As was requested on the stream, here's my playing config. Super simple and oldschool, not using newhud.
Added by: Andeh
Added date: 2021-02-16
Type: Play
Engine: ezQuake OpenGL
///                                                                                              ///
///                                                                                              ///
///                          E Z Q U A K E   C O N F I G U R A T I O N                           ///
///                                                                                              ///
///                                                                                              ///

// andeh:sd^T^V's config

// ezQuake 3.2.1 r5258~2c0a0793 Jun 23 2020, 05:54:33
//  fest.exe

//                                                                                                //
//                                       V A R I A B L E S                                        //
//                                                                                                //

//Only variables with non-default values are listed below.
//You can use "cfg_save_unchanged 1" to save all variables.

menu_advanced                         "1"

hud_ammo2_order                       "1"
hud_ammo3_order                       "2"
hud_ammo4_order                       "3"
hud_ammo_order                        "2"
hud_armor_order                       "1"
hud_armordamage_order                 "2"
hud_bar_armor_order                   "2"
hud_bar_health_order                  "2"
hud_frags_align_x                     "center"
hud_frags_align_y                     "center"
hud_frags_bignum                      "0.7"
hud_frags_cell_height                 "24"
hud_frags_cell_width                  "42"
hud_frags_extra_spec_info             "0"
hud_frags_order                       "1"
hud_frags_padtext                     "0"
hud_frags_place                       "group4"
hud_frags_rows                        "0"
hud_frags_space_x                     "90"
hud_frags_space_y                     "0"
hud_frags_style                       "2"
hud_gun3_order                        "1"
hud_gun4_order                        "2"
hud_gun5_order                        "3"
hud_gun6_order                        "4"
hud_gun7_order                        "5"
hud_gun8_order                        "6"
hud_health_order                      "1"
hud_healthdamage_order                "2"
hud_iammo2_order                      "1"
hud_iammo3_order                      "2"
hud_iammo4_order                      "3"
hud_iammo_order                       "3"
hud_iarmor_order                      "2"
hud_key2_order                        "1"
hud_pent_order                        "3"
hud_quad_order                        "5"
hud_ring_order                        "2"
hud_score_difference_order            "2"
hud_score_enemy_order                 "1"
hud_score_position_order              "3"
hud_sigil2_order                      "1"
hud_sigil3_order                      "2"
hud_sigil4_order                      "3"
hud_suit_order                        "4"

//Player Settings
ruleset                               "smackdown"
b_switch                              "1"
w_switch                              "1"
bottomcolor                           "12"
topcolor                              "0"
name                                  "andeh:sd^T^V"
rate                                  "50000"
team                                  "^=sd^="

//Teamplay Communications
tp_weapon_order                       "78564321"

//Skin Settings
teamskin                              "red"
enemyskin                             "2_green"

//Console Settings
con_notifylines                       "6"
con_notifytime                        "4"
scr_conalpha                          "0.5"
scr_consize                           "0.533333"
scr_conspeed                          "99999999999999999999999"

//FPS and EyeCandy Settings
cl_deadbodyFilter                     "2"
cl_fakeshaft                          "1"
cl_maxfps                             "1155"
cl_muzzleflash                        "0"
cl_r2g                                "1"
r_drawflame                           "0"
r_explosionLight                      "0"
r_powerupGlow                         "2"
r_rocketLight                         "0"
r_rocketTrail                         "6"
r_shaftalpha                          "0.7"

//Particle Effects
gl_part_trails                        "1"

gl_fb_models                          "red"

//Turbulency and Sky Settings
gl_caustics                           "1"
r_fastsky                             "1"
r_lavacolor                           "25 25 25"
r_skycolor                            "0"
r_telecolor                           "0 0 0"

//Weapon View Model Settings
r_drawviewmodel                       "0"

//Texture Settings
gl_textureless                        "1"
gl_texturemode2d                      "GL_NEAREST"

//System Settings
sys_disableWinKeys                    "1"
sys_yieldcpu                          "1"

//Video Settings
vid_conheight                         "360"
vid_conscale                          "2"
vid_displayfrequency                  "144"

//Sound Settings
bgmvolume                             "1.0"
s_khz                                 "44"
volume                                "0.03"

//Input - Keyboard
cl_backspeed                          "320"
cl_forwardspeed                       "320"
cl_pitchspeed                         "20000000"

//Input - Misc
lookspring                            "0.000000"
sensitivity                           "5"

//Status Bar and Scoreboard
scr_drawHFrags                        "2"

//Crosshair Settings
crosshaircolor                        "255 255 0"

//Screen Settings
cl_gameclock                          "4"
gl_gamma                              "0.3"
scr_menualpha                         "0.8"
scr_teaminfo                          "0"
show_fps                              "1"

//Screen & Powerup Blends
v_contentblend                        "0.000000"
v_damagecshift                        "0"
v_pentcshift                          "0"
v_quadcshift                          "0.1"
v_ringcshift                          "0"

//View Settings
default_fov                           "110.569992"
fov                                   "110.569992"
v_kickpitch                           "0"
v_kickroll                            "0"
v_kicktime                            "0"

//Match Tools
match_auto_logconsole                 "2"
match_auto_sshot                      "1"

//Demo Handling
demo_capture_codec                    "XVID"
qizmo_dir                             "D:\Spel\QUAKE\QIZMO"

//Screenshot Settings
sshot_format                          "jpg"

//Item Names
tp_name_rl                            "{&cf60rl&cfff}"
tp_name_lg                            "{&cf60lg&cfff}"
tp_name_armortype_ga                  "{&c693g&cfff}"
tp_name_armortype_ya                  "{&c991y&cfff}"
tp_name_armortype_ra                  "{&c931r&cfff}"
tp_name_mh                            "{&c0ffmega&cfff}"
tp_name_someplace                     " "

//Item Need Amounts
tp_need_ya                            "60"
tp_need_ra                            "70"
tp_need_rockets                       "6"

//Unsorted Variables
fraglimit                             "50"
hostname                              "Frogbot Clan Arena"
maxclients                            "8"
samelevel                             "8393473"
teamplay                              ""
timelimit                             "10"
watervis                              ""

//User Created Variables
set _blue                            "$B$B"
set _green                           "$G$G"
set _red                             "$R$R"
set _space                           ""
set _yellow                          "$Y$Y"
set loc_name_ga                      "ga"
set loc_name_mh                      "mega"
set loc_name_ra                      "ra"
set loc_name_separator               "-"
set loc_name_ya                      "ya"
set nick                             "{&cd37and:&cfff}"
set randomsay_count                  "10"
set randomsay_try                    "4"
set randomsay_value                  "3.77056"

//                                                                                                //
//                                S E L E C T E D   S O U R C E S                                 //
//                                                                                                //

sb_sourcemark "Global"

//                                                                                                //
//                                         A L I A S E S                                          //
//                                                                                                //

alias +fire1                          "weapon 1; +attack"
alias -fire1                          "-attack; weapon 2"
alias +fire2                          "weapon 2; +attack"
alias -fire2                          "-attack; weapon 2"
alias +fire3                          "weapon 3 2; +attack"
alias -fire3                          "-attack; weapon 2"
alias +fire5                          "weapon 5 4 3 2; +attack"
alias -fire5                          "-attack; weapon 2"
alias +fire6                          "weapon 6 3 2; +attack"
alias -fire6                          "-attack; weapon 2"
alias +fire7                          "weapon 7 5 3 2; +attack"
alias -fire7                          "-attack; weapon 2"
alias +fire8                          "weapon 8 3 2; +attack"
alias -fire8                          "-attack; weapon 2"
alias +gl                             "impulse 6; +attack"
alias -gl                             "-attack"
alias +lg                             "impulse 8;+attack"
alias -lg                             "-attack"
alias +rl                             "impulse 7 5 3 2; +attack"
alias -rl                             "-attack"
alias +sg                             "impulse 2; +attack"
alias -sg                             "-attack"
alias +sng                            "impulse 5 4; +attack"
alias -sng                            "-attack"
alias +ssg                            "impulse 3 2; +attack"
alias -ssg                            "-attack"

alias .msg.coming                     "say_team $\$nick coming {%l}"
alias .msg.dm2.slipped                "say_team $\      {&cf2aenemy slipped&cfff} {tele}"
alias .msg.dm2.trickjump              "say_team $\      {&cf2aquad jump&cfff} {%l}"
alias .msg.dm3.diss                   "say_team $\      {&cf2adiss warning&cfff} {%l}"
alias .msg.dm3.tunnel                 "say_team $\      {&cf2aenemy going&cfff} {ra-tunnel}"
alias .msg.e1m2.spikes                "say_team $\      {&cf2aenemy going&cfff} {spikes}"
alias .msg.enemy.powerup              "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy %q"
alias .msg.getpent                    "say_team $\$nick get $tp_name_pent"
alias .msg.getquad                    "say_team $\$nick get $tp_name_quad"
alias                       "say_team $\$nick {&cff0help&cfff} {%l}"
alias              "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me [&cfff}{%l}{&cf2a]&cfff} {&c2aac&cfff}:{$cells}"
alias                 "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me [&cfff}{%l}{&cf2a]&cfff} $tp_name_lg:{$cells}"
alias             "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me [&cfff}{%l}{&cf2a]&cfff} $tp_name_lg:{$cells} {&cf13r&cfff}:{$rockets}"
alias                 "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me [&cfff}{%l}{&cf2a]&cfff} $tp_name_rl:{$rockets}"
alias           "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me [&cfff}{%l}{&cf2a]&cfff} $tp_name_rl:{$rockets} {&c2aac&cfff}:{$cells}"
alias              "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me [&cfff}{%l}{&cf2a]&cfff} $tp_name_rl:{$rockets} $tp_name_lg:{$cells}"
alias                "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me [&cfff}{%l}{&cf2a]&cfff} {&cf13r&cfff}:{$rockets}"
alias          "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me [&cfff}{%l}{&cf2a]&cfff} {&cf13r&cfff}:{$rockets} {&c2aac&cfff}:{$cells}"
alias .msg.lost                       "say_team $\$nick {&cf00lost&cfff} {%d} {%E}"
alias .msg.lost.pack                  "say_team $\$nick {&cf00dropped&cfff} $weapon {%d} {%E}"
alias .msg.need                       "say_team $\$nick need %u {%l}"
alias .msg.point                      "say_team $\$nick %x at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.eyes                 "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cff0eyes&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.eyes.pented          "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cf00pent&cfff} {&cff0eyes&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.eyes.quaded          "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&c05fquad&cfff} {&cff0eyes&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.eyes.quaded.pented   "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cf00pent&cfff} {&c05fquad&cfff} {&cff0eyes&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.pented               "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cf00pent&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.quaded               "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&c05fquad&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.quaded.pented        "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cf00pent&cfff} {&c05fquad&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.quadover                   "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_quad over"
alias .msg.replace                    "say_team $\$nick replace {%l}"
alias .msg.rlkilled                   "say_team $\    rl killed! $[{%l}$]"
alias                       "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0safe&cfff} {%l}"
alias .msg.soon                       "say_team $\$nick soon $[{%l}$]"
alias .msg.status.nada                "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} {%l} $powerups"
alias              "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $bestweapon {%l} $powerups"
alias        "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $bestweapon {%l} c:$cells $powerups"
alias           "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_lg{&cf60:$cells&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias       "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_lg{&cf60:$cells&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias           "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_rl{&cf60:$rockets&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias     "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_rl{&cf60:$rockets&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias        "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_rl{&cf60:$rockets&cfff} $tp_name_lg{&cf60:$cells&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias          "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $bestweapon {%l} r:$rockets $powerups"
alias    "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $bestweapon {%l} r:$rockets c:$cells $powerups"
alias               "say_team $\$nick %p"
alias          "say_team $\$nick %p {%l} need %u "
alias .msg.took                       "say_team $\$nick took $took $[{%Y}$]"
alias .msg.took.powerup               "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0team&cfff} %p; say_team $\$nick {&c0b0team&cfff} %p"
alias __attack_lost_pos               "say_team $\    {&cf00attack&cfff} $[{%d}$] %E"
alias __awaits                        "say_team $\$nick awaits $[{%l}$]"
alias __coming                        "if ('$health' < '1') then __lost else .msg.coming"
alias __dm2                           "if ('$location' = 'quad-low') then .msg.dm2.trickjump else .msg.dm2.slipped"
alias __dm3                           "if ('$location' = 'water') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'water-lg') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'water-gl') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'water-rox') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'water-tunnel') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'pent') then .msg.dm3.diss else .msg.dm3.tunnel"
alias __e1m2                          ".msg.e1m2.spikes"
alias __enemy_powerup                 ".msg.enemy.powerup"
alias __getpent                       ".msg.getpent"
alias __getquad                       ".msg.getquad"
alias __help                          "if ('$health' < '1') then __lost else"
alias __lost                          "if ('$weapon' = '$tp_name_rl') then .msg.lost.pack else if ('$weapon' = '$tp_name_lg') then .msg.lost.pack else .msg.lost"
alias __mypack                        "say_team $\$nick {&cf00dropped&cfff} {&cf2apack&cfff} {%d} {%E}"
alias __need_check                    "if ('$need' == '$tp_name_nothing') then else .msg.need"
alias __need_team_powerup             "if ('$powerups' == '') then __need_check else __need_team_powerup_check"
alias __need_team_powerup_check       "if ('$need' == '$tp_name_nothing') then else"
alias __point                         "if ('$tp_name_nothing' isin '$point') then else if ('$ledpoint' = '$tp_name_status_green') then else if ('$ledpoint') = '$tp_name_status_red') then __point_powerup else .msg.point"
alias __point_eyes                    "if ('$tp_name_quaded' isin '$point') then __point_eyes_quaded else if ('$tp_name_pented') isin '$point') then .msg.point_eyes_pented else .msg.point.eyes"
alias __point_eyes_quaded             "if ('$tp_name_pented' isin '$point') then .msg.point.eyes.quad.pented else .msg.point.eyes.quaded"
alias __point_powerup                 "if ('$tp_name_eyes' isin '$point') then __point_eyes else if ('$tp_name_quaded' isin '$point') then __point_quaded else if ('$tp_name_pented' isin '$point') then .msg.point.pented else .msg.point"
alias __point_quaded                  "if ('$tp_name_pented' isin '$point') then .msg.point.quaded.pented else .msg.point.quaded"
alias __quadover                      ".msg.quadover"
alias __replace                       "if ('$health' < '1') then __lost else .msg.replace"
alias __rlkilled                      ".msg.rlkilled"
alias __safe                          "if ('$health' < '1') then __lost else"
alias __slipped                       "if ('$mapname' = 'dm2') then __dm2 else if ('$mapname' = 'dm3') then __dm3 else if ('$mapname' = 'e1m2') then __e1m2"
alias __soon                          ".msg.soon"
alias __status_report                 "if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_lg') then __status_report_lg_check else if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_rl') then __status_report_rl_check else __status_report_normal"
alias __status_report_lg_check        "if ('$rockets' > '0') then else"
alias __status_report_normal          "if ('$cells' > '0') then __status_report_normal_check else if ('$rockets' > '0') then else if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_sg') then .msg.status.nada else"
alias __status_report_normal_check    "if ('$rockets' > '0') then else"
alias __status_report_rl_check        "if ('$tp_name_lg' isin '$weapons') then else if ('$cells' > '0') then else"
alias __took                          "if ('$took' == '$tp_name_nothing') then else if ('$took' isin '$tp_name_pent $tp_name_quad $tp_name_ring') then .msg.took.powerup else .msg.took"
alias __youtake                       "say_team $\$nick you take $[{%l}$]"
alias bot_1on1                        "exec configs/fb_1on1.cfg"
alias bot_2on2                        "exec configs/fb_2on2.cfg;team blue;color 13"
alias bot_4on4                        "exec configs/fb_4on4.cfg;team blue;color 13"
alias bot_arena                       "exec configs/fb_arena.cfg"
alias bot_carena                      "exec configs/fb_ca.cfg"
alias bot_ffa                         "exec configs/fb_ffa.cfg"
alias bps1                            "say oj, har vare livat! (c) bps"
alias bps2                            "say kann ingen press, men du maste vinna (c) bps"
alias bps3                            "say jag har fatt en mygga eller nagot i ogat, det ar darfor (c) bps"
alias bps4                            "say molle roer ju sig som nan programledare fran antikrundan eller nat (c) bps"
alias bps5                            "say Vax upp nan gang din javla smastadsidiot (c) bps"
alias bps6                            "say NOOB (c) bps"
alias bps7                            "say du vander dig och satter tva klockor i motvind, och du havdar att du inte kor med hacks? (c) bps"
alias bps8                            "say parkeringshuslodis (c) bps"
alias draftbps                        "team ^p; color 1 3"
alias feffe1                          "say HAR DET FUNNITS EN JAVLA HISS?!?! (c) feffe"
alias feffe2                          "say jag ar sa dalig att jag bara reportar LOST (c) feffe"
alias lakso1                          "say just need to hit a seven (c) lakso"
alias locke1                          "say EN...TVA...TRE...FYRA...FEM... HAHAHA SKA JAG FORTSATTA ELLER?! (c) LocKtar"
alias locke2                          "say Morvis is suffering from early ejaculation (c) LocKtar"
alias mawe1                           "say men jag tankar po konkelbaer nar jag hor dinglarn (c)mawe"
alias on_enter                        "say follow:"
alias pg1                             "connect"
alias pg2                             "connect"
alias pg3                             "connect"
alias qw1                             "connect"
alias qw2                             "connect"
alias qw3                             "connect"
alias randomsay                       "randomsay_roll;set randomsay_try 1;randomsay_pick"
alias randomsay_1                     "say {&c009=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_10                    "say {&c090=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_2                     "say {&c900=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_3                     "say {&c192=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_4                     "say {&c000=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_5                     "say {&c279=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_6                     "say {&c111=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_7                     "say {&c979=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_8                     "say {&c999=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_9                     "say {&c911=&r}{&c900)&r}"
alias randomsay_pick                  "if ( $randomsay_try > $randomsay_value ) then randomsay_$randomsay_try else randomsay_picknext"
alias randomsay_picknext              "inc randomsay_try 1;randomsay_pick"
alias randomsay_roll                  "set_eval randomsay_value $rand*$randomsay_count"
alias rst1                            "say jag ar sa fruktansvart sugen po en kopp te och lite yoga (c) rst"
alias tp1                             "connect"
alias tp2                             "connect"
alias tp3                             "connect"
alias trash1                          "say jag kan val inte ra for att tp-kabeln aker ut? (c) trash"
alias trash2                          "say Varfor star det medelalder 20,14? Det finns ju bara 12 manader pa ett ar? (c) trash"
alias trygve1                         "say jevla whiskey (c) trygve"

//                                                                                                //
//                                       Q W 2 6 2   H U D                                        //
//                                                                                                //

//                                                                                                //
//                               T E A M P L A Y   C O M M A N D S                                //
//                                                                                                //

tp_pickup    powerups weapons armor mh pack cells rockets 
tp_took      powerups weapons armor mh pack cells rockets 
tp_point     powerups weapons armor players mh pack cells rockets 

filter       clear

//                                                                                                //
//                          M I S C E L L A N E O U S   C O M M A N D S                           //
//                                                                                                //

mapgroup clear

skygroup clear

floodprot 4 4 10


//                                                                                                //
//                                   P L U S   C O M M A N D S                                    //
//                                                                                                //


//                                                                                                //
//                                    K E Y   B I N D I N G S                                     //
//                                                                                                //

bind  TAB           "+showscores"
bind  ENTER         "say proxy:menu select"
bind  ESCAPE        "togglemenu"
bind  SPACE         "+gl"
bind  '             "__awaits"
bind  +             "gamma 0.4"
bind  ,             "say =)"
bind  -             "sizedown"
bind  .             "say =("
bind  /             "say <3"
bind  0             "gamma 0.4"
bind  1             "bind mouse1 +fire1"
bind  2             "bind mouse1 +fire2"
bind  3             "__status_report"
bind  4             "__lost"
bind  5             "__youtake"
bind  6             "shownick; __point"
bind  7             "impulse 7"
bind  8             "setinfo wswfix 1"
bind  9             "gamma 0.3"
bind  =             "sizeup"
bind  \             "+mlook"
bind  `             "toggleconsole"
bind  a             "+moveleft"
bind  b             "say_team $\    status ra / ya?"
bind  c             "__took"
bind  d             "+moveright"
bind  e             "bind mouse1 +fire3"
bind  f             "bind mouse1 +fire5"
bind  g             "__attack_lost_pos"
bind  h             "klist"
bind  i             "__rlkilled"
bind  j             "__getquad"
bind  k             "__getpent"
bind  l             "__lost"
bind  m             "say_team $\    {&cf50report&cfff}"
bind  n             "__need_team_powerup"
bind  o             "say malsokande missiler typ.(c)andeh, 2-gate zealots? va saru? (c)bps"
bind  p             "say sa javla latt! blir fan morkradd (c) bps"
bind  q             "bind mouse1 +fire6"
bind  r             "__safe"
bind  s             "+back"
bind  t             "messagemode"
bind  u             "attack_lost_pos"
bind  v             "__coming"
bind  w             "+forward"
bind  x             "__took"
bind  y             "messagemode2"
bind  z             "__help"
bind  ~             "toggleconsole"
bind  BACKSPACE     "say proxy:menu back"
bind  CAPSLOCK      "shownick"
bind  PAUSE         "say proxy:menu"
bind  UPARROW       "say proxy:menu up"
bind  DOWNARROW     "say proxy:menu down"
bind  LEFTARROW     "say proxy:menu left"
bind  RIGHTARROW    "say proxy:menu right"
bind  ALT           "+strafe"
bind  CTRL          "+attack"
bind  SHIFT         "bind mouse1 +fire7"
bind  F1            "__slipped"
bind  F2            "__slipped"
bind  F3            "__slipped"
bind  F4            "__quadover"
bind  F5            "__replace"
bind  F6            "echo Quicksaving...; wait; save quick"
bind  F9            "echo Quickloading...; wait; load quick"
bind  F10           "quit"
bind  F11           "zoom_in"
bind  F12           "screenshot"
bind  INS           "__enemy_powerup"
bind  DEL           "say proxy:menu delete"
bind  PGDN          "say proxy:menu pgdn"
bind  PGUP          "say proxy:menu pgup"
bind  HOME          "say proxy:menu home"
bind  END           "say proxy:menu end"
bind  MOUSE1        "+fire2"
bind  MOUSE2        "+jump"
bind  MOUSE3        "+lg"
bind  MOUSE4        "bind mouse1 +fire8"
bind  MOUSE5        "toggleready"
bind  MWHEELUP      "bind mouse1 +fire8"
bind  MWHEELDOWN    "randomsay"
2021-02-19, 08:03
is it supposed to be vid_conwidth 320 and vid_conheight 360? Its no value for vid_conwidth in cfg so it use defult 320, which makes it super stretched.
2021-05-02, 03:40
#1 For some reason mine is set to vid_conwidth 0 and it's not stretched at all. I'm not sure why that is really... can't really answer that.

Mind you this is a super old config and I don't really recommend using it, perhaps there are things or binds in there that could be of use but the config as a whole is terrible. It was uploaded per request on the stream.

There are configs out there that are optimized for fps and stuff that I would recommend, and then perhaps steal something from this one if you find something interesting. I just haven't updated mine because it's just been there forever, kinda.
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