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LAN tournaments
2019-05-02, 17:36
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QHLAN 2019 is confirmed, and will for the first time ever, be held outside of Sweden.

The event will this time take place in the city of Silkeborg, Denmark.

Dates: Thursday 29 August (22:00) - Tuesday 3 Septermber (10:00), 2019.
Place: Ny Kjærsgaard in Silkeborg, Denmark
Seats: Around 70. We can make room for more if needed.
Entrance fee: Prepaid: €25, At the entrance: $30
Tournaments: Quakeworld 1v1 & 2v2 (4v4 if enough teams form). Info will follow.
Internet connection: 1Gbit shared.
Spectator area: Spec area, size depending on number of seats.
Casters desk: Casters to be announced.
Rental: Prices below are preliminary prices, for 1 unit in 3 or 7 days.
We will try to make a deal with a local rental company when we know how many PC's/Monitors will be needed.
Monitors for rent: BenQ Zowie 144 hz, 1920x1080, 1ms, 12M:1, DVI/HDMI/DP (€20-€30)
Computers for rent: i5-8600k, GTX 1060 6GB, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (€50-€75)
Sleeping: We have a dedicated sleeping area, there is also enough room in the main venue for sleeping.
Kiosk: Low-end 24h kiosk. There's also restaurants and supermarkets at less than 10 minutes walking distance from the LAN.
Alcohol: Not allowed at the event.
Contact: We're on the Quake.World Discord in the channel #qhlan

Preliminary Schedule
Thursday 22:00 Doors open
Friday 11:00 Start of Tournaments
Sunday 23:59 End of Tournaments
Tuesday 10:00 Doors close

All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Start and finish is 100%, anything in between is subject to change. Signups for each tournament close 1 hour prior to each start.

Seatmap updated:

The entrance fee will be €25 prepaid and €30 at the door.
To complete your payment, you have to donate €25 or more to the GoFundMe campaign, and supply the name used for your registration.

Prize pool info
We are once again raising the stakes by a yet-to-be-decided amount of cash money, supported through crowdfunding, prize distribution will be announced once we get closer to the event. You can contribute and read more about the growing prize pool in the prize pool thread.

We also plan on putting 80% of the entrance fee into the prize pool! | Official forum thread | Fundraiser | Renting | Need a ride
2019-05-05, 14:30
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Can we use the kitchen? To make pizzas (frosen) etc. Can we use the refrigerator? (for my beers)
Link, we are not even oldtimers anymore, we are dinosaurs. - Hooraytio
2019-05-07, 17:19
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Link wrote:
Can we use the kitchen? To make pizzas (frosen) etc. Can we use the refrigerator? (for my beers)

Yes, you can use the kitchen. There is a freezer and a refrigerator you can use.
2019-07-25, 22:33
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Feb 2006
More signups.
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