps the foremost attacker in QuakeWorld today.
'He has a very particular set of skills. Skills he has a acquired over a very long career. Skills that makes him a nightmare for people like you. If you just stand and fight now; that won't be the end of it. If you run; he will look for you, he will find you and he will kill you.
The combination of fast movement on 4on4 maps, constant pressure, super quick reactions and a fab aim – it's a constant threat to play against Nigve, the attack could come from any angle, and likely will – and it's going to come in FAST!

I really fancy Niw. I think the reason he went in the fourth round is merely because he's not been very active past few years, and he doesn't make much fuss about himself. A player that does what needs to be done.
You need someone to replace you at Quad cus you are busy waiting for RA? Niw's on it. You need someone to pickup that yellow armor on time so enemy doesn't steal it? Niw. Need someone to sync an attack with, perhaps on Quad on dm2? Niw's your man! A team player through and through. If Niw got active again, he's going to be captain next season. Because he brings a wast amount of strategical know how to this team as well. Not that it didn't have enough before but I would value any input Niw makes immensely.

Gamer is going to be the backbone of this team. While Nigve and Paradoks run the creative attacks, him and Niw might work on the defensive structure where Gamer can use his great game sense to lock down areas and keep enemies out. Don't be surprised if you see Gamer stealthily scouting around the map looking for enemy weaknesses to exploit as well. As Paradoks said: Gamer is a solid true soldier. So expect to see him making sacrifices to keep the team going.

The concern with Nigve's team, that is likely the concern with many of the teams – but it's strikingly present with this one: Is that this is a team filled with amazing talent, that has not seen much action the last few years.
Nigve is the only one I would put in an “active player” category of the four – the remaining three I at least rarely see playing.
The question is then – will they practise together enough to rekindle the magic?
Gamer, Paradoks and Niw are all past Slackers members. Will they pick up from where they left off those many years ago ? Or has QuakeWorld 4on4 evolved and they will be struggling to keep up? IF they practise and grind out a bunch of 4on4's this team is scary, however if they fail to pick up some of Nigve's work mentality, which I suspect is hard work and practise – they could be having a hard time in this tournament.

Prediction: They will be having DM3 as their home map and ending in seventh place in group stages, but having some amazing games where everything clicks, counting on close e1m2 to tide them over.
This is based mostly that the team has 3 players that I don't consider having been active the last few years. And actively playing is something that is after all, very important.
However, if they practise really hard, – and the old wizardry is still there – they could certainly reach the playoffs.

Ganon's Gurken
The Guerilla Elite!


Have you ever been happily spawnfraggin' on dm2, feeling pretty damn good about how your playing and winning with quite a big margin – then the round ends, on the enemy team one leaves – and in pops one of the four above – and no-one does an rpick.
Suddenly the team scores are reversed, you are the one being spawnfragged. Long gone are the days of standin still on tele – your now scrambling to steal a secret, helplessly praying that a rocket jump to high or quad could possibly work, camping out in backroom and hoping for a miracle,
How they do it, I have no idea – but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this lineup was – how similar the play style of three of the players are.

MM, Wimpeeh and Insane are not your 'charge in with a good stack and hope their quick reflexes will win the day' type of players. Of course they are capable of doing this as well, but generally they are calculated, meticulous and smart with how they engage fights. They take their time, pick their fights with care, lay ambushes and spam you down when they are not in control. Slowly grinding down your resources and 'squeezing blood from the stone'.
If a QuakeWorld team ever could be compared to a certain Norwegian chess master – these guys would be the equivalent.
Backed up by Ganon, as Andeh pointed out to me, a part of the backbone that helped SuddenDeath be a top team for way over a decade – this will be a strenuous match for the other teams.
Two approaches to getting 'unders their skin' perhaps – either play their game, slow down your own play. So you don't give away to many frags - Or monopolize the quad runs.
It's going to be risky business whichever of the two you chose.
I see MM's team dominate dm2's against any of the other teams in the league.

The concern for this team are the other two maps. My opinion is that they genuinely need to focus on sharpening up dm3 and e1m2, and making sure mm3 communication is seamless.
There are some absolute beast dm3 players on the other teams that will savagely punish them for any mistake. When they are in control, they have to rapidly shift focus onto identifying where enemy weapons are and hunting them down before they can build up to become threats or denying them being picked up all together. If they manage to do this, and the communication between them is on point so they keep working together and prioritizing the right things at the right time – sky's the limit.

Prediction: Their home map will be DM2, which they will be near undefeated on, they will land on fifth place in the league.

(*This was all written before I made their squad - there is no inside information to be found here!

Raket's Ravers
Stroke of Genius Squad?


This team is unquestionably fascinating.
As I was watching the draft, my initial impression as Raket announced his picks as the rounds went by: Somewhat confused.
There were, in my mind, fitter individual players for Raket to pick – players that conceivably perform better that was still unpicked when he made his choices.
Then as I was diving a bit deeper into all the teams later, it dawned on me that: “Hey, wait a minute – who is Raket today and what does Raket of today need?”

Lets rewind a bit – in the past 5-6ish years Raket has become a mammoth player.
From Raket is “a really good player” to today:
Raket is in the top segment of all active QuakeWorld players.
(I still think he's still just slightly too aggressive to dominate in all situations – but it's a stylistic opinion from someone who might not 'get it'
Once he gets going with a stack, he's going to be able to wreck anyone anywhere on any map.

So if you are still with me, what does a top player that can potentially wipe out entire enemy teams, AND keep them down all on their own; what does a player like that actually need?
Does he need another player that is going to do try to do the same thing as him?
Nonono. He needs to know, that when he leaves “base” to go exploring, the base won't collapse when he's away.
He needs the backup player that COULD do the same as him if needed, but will keep the long-term goal going - he has that in Diki.
Diki, a player that has 16(!) first place finishes in major tournaments – plus a smattering of second and thirds – endless experience.
And then he needs the workhorses that will maintain control. And with 'our twins' Ok98 and SplasH he has two amazing players that are in-tune with one another already! They have been playing 2on2 and 4on4 togheter for a millennia. They are likely so in sync; communication we others have to say to each other to get stuff done, they will just instinctively react to. Cutting down on hesitation situations and just getting what needs to be done done in a magnificently fluid manner.
Ok98 has been very active the last few years in 4on4, SplasH less so. When SplasH again “catches up” - Watch the F out!

It's going to be very interesting to see how this team pans out – The concern is that for my above hypothetical gameplan to “work” - if it is indeed an option at all to have it play out like this, which it might totally not be. – four very dynamic players that I suspect will have the inclination to all want to try “risky plays” - needs to perhaps limit that inclination. If the entire team is going to try to be the crazed attacker, this could get very chaotic.

Prediction: I'm suspecting DM2 as their home map. And they will land on fourth place in the group stages, qualifying for the playoffs.

Creature's Crazies
Jack's of all Trades but also masters of Strategy.


This little article got delayed by one night, because when I was going to start on Creatures team, I had to sleep on it a bit. It was an extra difficult team to form an opinion on for me, and to rank them among the other teams. And when I awoke, it hit me – the reason I was struggling with this team is that I couldn't pinpoint where they excel gameplay wise compared to other teams, or what might be their weakness. They are so damn well rounded. All of them are jacks of all trades!
They could all slide right into any team, and take the missing role required to be the missing piece.
But this team also has some added benefits to build on top of that: Strategical thinking and calm under pressure: It would not surprise me at all if this team managed to pull of some close to overtime last minute victories.

I have probably said something similar to this before in other opinions – but worth mentioning again: Creature to me is stability incarnate when it comes to 4on4 QuakeWorld.
There's a certain calmness over his actions, movements and decision making that makes me think he's planning tactically way ahead of everyone else. This is exactly the type of person everyone wants as a captain on their team – and on this team he's not even alone in having those attributes. The strategically thinking is through the roof on his team with the addition of HangTime.
A player that share many of the qualities Creature has.
If Creature is stability, HangTime would be knowledge incarnate. A superb understanding of the QuakeWorld Meta. Always seems to be thinking, or have already come to a quick conclusion on what is the correct course of action.
Both Creature and HangTime have also wast experience in tournaments to draw from. It's going to be extremely interesting to see if the two of them can cook up something new and unique!
“Holding GA area on e1m2 – hey, it's actually epic?” Who knows what odd little tidbit they might discover together

Creatures first pick was Dev – and this could be a superb first choice. If the others are Jacks, Dev is THE JACK; of all trades, but perhaps with a flair for the aggressive mixed in. I think he's an amazing Quad runner when he gets going – good at pressuring enemies, and scouting out weaknesses. I think it will be crucial for this team that Dev gets a good flow going, and touches on the zone. If the entire team can work together and get in-control, perhaps the reins and work-duty on Dev and BillyTheKid should perhaps be loosened to let their creative sides out? Creature could certainly run the map as could HangTime, but it might be more important for those two to focus on making absolutely sure opponents does not at any time overtake a primary location. Letting the frags come to them, instead of risking hunting it down.
BillyTheKid – a touch of Jack, a touch of absolutely creative masterpieces. It's going to be super important to get Billy in a stable position in the games ahead. Somewhat new to TB3 only division one play, certainly one as packed as this one; it's important that he gets time to settle – division one players that focus on TB3 mostly are on another level on those maps. He might have to tone down some of his movements, that he can do on other types of maps, just to digest the new environment, and finding out where the lines are of what works in div one are; and what gets shut down imminently. If he does manage to do that, expect to see BillyTheKid lead the charge in takeovers.

The concern with Creature's team is perhaps: Is too much all roundness a good or a bad thing? I as my prediction have fallen on will suggest: it's not a totally good thing all the time. But I'm expecting to be proven dead wrong and that strategical superiority and stable all round good skilled players are all you really need.

Prediction: I'm somewhat sure they will not pick a home map but base it on opponents/past results. In games where they feel they can win, they should consider DM2 perhaps, to let get the most out of Dev and Billy. I think they will take sixth place in the league.

Xantom's Xmas
OH! You had a head before! Well, not any-more.


Confession time! I have role models in Quake!
People that when I see play 4on4; I silently ponder to myself: Oh, damn, wish I could play like that... plus they are all extremely nice people
Two of my top five are on this team! None other than XantoM and HENU
(the three others in top five being bps, Milton and Carapace! Come on back through the Starport Cara...! The pylons are up, we need carriers...)

If you're new to QuakeWorld 4on4 – and you're looking for someone to mimic, my suggestion would be to not pick this teams captain, XantoM.
He's doing things us mere mortals cannot do. Clearly see him as an example of what is possible, but start a bit lower down the ladder. After some 5000 hours of 4on4, revisit him again as a study object, and see if you catch the details of what he's actually doing. Because what XantoM does, is... difficult.
(Someone should really do a vid or article on what sets epic players apart from the rest of us scrubs, because what their brain is doing is more expansive than one would imagine I think.)
Excellent teamplay, stunning game sense, good enough aim and movements to wipe the floor with anyone, timings items like no other.
XantoM's gameplay is near to flawless and does his QuakeWorld business better than 99.9% of the player pool with a percentile room for error of +,- 0.1%.

I could not find the exact quote, and Milton can come arrest me if I'm wrong about this.
Something that has stuck in my mind since one of the first AllStars events, where we were talking about how we should structure the teams, captains and picking: Milton made a remark that I'm not going to try to paraphrase out of memory but the gist of it:
Milton considered at the time XantoM better in 4on4 than him. And I'll leave it at that.

Something people sometimes say about HENU is that he's the protege to Milton. It's so false and I wish people would stop saying that.
They are friends and Milton taught him some things here and there like any friend would – but HENU has gotten where he is today from hard work.
Working his way through the ranks, playing lots and practising like anyone else. Likely he was motivated to get better, and had fun playing QuakeWorld – and his natural talent together with a sharp brain that's able to absorb and learn super quick, has today brought him to the top of QuakeWorld faster than any other has.
HENU I would suspect is the first to say that he has things he still needs to learn, but this is true for everyone of us.

In XantoM's team – HENU is going to play the most important part. I'm not quite sure how XantoM will utilize him the best. But giving HENU a free role seems very likely – where XantoM and HENU can play of each other dynamically, shifting job duty on the fly. HENU has the potential to be just as bit as good as XantoM in-control. Especially as the one that actually executes the job – if the team tells HENU where to kill enemy weapons efficiently, enemy weapons will go away flawlessly.

The supporting cast in XantoM's team has a master of mixes and a master of tactics.
Shaka we all know and love, is one of the most active players in QuakeWorld throughout the years. If you start playing some mixes again, you will run into Shaka. One of the most experienced players in QuakeWorld today when it comes to games played. Xantom's team is going to need Shaka to use his experience wisely – taking smart engagements and backing off when needed to regroup.
A slight aggressive style, mixed in with great considerate team play – helping his team finding armour or weapons and trying to keep his team in top shape – he's a great player to have on this team.

Completing this team is gLAd – a very interesting player, which it is hard to nail down what he's best at – but I believe it's his creative tactical decision making. Everyone in division one knows the basics – but exploiting that common knowledge and finding unusual solutions on the fly is one of gLAd's stronger points. He's a super entertaining player to watch as he constantly finds surprising pathways to win fights. Holding a massive QuakeWorld intellect on his shoulders he's also very good at reading the game, and most often than not makes good decisions on where he is needed. So letting gLAd take a couple quadruns just to stabilize the game could be a good choice.

So in my view this team has two superstars, and two players with colossal experience. I think the trick to beating this team - if it's at all possible to do it on e1m2 and dm3 when you are “out-of-control” would be to be patient, set up ambushes, do tricks and unusual things to catch them off guard. If you manage to somehow take XantoM or HENU down, that's a major indicator that you need to act fast to take back “primary locations.”

I would very much like to see, and think it would be most entertaining if they picked e1m2 as their home map. Where Shaka and gLAd can do the supporting roles, pursuing enemy weapons when they have SG, and holding YA/GL and getting timings on RL when the team is in control. While XantoM and HENU alternate between quad running, stacking up and just removing the major threats.
It is however very likely they will pick DM3 as their home map, as I think all of them enjoy playing that the most.

Prediction: They will end up on second place in the league – and the playoffs will see them facing more prepared opponents, that could have adjusted their gameplay to their style.

bps' Badboys
The Top Underdogs


If losing Paradoks was horrid, and the thought of Milton leaving would be a travesty
– If bps left. Game Over. SuddenDeath.

He's been involved in pretty much everything positive we as a community have enjoyed the outcome of in many many years now.
Helping with tournaments, helping with graphics, helping with streams, organizing the wiki, answering random questions, helping new players with their configs; the list goes on and on and includes much much more. If you for instance notice this very article suddenly changing a bit to look better:
Ye, that was probably bps fixing things for me; so you guys get a better experience. He's everywhere, unpaid and working for you!

Did you catch that first sentence he said during the draft cast by the way?
He said “Hello community Even giving a slight pause before community was said, maybe to emphasise it? And even just those two simple words from bps actually made my heart flutter a bit, cus I thought about context and all he's doing for us as he said it.
Even though I only know bps from online interactions – I believe he really appreciates us all – and is proud of being apart of us – and want us all to succeed.
Of course he has tonnes of other real life obligations, but he makes time for us when possible, making our scene better day by day.

And boy oh Badboy; can he play as well!!!
He's among the top in the world in duels and 4on4. (and likely 2on2 as well, but I don't follow 2on2, so sorry
As with any of the greatest players, it's near impossible for me to point on “Oh, THIS is what he does best!” And I don't think I'll even try to go there with bps. I ain't worthy
He's everywhere in the community, does everything for us, and it's the same when he's playing. He's omnipresent this dude! And very likely behind you with a quad axe right now.

So we really have to study his teammates if we are to try to make sense of his teams chances, because bps checks all the marks in what is needed to be flippin amazing in QuakeWorld.

Razor a super ol'school player most active in the years 98-2007 and very well known for his years in the Firing Squad clan is back again!
An interesting story Andeh gave me a tip about was that in 2007, when his clan was taking a break from competitive tournaments. Razor and a few others, also from other clans taking breaks, decided they still wanted to play competitively that season.
They formed a new team 'The DOTA AllStars' – the “rag tag crew” of members from here and there. (All actually epic players in their own.) This team dominated that year, winning both the NQR and the EQL. “The NQR game being the biggest broadcasted game of all time” - Andeh
So clearly Razor can play with anyone – but he doesn't have to play with just anyone now. He's been playing with bps numerous times as they share the same clan SuddenDeath – a real powerhouse clan in QuakeWorld. So the basis of any successful QuakeWorld team with familiarity of the core players is clearly here.

Razor brings also to the game a highly aggressive style, focusing on outsmarting his opponents tactically instead of pure aim – which he also obviously possesses. A creative player that can make big plays and turn the tide in any contest. But how much rust is in this sleek machine? We are all anxious to see. I asked for a comment, and the reply was:
“I am naturally very rusty at the moment, but I feel like I am already getting into somewhat of a shape after just a few maps." - Razor
I think that rust is going to fade right away!

Can I just say that Gor is unconditionally prodigious! How in the world could he end up going in the third round? The competition in the top is absolutely insane for this to happen. He's active, he's super skilled – he can masterly handle any situation thrown at him. If bps isn't picking up the quads in this team, Gor should be the one. An excellent quadrunner that always gets back home. Keeping areas safe, hunting down weapons. A very alert, quick and ruthless player that will punish mistakes by others at a murderous rate.

The last piece of the puzzle for bps' team: Tom – on this team Tom is going to have perhaps the most important role I from where I am coming from I think. He's going to be the last man standing and guarding locations/items often I think. And it should suit his style very well.
But is he ready for this level of division one play that this team is going to face? He could be..!
He's a defensive player, very thoughtful and strategical in his view on Quake. He will often retreat to fight another day if pressured to hard. A very smart habit to have when going up against some of the monsters he's going to face in the games ahead.
I expect, now and then, that Tom will be the only weapon left standing on bps' team, and he'll have a great chance to shine, if his teammates are quick to help him with the counter attack – a loss of control doesn't always have to be a total loss with a Tom clevery slipping out the backdoor with a gun that no-one remembered existed.

My prediction is that the bps' Badboys will take the third spot in the league play. Perhaps favouring dm2.

Milton's Mutants
The Astonishing Pairing


You know in old boxing fights, before the announcer shouts out “Lets get ready to rumble!” he dramatically sings out the achievements, accolades and awards of the boxers: If we were to do this in QuakeWorld, Milton happened to be one of the players...we would be there all night long listening to the announcer.
The amount of victories in both offline and online tournaments, none can compete, and none ever will.

In EVERY draft we have had since 2012's first Salvation, which was the first European draft: Milton has picked last. He has played in nearly all the drafts we have had since, and again... always... picking... last.
In EVERY arranged team situation, he has had 'highest seed' or been stuck with weaker teammates than his opponents. Picking last or being assumed is the best: Is a major drawback.
How many of these two types of contest has he won?
Damn near all of them.

Milton is: The greatest of all time.
Just run away.

So, the greatest of all time, who does he get to pick? Because obviously it's very likely he's not ever getting his first wishes, and the amount of people he has to evaluate as a potential pick has got to be a tiring process for each draft, never being able to plan ahead before the draft very well.
Damn does he have a good team this time around regardless!

I really struggled with understanding Zepp, or Zeppski as he's also known, as a pick, but that is because I'm not a QuakeWorld lexicon. I know Zepp beats me in in every game I've ever been in him with! (Probably not a unique accomplishment.) I know he was a major part in Russias recent third place finish in the Nations league. But sadly, that's about as far as my knowledge of Zepp goes: I needed help – So I'll turn this short bit over to gLAd:

“[Zepp has been playing probably since 1998. Tonnes of experience in QuakeWorld. Extremely good on two of the tb3 maps! He's definitely top 3 in Russia, and belongs in div1. It's quite obvious to me why Milton went for him.]” - gLAd
So plus one obviously excellent choice done by Milton.

The plus two I know a bit more about. Having been the victim of his amazing skill in the GetQuad Kenya last season. When MaCler made his repellingly wicked Rocketlauncher attacks on me:
“Do I dodge right? Do I dodge Left? Maybe backwa.... too late, I'm paint on the wall..”.
MaCler and the polish crew eventually got the better of us in the final – which this opinion piece writer might have been slightly responsible for.
Nevertheless, I think MaCler impressed Milton and likely helped Milton land on him as a solid choice.
I also got some inside information from two famous polish players with some background on MaCler, just confirming Milton's good pick one more time.
MaCler is in my view the best player in Poland - and according to my informants, he was the best in older times as well:
“[Winning not only in QuakeWorld, but later in other Quakes as well. Quite the tactical legend in his home country. Always trying to guide and help others get better. And learning from his mistakes impressively fast.]”

When asking another of my informants I also got this gem about MaCler:
“When he connects the cable to the mouse, he can also accurately sell RL and sometimes jog for a while with the quad.” - My translation department is still working on it

Sae, is an excellent player in this team, I think this was an amazing choice. And the team was super lucky that he was still unpicked. Truly an amazing player, super smart player with lots of experience and beautiful gameplay that has a very entertaining creative play style. Very snappy play – he can beat anyone in a straight up fight. Sae seems to always be where the action is, either if it finds him or more likely reading the game and seeking it out. Brilliant timing and great positioning before fights!

The pairing of Milton and MaCler, two geniuses in Quake – if there aren't any chemistry conflicts with the two highly competitive minds mingling, and with the addition of two stable performers in Sae and Zipp we have a gold nugget in GetQuad 5 to follow down stream to see if it leads to riches or ruin.
Just make sure to see it live on gLAd, Hemostick and Andeh's stream. It's going to be super interesting to see how they blend together, or how the roles gets divided in this team.

The concern: Which is the concern for bps' team and XantoM's team, as well – is that these Captains need to know they their team will pick up up the slack.
They will notice problems their teammates might not, they will be inclined to want to solve the issue. In that attempt they could chose to perhaps put themselves in more vulnerable situations that could have been avoided if the rest of team had solved the issue beforehand, or not let the issue arise at all.
It's a tricky balancing act where the Captains and their teams needs to find their own solutions on how to solve it.

I'm quite confident that the MaCler and Milton pairing will in-fact lead to wonders. If in fact Zepp is as good as I'm told - And Sae's will keep up his performance from last years GetQuad, where he was part of the team that won division one:
My prediction is that they will win the GetQuad Five league play and their preferred map will be dm3.


With all the drafts completed, Get Quad 5 has now begun!
Your main source for live tournament info is on the official QuakeWorld wiki:!_Draft_5

If you missed the drafts find them here:
Division one:
Division two:
Division three:

They will all eventually make their way to:
So if you are reading this article years from this posting, go to the YouTube link.

To watch some broadcasted games live with us, or just to enjoy some hot QuakeWorld TV:
Likely streams to check out:


The deadline to play the first match is 10'th October!
“'So, 'come on you apes, do you want to live forever!?'”.
Get involved in your squad! Practise practise practice!
Prove my predictions wrong!


This article was not affiliated with the GetQuad admin or organizer crew. It can in no way be said to represent them.

Article head art was made by our very own Razor!
Check him out here!


I hope it was an OK read VR! Sorry, I went a bit over 2-3 sentences Εke!
2021-10-04, 07:58
"LOL! Du syns de er bedre enn DEM?! Nerd"
Link would probably just say "LOL Noobs"

"I don't think you are here for a book"
And yet we got one

"Oh my GOD, It's PARADOKS!"
Ah yes. Oh my GOD, It's PARADOKS!

"Nigve's work mentality"
Hopefully Inspector Nigve's over Leisure Suit Nigve's

Look Oco, I'll just give you the stream key and my config, and you'll do the casting ok?


2021-10-05, 11:03
That was an awesome read! Thanks :3
Super stoked for this season.
2021-10-15, 09:48
wow Oco, good shit
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