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LAN tournaments
2019-05-02, 17:33
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Feb 2006
Current prize pool can be seen over at

The greatest Quake LAN has arguably always been QHLAN. It's a LAN where we only play QuakeWorld, day in and day out. We get to hang out with other quakers who love the game just as much as we do and I think I speak for everyone that all QHLANs have been memorable in one way or another. QHLAN has brought us great games, great interviews, great wrestling and arm wrestling matches, great pictures and amazing stories. It's an event that no quaker wants to miss.

Even though no quaker wants to miss a QHLAN for the social parts of it, some players travel to Stockholm to compete. Every QHLAN has arranged top notch tournaments where people do battle to determine who the best quakers of that era are. The prizes for winning either of the tournaments organized at QHLAN has varied throughout the years - from fame and prestige to small cash prizes. For this QHLAN, we have a different idea...

We want to stimulate the dream we all have - to have the chance to win good money playing the game we all love. For this reason, the prize pool at QHLAN will be huge - and you can make it even larger.

Community funding has been a thing for many years now, but think of this as a way to not fund the organizers or the staff, see it as a way to reward the players that spend so much time in the game practicing, keeping the game alive and thriving.

An important point that you may wonder about is distribution of the prize pool. The exact percentages will be announced at a later date, but I can already tell you that you will not have to finish 1st or 2nd to get paid. Competing in the tournaments at QHLAN should be a fun and challenging experience, but also with a chance to win money!

So if you feel like contributing to the prize pool at QHLAN, head over to the GoFundMe campaign. Any amount is greatly appreciated, be it a single dollar or a big contribution! | Official forum thread | Fundraiser | Renting | Need a ride
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