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Announcing the 2018 AllStars!

The October 2018 calender will be privileged to entertain a new QuakeWorld AllStars showmatch!

Bringing the best of the best together to showcase the fastest and most punishing team deathmatch game that exists. The AllStars series is back to guard the game with a QuadPentaRing-esque collaborative event and you can help!

Amazing players Astounding casters Awesome game - Triple A show!
The AllStars showmatch is a QuakeWorld 4on4 deathmatch series of matches. Where only the best and most famous players in QuakeWorld battle it out over a set of games. The games are accompanied with live play-by-play commentary lead by 'Andeh' of SuddenDeathTV.
Into a neat little package it goes; and is streamed live to you as an approximately two hour show.

The players themselves are what makes the show. Where most have over 20 years of experience playing the game individually. Often they are on separate teams and against each other in tournaments. Here they are drafted by our 'usual suspects' and shuffled around if needed: To create two teams that will provide the most challenging and interesting games.
As past AllStars have proven, we get some truly unbelievable games out of it!

We start with nominations!
No limit on who can be nominated exists we just need to be able to communicate with them.

Our usual champion suspects: Milton, Carapace, Bps and Xantom will be having the final word on how the team makeups look like and who will be playing.
However they will be picking the rest of the players by a provided pool of players. This is where everyone of you can help out.

Do you know of a truly epic player that you think would fit into the AllStar mold? - Name them!
Do you have a way of contacting this player? - Even better!
Get them to message us on discord, this forum post, or provide us with their contact info so we can query their interest in participating. Alternatively forward my mail to them if, that is easier (

If you are a in the top tier of Quake players, in the world, and have yet been contacted about participating in the event:
We have either not found a way to reach you, or someone has bored horribly into a wall. Let others be the judge if you are to play or not. Please do come forward and poke us!

There is a slight time limit and the nominations will be closing before September ends.

The AllStars will be happening in the first part of October, and we will come back with a precise date and more information as we come closer to October.
Hopefully this will be enough of a heads up for ancient Quake superstars to surface!

Lastly for everyone:
Do help with the promotion of the AllStars on any media you see fit!
Do try to contact you're long gone superstar buddy! The one only you in the scene is able to reach, and ask if now isn't the perfect time to make a comeback!

The QuakeWorld AllStars Showmatch is property of everyone that plays Quake and anyone that wants to contribute, be it graphics, writing, technical finesses, opinions or ideas are more than welcome!

This forum post is the best way to contact us about the AllStars though the events channel on discord will be checked as well though not as regularly. Feel free to ask questions if you have them or get involved !

<3 Quake! <3
2018-09-12, 05:24
2018-09-13, 14:28
As a spec these days I really appreciate the effort you all put into this kind of exhibition match, and I know I'm not alone. Thanks to everyone for organising and taking part. It's so much fun to watch these things.
2018-09-15, 16:48
its on!
2018-09-17, 08:11
Hagge must play ofc.
2018-09-23, 14:24
* AllStar Nominations could be closed today * If you're not in the player pool or are unsure if you are poke me *
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