meag  /  26 Sep 2018, 20:59
Thunderdome X - starting soon
It's the time of the year to get ready for the dark nights of winter, which can only mean one thing - QuakeWorld tournaments! Adding to the recent QuakeWorld Duel Showdown tournament and the Allstars 4v4 exhibition match, VVD is launching the 10th edition of the major duel tournament, Thunderdome.

As always there will be multiple divisions so you can sign-up and be rest assured you'll be up against people around your skill level. Registration is open for the next couple of weeks, with the tournament expected to start sometime around middle of October.

Hope to get Australian and American divisions again!
2018-09-27, 00:48
Thanks meag - signed up
2018-09-27, 07:32
It's not monsoon again is it?
2018-09-27, 16:18
I signed up
Wanna play in Div4 (200ms + 60hz)

Otherwise make Div Afrika
2018-09-28, 22:24
dirtbox, map pool is the same yet.

bgnr, ok, u was moved to div4.
2018-09-28, 22:25
Thanks VVD
2018-09-30, 07:53
I also have high ping and a 60Hz monitor; can I play in div6 with a one map advantage in every round?
2018-09-30, 12:57
2018-09-30, 14:19
> I also have high ping and a 60Hz monitor; can I play in div6
> with a one map advantage in every round?

2018-10-01, 11:24
With all due respect and don't want to cause any fights but Bgnr is far too good for div 4. He will curb stomp everyone in that division.
2018-10-01, 13:27
Man those map rules
Why not just allow all duel maps?
If some maps are unpopular they wont get played much anyway...
2018-10-01, 16:28
Can't believe bgnr deliberately moved to another continent to increase his ping so he could get placed in a lower division and avoid playing me.
2018-10-01, 18:06
Well Meag i was thinking in playing in Div2

RaggA, I asked div4 because i think is the div that fits best my actual performance.
Imo i think i cant win any div3 player with this ping and setup, and
I think i will loose at least to some of the stronkest like Klice or Dog_Sacrifice, etc
Some days ago i played vs Robin i couldn't win one map.
But I will try to play vs Klice, Dog_Sacrifice and Fourier and i will see how it goes, Winning div4 is not my goal, but have fun.
2018-10-01, 21:26
Hooraytio, I'm very bored alredy to explain more and more times about maps rules. Try to find my previous explanation.
2018-10-04, 11:49
BTW, check
This is my idea how to make skull [more] playable.
2018-10-06, 13:09
Hi there - I need my password changed - (you can sign me up manually if you like)
2018-10-07, 13:42
ocoini, where I can write ur password?
Come in IRC.
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