Ake Vader  /  24 Oct 2017, 10:15
2017 DM Race Contest
Bogojoker invites the fastest players on the planet to take part in his 2017 DM race contest that has already started (you can join in whenever) and lasts until 25th of December. The contest is all about getting the fastest times on a set of routes on the classic maps DM2, DM3, DM4 and DM6. The fastest contenders will have a bounty to collect and there may even be a special treat for anyone setting a new world record, which of course are getting logged.

More info in the forum
2017-10-25, 06:38
Qool.. would be there a runs without rocketjumps? I think they are the most interesting..
2017-10-25, 06:52
In the forum post it's indicated in the route list, after each route, whether you're allowed to use weapons. Agree that no weapons makes it more interesting as it's then more applicable to real match usage.
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