Andeh  /  5 Feb 2021, 10:30
sdCup#2 changes!
Due to several crashes and other issues with survival time being a flawed way of judging the tournament, changes will be made but first of all, congratulations to Bogojoker for achieving the best survival time of 3692.2 seconds (1 hour, 1 minute, 32 seconds)!

The new format will be as follows:

Instead of survival time, you will be judged by score and in order to make the tournament accessable to all, regardless of how much free time you have, there will be a timelimit of 10 minutes.

A "current leaderboard" is viewable over on the Wikipedia page!

The rest of the rules remain exactly the same.
New format:

Timelimit: 10 minutes. NOTE: You cannot set the timelimit in the mode bloodfest, so simply keep fragging away until 10 minutes has passed. Your final score will be the score you had at exactly 10:00 minutes!

Final score: Your final score will be your score at the 10 minute mark. All kills are after that will be void and not counted.

You can track your progress over on the wikipedia page: to see how you're doing in the standings!

Hopefully this change will solve all the crashes and make it easier to compete, since you only need to put in the equivalent time of a duel to start a run!

Good luck everyone!

/andeh snd the SD crew
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