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GetQuad! Nations Cup announced
This weekend, the GetQuad! crew that have been running a recent series of Draft and Invitational 4v4 leagues have announced a new 4v4 tournament, the GetQuad! Nations Cup!. This is, as the name implies, a tournament focussed on International match-ups between different nations.
This represents a return to official international tournament play last seen several years ago and a shift away from the draft format that has been fairly successful over the past couple of years. Following the success of the recent Quakecon at Home duel tournament, which involved participants from multiple continents, a number of unofficial showmatches have been arranged between the likes of UK&Ireland, Australia, Brazil, USA&Canada and Portugal. This has helped to demonstrate the interest in staging international games once again and hence GetQuad! are now formalising this into an official tournament.

Signups are to be undertaken by an elected "Team Manager" for each nation, which will be self-organising (so get in contact with your countrymen if you are interested in participating in this tournament). The interpretation of nations is fairly liberal and both country of birth and country of residence are valid qualifications. It is acknowledged that some nations have very low playerbases and thus may wish to join forces with their neighbours (please discuss such proposals with the admin team). The rules can be found in more detail here:

It should be noted that this is intended to be a worldwide tournament and hence unlike previous GetQuad! seasons there is no inherent bias towards European servers. This means if you participate you must be willing to play on servers with the most even pings, which may be in different continents from where you live e.g. 155ms. Additionally, some nations may be much stronger than others so given the GetQuad! history around promoting equality within teams it is suggested that in some cases it may be preferable to give opportunities to weaker players from your nation when playing versus much weaker opponents (i.e. playing with 4x high div-1 players versus a weak team is likely to lead to a poor overall experience).

On a related note if there are any people especially from non-European nations who would like to put themselves forward as potential additions to the admin team, this will be considered. This should help to ensure that players from all nations feel represented in terms of decision making and have a local contact.

Finally you may be wondering what that situation is with the GetQuad! Draft league. Currently there are no immediate plans for a new season, with GQ Season 4 potentially commencing in early 2021 (tbc).
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