I might aswell upload it, faster than mailing it everywhere.
Added by: cara
Added date: 2016-03-29
Type: Play
Engine: ezQuake OpenGL
///                                                                                              ///
///                                                                                              ///
///                          E Z Q U A K E   C O N F I G U R A T I O N                           ///
///                                                                                              ///
///                                                                                              ///

// carapace's config

// ezQuake 3.0 alpha r4733~d1fddd1 Dec 18 2015, 03:01:40
//  ezquake-gl.exe

//                                                                                                //
//                                       V A R I A B L E S                                        //
//                                                                                                //

//Only variables with non-default values are listed below.
//You can use "cfg_save_unchanged 1" to save all variables.

menu_advanced                        "1"
menu_marked_bgcolor                  "255 120 0 200"
menu_marked_fade                     "0"

hud_ammo1_align                      "center"
hud_ammo1_align_x                    "center"
hud_ammo1_align_y                    "center"
hud_ammo1_frame_color                ""
hud_ammo1_order                      "46"
hud_ammo1_place                      ""
hud_ammo1_pos_x                      "254"
hud_ammo1_pos_y                      "-60"
hud_ammo1_scale                      "0.5"
hud_ammo1_show                       "1"
hud_ammo2_align                      "center"
hud_ammo2_align_x                    "center"
hud_ammo2_align_y                    "center"
hud_ammo2_frame_color                ""
hud_ammo2_order                      "47"
hud_ammo2_place                      ""
hud_ammo2_pos_x                      "254"
hud_ammo2_pos_y                      "-26"
hud_ammo2_scale                      "0.5"
hud_ammo2_show                       "1"
hud_ammo3_align                      "center"
hud_ammo3_align_x                    "center"
hud_ammo3_align_y                    "center"
hud_ammo3_frame_color                ""
hud_ammo3_order                      "48"
hud_ammo3_place                      ""
hud_ammo3_pos_x                      "254"
hud_ammo3_pos_y                      "42"
hud_ammo3_scale                      "0.5"
hud_ammo3_show                       "1"
hud_ammo4_align                      "center"
hud_ammo4_align_x                    "center"
hud_ammo4_align_y                    "center"
hud_ammo4_frame_color                ""
hud_ammo4_order                      "52"
hud_ammo4_place                      ""
hud_ammo4_pos_x                      "254"
hud_ammo4_pos_y                      "76"
hud_ammo4_scale                      "0.51"
hud_ammo4_show                       "1"
hud_ammo_align                       "center"
hud_ammo_align_x                     "center"
hud_ammo_order                       "20001"
hud_ammo_place                       "group4"
hud_ammo_pos_x                       "0"
hud_ammo_show                        "0"
hud_armor_align                      "center"
hud_armor_align_x                    "center"
hud_armor_item_opacity               ".99"
hud_armor_order                      "1456"
hud_armor_place                      "iarmor"
hud_armor_pos_x                      "0"
hud_armordamage_order                "1457"
hud_bar_armor_align_x                "before"
hud_bar_armor_color_unnatural        "128 128 128 128"
hud_bar_armor_height                 "20"
hud_bar_armor_order                  "1409"
hud_bar_armor_place                  ""
hud_bar_armor_pos_x                  "185"
hud_bar_armor_pos_y                  "146"
hud_bar_armor_width                  "121"
hud_bar_health_align_x               "before"
hud_bar_health_height                "20"
hud_bar_health_order                 "102"
hud_bar_health_place                 "0"
hud_bar_health_pos_x                 "497"
hud_bar_health_pos_y                 "146"
hud_bar_health_width                 "121"
hud_clock_align_x                    ""
hud_clock_align_y                    ""
hud_clock_big                        "0"
hud_clock_blink                      "0"
hud_clock_format                     "3"
hud_clock_place                      ""
hud_clock_pos_x                      "519"
hud_clock_pos_y                      "341"
hud_clock_style                      "1"
hud_democlock_show                   "0"
hud_face_align_y                     "center"
hud_face_item_opacity                "0.4"
hud_face_order                       "100"
hud_face_place                       "center"
hud_face_pos_y                       "151"
hud_face_scale                       "2.5"
hud_fps_align_y                      "center"
hud_fps_order                        "102"
hud_fps_place                        "clock"
hud_fps_pos_x                        "-8"
hud_fps_pos_y                        "-8"
hud_fps_style                        "1"
hud_gameclock_align_x                "center"
hud_gameclock_align_y                "center"
hud_gameclock_blink                  "0"
hud_gameclock_countdown              "1"
hud_gameclock_order                  "101"
hud_gameclock_place                  "group4"
hud_gameclock_scale                  "0.5"
hud_group1_align_x                   "before"
hud_group1_align_y                   "center"
hud_group1_frame                     "0.6"
hud_group1_height                    "28"
hud_group1_order                     "4"
hud_group1_place                     ""
hud_group1_pos_x                     "184"
hud_group1_pos_y                     "-68"
hud_group1_width                     "159"
hud_group2_align_y                   "bottom"
hud_group2_frame                     "0.7"
hud_group2_height                    "28"
hud_group2_order                     "3"
hud_group2_place                     ""
hud_group2_pos_x                     "-40"
hud_group2_pos_y                     "-114"
hud_group2_width                     "159"
hud_group3_align_x                   "after"
hud_group3_align_y                   "center"
hud_group3_frame                     "0.7"
hud_group3_height                    "34"
hud_group3_order                     "4"
hud_group3_place                     ""
hud_group3_pos_x                     "-560"
hud_group3_pos_y                     "146"
hud_group3_width                     "560"
hud_group4_align_x                   "right"
hud_group4_frame                     "0"
hud_group4_frame_color               "128 128 128"
hud_group4_height                    "61"
hud_group4_item_opacity              "0.15"
hud_group4_order                     "100"
hud_group4_pic_scalemode             "2"
hud_group4_picture                   "clock"
hud_group4_place                     ""
hud_group4_pos_x                     "-106"
hud_group4_pos_y                     "152"
hud_group4_show                      "1"
hud_group4_width                     "60"
hud_group5_align_x                   "before"
hud_group5_frame                     "0"
hud_group5_height                    "15"
hud_group5_item_opacity              "0.7"
hud_group5_order                     "9"
hud_group5_pic_scalemode             "2"
hud_group5_picture                   "frags"
hud_group5_place                     ""
hud_group5_pos_x                     "24"
hud_group5_pos_y                     "151"
hud_group5_show                      "1"
hud_group5_width                     "15"
hud_group6_frame                     "0.4"
hud_group6_height                    "8"
hud_group6_item_opacity              "0.5"
hud_group6_place                     ""
hud_group6_pos_x                     "3"
hud_group6_pos_y                     "151"
hud_group6_show                      "1"
hud_group6_width                     "565"
hud_group7_height                    "350"
hud_group7_order                     "47"
hud_group7_place                     "ammo1"
hud_group7_pos_x                     "15"
hud_group7_pos_y                     "229"
hud_group7_width                     "9"
hud_group8_frame                     ".1"
hud_group8_frame_color               "255 0 0"
hud_group8_height                    "-14"
hud_group8_place                     ""
hud_group8_pos_x                     "19"
hud_group8_pos_y                     "-173"
hud_group8_width                     "30"
hud_group9_frame                     ".1"
hud_group9_frame_color               "255 0 0"
hud_group9_height                    "-14"
hud_group9_pos_x                     "-284"
hud_group9_pos_y                     "-173"
hud_group9_width                     "30"
hud_gun2_align_x                     "center"
hud_gun2_order                       "11"
hud_gun2_place                       "screen"
hud_gun2_pos_x                       "-100"
hud_gun2_pos_y                       "-30"
hud_gun2_scale                       "1.5"
hud_gun2_show                        "0"
hud_gun2_style                       "9"
hud_gun3_align_x                     "center"
hud_gun3_align_y                     "bottom"
hud_gun3_item_opacity                "0.7"
hud_gun3_order                       "12"
hud_gun3_place                       "screen"
hud_gun3_pos_x                       "254"
hud_gun3_pos_y                       "-218"
hud_gun3_scale                       "2.125"
hud_gun3_style                       "9"
hud_gun4_align_x                     "center"
hud_gun4_align_y                     "right"
hud_gun4_order                       "13"
hud_gun4_pos_x                       "30"
hud_gun4_scale                       "1.5"
hud_gun4_show                        "0"
hud_gun4_style                       "9"
hud_gun5_align_x                     "center"
hud_gun5_align_y                     "right"
hud_gun5_item_opacity                "0.7"
hud_gun5_order                       "14"
hud_gun5_place                       "gun3"
hud_gun5_pos_y                       "34"
hud_gun5_scale                       "2.13"
hud_gun5_style                       "9"
hud_gun6_align_x                     "center"
hud_gun6_align_y                     "right"
hud_gun6_item_opacity                "0.50"
hud_gun6_order                       "15"
hud_gun6_pos_y                       "34"
hud_gun6_scale                       "2.125"
hud_gun6_style                       "9"
hud_gun7_align_x                     "center"
hud_gun7_align_y                     "right"
hud_gun7_item_opacity                "0.7"
hud_gun7_order                       "16"
hud_gun7_pos_y                       "34"
hud_gun7_scale                       "2.13"
hud_gun7_style                       "9"
hud_gun8_align_x                     "center"
hud_gun8_align_y                     "right"
hud_gun8_item_opacity                "0.7"
hud_gun8_order                       "17"
hud_gun8_pos_y                       "34"
hud_gun8_scale                       "2.125"
hud_gun8_style                       "9"
hud_gun_align_x                      "right"
hud_gun_align_y                      "center"
hud_gun_order                        "6"
hud_gun_place                        "group3"
hud_gun_pos_x                        "8"
hud_gun_scale                        "2"
hud_health_align                     "center"
hud_health_align_x                   "center"
hud_health_order                     "101"
hud_health_style                     "2"
hud_healthdamage_order               "1001"
hud_iammo1_pos_x                     "245"
hud_iammo1_pos_y                     "-160"
hud_iammo1_style                     "0"
hud_iammo2_order                     "1"
hud_iammo3_order                     "2"
hud_iammo4_order                     "3"
hud_iammo_order                      "20002"
hud_iammo_show                       "0"
hud_iarmor_align_x                   "right"
hud_iarmor_item_opacity              "0.4"
hud_iarmor_order                     "1455"
hud_iarmor_place                     "face"
hud_iarmor_pos_x                     "-93"
hud_iarmor_scale                     "2.5"
hud_itemsclock_pos_x                 "-480"
hud_itemsclock_show                  "1"
hud_itemsclock_style                 "3"
hud_itemsclock_timelimit             "15"
hud_key1_show                        "0"
hud_key2_order                       "1"
hud_key2_show                        "0"
hud_netgraph_pos_x                   "304"
hud_netgraph_pos_y                   "-286"
hud_netproblem_show                  "0"
hud_notify_cols                      "50"
hud_notify_pos_x                     "2"
hud_notify_pos_y                     "2"
hud_notify_rows                      "5"
hud_notify_time                      "10"
hud_ownfrags_frame                   "0"
hud_ownfrags_pos_y                   "75"
hud_ownfrags_scale                   "1"
hud_ownfrags_show                    "0"
hud_pent_align_x                     "center"
hud_pent_align_y                     "before"
hud_pent_order                       "77"
hud_pent_place                       "quad"
hud_pent_scale                       "1.5"
hud_pent_show                        "0"
hud_ping_align_x                     "right"
hud_ping_align_y                     "top"
hud_ping_blink                       "0"
hud_ping_order                       "103"
hud_ping_place                       "fps"
hud_ping_pos_y                       "-8"
hud_ping_show                        "1"
hud_ping_show_pl                     "0"
hud_ping_style                       "3"
hud_quad_align_x                     "right"
hud_quad_align_y                     "center"
hud_quad_order                       "76"
hud_quad_place                       "screen"
hud_quad_scale                       "1.5"
hud_quad_show                        "0"
hud_ring_align_x                     "center"
hud_ring_order                       "77"
hud_ring_place                       "quad"
hud_ring_scale                       "1.5"
hud_ring_show                        "0"
hud_score_bar_order                  "10"
hud_score_difference_frame           "0"
hud_score_difference_item_opacity    ".79"
hud_score_difference_order           "1002"
hud_score_difference_place           "group5"
hud_score_difference_pos_y           "2"
hud_score_difference_scale           "0.80"
hud_score_difference_show            "1"
hud_score_enemy_align_x              "center"
hud_score_enemy_align_y              "before"
hud_score_enemy_digits               "3"
hud_score_enemy_frame                "0.4"
hud_score_enemy_frame_color          "200 50 50"
hud_score_enemy_order                "1001"
hud_score_enemy_pos_y                "42"
hud_score_enemy_scale                "0.5"
hud_score_enemy_show                 "1"
hud_score_enemy_style                "2"
hud_score_position_order             "1003"
hud_score_team_align_x               "right"
hud_score_team_digits                "3"
hud_score_team_frame                 "0.4"
hud_score_team_frame_color           "200 200 50"
hud_score_team_order                 "1000"
hud_score_team_place                 "center"
hud_score_team_pos_x                 "-278"
hud_score_team_pos_y                 "-111"
hud_score_team_scale                 "0.5"
hud_score_team_style                 "2"
hud_sigil2_order                     "1"
hud_sigil3_order                     "2"
hud_sigil4_order                     "3"
hud_speed2_color_stopped             "230"
hud_speed2_frame_color               "10 10 10"
hud_speed2_pos_x                     "1"
hud_speed2_pos_y                     "-49"
hud_speed_align_y                    "center"
hud_speed_frame                      "2"
hud_speed_height                     "20"
hud_speed_item_opacity               "0"
hud_speed_order                      "3"
hud_speed_place                      "screen"
hud_speed_pos_x                      "-216"
hud_speed_pos_y                      "-103"
hud_speed_style                      "2"
hud_speed_text_align                 "3"
hud_speed_width                      "61"
hud_suit_align_x                     "center"
hud_suit_order                       "78"
hud_suit_place                       "ring"
hud_suit_scale                       "1.5"
hud_teamfrags_show                   "0"
hud_teaminfo_frame                   "0"
hud_teaminfo_pos_x                   "-3"
hud_teaminfo_pos_y                   "-144"
hud_teaminfo_scale                   "0.7"
hud_teaminfo_show_enemies            "1"
hud_tracking_format                  "%t %n"
hud_tracking_order                   "97"
hud_tracking_place                   "crosshair"
hud_tracking_pos_x                   "1"
hud_tracking_pos_y                   "68"
hud_tracking_scale                   "1.3"

//Player Settings
ruleset                              "smackdown"
b_switch                             "2"
w_switch                             "2"
bottomcolor                          "13"
topcolor                             "13"
name                                 "carapace"
rate                                 "30000"
team                                 "blue"

//Teamplay Communications
tp_weapon_order                      "78653241"

//Skin Settings
teamskin                             "razor"
noskins                              "2"
r_enemyskincolor                     "0 255 0"

//Console Settings
con_notifylines                      "5"
con_notifytime                       "10"
scr_conalpha                         "0.4"
scr_consize                          "0.77"
scr_conspeed                         "10000"

//Chat Settings
allow_f_system                       "0"
cl_fakename_suffix                   ""
cl_fp_messages                       "5"
cl_fp_persecond                      "5"
ignore_flood_duration                "10"

//FPS and EyeCandy Settings
cl_deadbodyFilter                    "2"
cl_fakeshaft                         "1"
cl_gibFilter                         "1"
cl_maxfps                            "1001"
cl_model_bobbing                     "0"
cl_muzzleflash                       "0"
cl_physfps                           "77"
cl_r2g                               "1"
gl_powerupshells_size                "10"
gl_simpleitems                       "1"
r_drawflame                          "0"
r_explosionLight                     "0"
r_explosionType                      "4"
r_grenadeTrail                       "7"
r_lerpmuzzlehack                     "0"
r_lightflicker                       "0"
r_powerupGlow                        "2"
r_rocketLight                        "0"
r_rocketTrail                        "7"

//Particle Effects
gl_bounceparticles                   "0"
gl_clipparticles                     "0"
gl_part_tracer1_color                "255 255 255"
gl_part_trails                       "1"
gl_particle_blood_color              "0"
gl_particle_blood_type               "0"
gl_particle_explosions               "1"
gl_particle_gunshots_type            "0"
gl_particle_spikes_type              "0"
gl_particle_trail_detail             "0"
gl_particle_trail_lenght             "0"
gl_particle_trail_time               "0"
gl_particle_trail_type               "0"
gl_particle_trail_width              "0"

gl_loadlitfiles                      "0"
gl_shaftlight                        "0"

//Turbulency and Sky Settings
gl_fogend                            "0"
gl_fogstart                          "0"
r_fastsky                            "1"
r_fastturb                           "1"
r_lavacolor                          "1 1 1"
r_skycolor                           "0 50 110"
r_telecolor                          "5 5 5"
r_watercolor                         "0 10 20"

//Weapon View Model Settings
cl_bobcycle                          "0"
cl_bobup                             "0"
r_drawviewmodel                      "0"

//Texture Settings
gl_lerpimages                        "0"
gl_lumaTextures                      "0"
gl_playermip                         "5"
gl_scaleModelTextures                "1"
gl_scaleTurbTextures                 "0"
gl_subdivide_size                    "128"
gl_texturemode                       "gl_linear_mipmap_linear"
gl_texturemode2d                     "gl_linear_mipmap_linear"
r_floorcolor                         "25 25 25"
r_wallcolor                          "80 30 10"

//Config Management
cfg_backup                           "1"
cfg_legacy_exec                      "0"
cfg_save_sysinfo                     "1"

//OpenGL Rendering
gl_clear                             "1"
gl_inferno_speed                     "0"
gl_inferno_trail                     "0"
gl_lightning_size                    "0"
gl_smoothmodels                      "0"
gl_triplebuffer                      "0"

//System Settings
sys_yieldcpu                         "1"

//Video Settings
vid_conheight                        "350"
vid_conscale                         "2"
vid_conwidth                         "560"
vid_displayfrequency                 "144"
vid_height                           "1050"
vid_usedesktopres                    "0"
vid_width                            "1680"
vid_xpos                             "200"
vid_ypos                             "0"

//Sound Settings
bgmvolume                            "1.0"
cl_staticSounds                      "0"
s_ambientfade                        "0"
s_ambientlevel                       "0"
s_khz                                "44"
volume                               "0.06"

//Input - Keyboard
cl_backspeed                         "450"
cl_forwardspeed                      "450"
cl_movespeedkey                      "1"
cl_sidespeed                         "450"
cl_upspeed                           "1500"

//Input - Misc
sensitivity                          "9"

//Network Settings
cl_c2sImpulseBackup                  "0"
cl_useproxy                          "1"
pushlatency                          "-100"

//Server Browser
sb_autoupdate                        "0"
sb_findroutes                        "1"
sb_hideempty                         "0"
sb_inforetries                       "1"
sb_infospersec                       "1000"
sb_infotimeout                       "500"
sb_listcache                         "1"
sb_masterretries                     "1"
sb_nosockraw                         "1"
sb_pings                             "1"
sb_pingspersec                       "1000.000000"
sb_pingtimeout                       "400"
sb_showproxies                       "1"

//Status Bar and Scoreboard
cl_useimagesinfraglog                "1"
con_fragmessages                     "0"
scr_compactHud                       "4"
scr_compactHudAlign                  "1"
scr_drawHFrags                       "2"
scr_drawVFrags                       "2"
scr_newhud                           "1"
scr_scoreboard_fillalpha             "0.2"
scr_scoreboard_fillcolored           "0.1"
scr_scoreboard_teamsort              "0"

//Crosshair Settings
cl_crossy                            "1"
crosshair                            "7"
crosshairimage                       "epicross2"
crosshairsize                        "1.3"

//Screen Settings
cl_democlock                         "1"
cl_gameclock                         "1"
cl_onload                            "setinfo rsnd 0"
gl_contrast                          "1.5"
gl_gamma                             "0.6"
r_tracker_align_right                "0"
r_tracker_frags                      "2"
r_tracker_frame_color                "50 50 50 200"
r_tracker_images_scale               "1.5"
r_tracker_messages                   "6"
r_tracker_scale                      "0.7"
r_tracker_time                       "6"
scr_autoid                           "2"
scr_teaminfo                         "0"
scr_teaminfo_align_right             "0"
scr_teaminfo_order                   "%p%n %l %a/%h %w"
scr_teaminfo_show_self               "1"
scr_teaminfo_x                       "305"
scr_teaminfo_y                       "-230"
scr_tracking                         "Tracking ?%t %n?"
scr_weaponstats                      "0"
scr_weaponstats_align_right          "0"
scr_weaponstats_frame_color          "0 0 0 0"
scr_weaponstats_x                    "320"
show_fps                             "1"
showram                              "0"

//Screen & Powerup Blends
cl_demoplay_flash                    "1"
v_contentblend                       "0"
v_damagecshift                       "0"
v_pentcshift                         "0"
v_quadcshift                         "0.1"
v_ringcshift                         "0.0"
v_suitcshift                         "1"

//View Settings
fov                                  "113"
v_kickpitch                          "0"
v_kickroll                           "0"
v_kicktime                           "0"

//Match Tools
match_auto_logconsole                "2"
match_auto_sshot                     "1"
match_format_4on4                    "4on4/%y%m%d_%Oon%E_%t%v%e_%M"

//Demo Handling
cl_demospeed                         "2.85"
demo_autotrack                       "1"
demo_dir                             "qw/demos"

//Screenshot Settings
image_png_compression_level          "0"
sshot_format                         "jpg"

//Item Names
tp_name_rl                           "{&cf31rl&cfff}"
tp_name_lg                           "{&c29flg&cfff}"
tp_name_armortype_ga                 "{&c693g&cfff}"
tp_name_armortype_ya                 "{&c991y&cfff}"
tp_name_armortype_ra                 "{&c931r&cfff}"
tp_name_rockets                      "{&cf31rox&cfff}"
tp_name_cells                        "{&c29fcells&cfff}"
tp_name_mh                           "{&c0ffmega&cfff}"
tp_name_sentry                       "sent"
tp_name_disp                         "disp"
tp_name_quaded                       "{&c03fquaded&cfff}"
tp_name_rune4                        "regeneration rune"
tp_name_rune3                        "haste rune"
tp_name_rune2                        "strength rune"
tp_name_rune1                        "resistance rune"
tp_name_someplace                    ""
tp_name_separator                    "$x20"

//Item Need Amounts
tp_need_ya                           "70"
tp_need_ra                           "90"
tp_need_rockets                      "6"
tp_need_cells                        "14"

//Unsorted Variables
fraglimit                            "50"
hostname                             "Frogbot Clan Arena"
maxclients                           "8"
pm_airstep                           "0"
pm_ktjump                            "0.5"
samelevel                            "8393473"
skill                                "0"
sv_mintic                            "0"
timelimit                            "10"

//User Created Variables
set _blue                           "$B$B"
set _fVol                           "3"
set _green                          "$G$G"
set _iVol                           "2"
set _linesCount                     "2"
set _red                            "$R$R"
set _space                          ""
set _sr                             "$]sr$["
set _yellow                         "$Y$Y"
set dl                              "{%d}"
set eq_arrow                        "?"
set eq_arrows                       "??"
set eq_blue                         "??"
set eq_green                        "??"
set eq_green3                       "???"
set eq_left                         "{"
set eq_lightblue                    "??"
set eq_purple                       "??"
set eq_red                          "??"
set eq_red3                         "???"
set eq_right                        "}"
set eq_white                        "??"
set eq_yellow                       "??"
set h_debug                         "0"
set h_firing                        "0"
set h_firingstack                   "0"
set h_multi                         "10000"
set h_nnum                          "6"
set h_npos                          "0"
set h_tmp                           "90000"
set h_tmplen                        "2"
set h_tmppos                        "0"
set h_tmpval                        "70"
set h_topped                        ""
set l                               "{%l}"
set lasttook                        "rl"
set lasttookloc                     "mega"
set loc_name_ga                     "ga"
set loc_name_gl                     "gl"
set loc_name_mh                     "mega"
set loc_name_ng                     "ng"
set loc_name_pent                   "pent"
set loc_name_quad                   "quad"
set loc_name_ra                     "ra"
set loc_name_ring                   "ring"
set loc_name_rl                     "rl"
set loc_name_separator              "-"
set loc_name_sng                    "sng"
set loc_name_ssg                    "ssg"
set loc_name_ya                     "ya"
set manualtook                      "0"
set megaloc1                        "mega"
set megaloc2                        ""
set megaloc3                        ""
set nick                            "{&c693car:&cfff}"
set nmback                          "0"
set nmforward                       "0"
set nmleft                          "0"
set nmright                         "0"
set preweapons                      "lg$x20ng$x20ssg$x20sg$x20axe"
set prxaddress                      "null"
set pushstr                         "96570"
set qtvaddress                      "5@quakeworld.fi:28000"
set randomsay_count                 "12"
set randomsay_try                   "4"
set randomsay_value                 "3.523056"
set sd_arrows                       "??"
set sd_blue                         "??"
set sd_disc                         "??"
set sd_green                        "??"
set sd_green3                       "???"
set sd_plus                         "$d$d"
set sd_purple                       "??"
set sd_red                          "??"
set sd_red3                         "???"
set sd_white                        "??"
set sd_white3                       "???"
set sd_yellow                       "??"
set sdversion                       "0.051"
set serverstxt                      "2.7"
set svraddres                       "null"
set svraddress                      "troopers.fi:28001"
set tookpack                        ""
set tp_automtimer                   "1"
set tp_autotook                     "2"
set tp_autotook_rockets             "0"
set tp_name_coming                  "coming"
set tp_version                      "{v0.5}"
set tpname                          "{&c372cara:&cfff}"

//                                                                                                //
//                                S E L E C T E D   S O U R C E S                                 //
//                                                                                                //

sb_sourcemark "QuakeServers"
sb_sourcemark "FodQuake"

//                                                                                                //
//                                         A L I A S E S                                          //
//                                                                                                //

alias +gclock                         "hud_gameclock_style 1"
alias -gclock                         "hud_gameclock_style 0"
alias +h_quick                        ""
alias -h_quick                        ""
alias +h_quick1                       "h_weapon1; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 1; +attack"
alias -h_quick1                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 1; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +h_quick2                       "h_weapon2; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 2; +attack"
alias -h_quick2                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 2; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +h_quick3                       "h_weapon3; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 3; +attack"
alias -h_quick3                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 3; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +h_quick4                       "h_weapon4; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 4; +attack"
alias -h_quick4                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 4; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +h_quick5                       "h_weapon5; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 5; +attack"
alias -h_quick5                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 5; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +h_quick6                       "h_weapon6; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 6; +attack"
alias -h_quick6                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 6; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +h_quick7                       "h_weapon7; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 7; +attack"
alias -h_quick7                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 7; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +h_quick8                       "h_weapon8; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 8; +attack"
alias -h_quick8                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 8; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +h_quick9                       "h_weapon9; inc h_firing 1;  h_push h_firingstack 9; +attack"
alias -h_quick9                       "inc h_firing -1; h_replace h_firingstack 9; h_weaponpop; if $h_firing == 0 then h_quickover"
alias +miscinfo                       "hud_clock_show 1"
alias -miscinfo                       "hud_clock_show 0"
alias +teaminfo                       "hud_teaminfo_show 1"
alias -teaminfo                       "hud_teaminfo_show 0"

alias .msg.coming                     "say_team $\$nick coming {%l} need %u"
alias .msg.dm2.slipped                "say_team $\      {&cf2aenemy slipped&cfff} {tele}"
alias .msg.dm2.trickjump              "say_team $\      {&cf2aquad jump&cfff} {%l}"
alias .msg.dm3.diss                   "say_team $\      {&cf2adiss warning&cfff} {%l}"
alias .msg.dm3.lifts                  "say_team $\      {&cf2aenemy going&cfff} {lifts}"
alias .msg.dm3.tunnel                 "say_team $\      {&cf2aenemy going&cfff} {ra-tunnel}"
alias .msg.e1m2.spikes                "say_team $\      {&cf2aenemy going&cfff} {spikes}"
alias .msg.enemy.powerup              "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy %q"
alias .msg.getpent                    "say_team $\$nick get $tp_name_pent"
alias .msg.getquad                    "say_team $\$nick get $tp_name_quad"
alias .msg.help                       "say_team $\$nick {&cff0help&cfff} {%l}"
alias .msg.kill.me.ammo               "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me&cfff} {%l} r:$rockets c:$cells"
alias .msg.kill.me.cells              "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me&cfff} {%l} c:$cells"
alias .msg.kill.me.lg                 "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me&cfff} {%l} $tp_name_lg:$cells"
alias .msg.kill.me.lg.rox             "say_team {&c999kill me&cfff} $[{%l}$] $tp_name_lg:$cells {&cf13r&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .msg.kill.me.rl                 "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me&cfff} {%l} $tp_name_rl:$rockets"
alias .msg.kill.me.rl.cells           "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me&cfff} {%l} $tp_name_rl:$rockets c:$cells"
alias .msg.kill.me.rl.lg              "say_team {&c999kill me&cfff} $[{%l}$] $tp_name_rl:$rockets $tp_name_lg:$cells"
alias .msg.kill.me.rockets            "say_team $\$nick {&cb1akill me&cfff} {%l} r:$rockets"
alias .msg.kill.me.rox                "say_team {&c999kill me&cfff} $[{%l}$] {&cf13r&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .msg.kill.me.rox.cells          "say_team {&c999kill me&cfff} $[{%l}$] {&cf13r&cfff}:$rockets {&c2aac&cfff}:$cells"
alias .msg.lost                       "say_team $\$nick {&cf00lost&cfff} {%d} {%E}"
alias .msg.lost.pack                  "say_team $\$nick {&cf00dropped&cfff} $weapon {%d} {%E}"
alias .msg.need                       "say_team $\$nick need %u {%l}"
alias .msg.point                      "say_team $\$nick %x at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.eyes                 "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cff0eyes&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.eyes.pented          "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cf00pent&cfff} {&cff0eyes&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.eyes.quaded          "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&c05fquad&cfff} {&cff0eyes&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.eyes.quaded.pented   "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cf00pent&cfff} {&c05fquad&cfff} {&cff0eyes&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.pented               "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cf00pent&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.quaded               "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&c05fquad&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.point.quaded.pented        "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_enemy {&cf00pent&cfff} {&c05fquad&cfff} at {%y}"
alias .msg.quadover                   "say_team $\$nick $tp_name_quad over"
alias .msg.replace                    "say_team $\$nick replace {%l}"
alias .msg.rlgkilled                  "say_team $\     rl/lg killed $[{%l}$]"
alias .msg.rlkilled                   "say_team $\     rl killed $[{%l}$]"
alias .msg.safe                       "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0safe&cfff} {%l}"
alias .msg.soon                       "say_team $\$nick soon $[{%l}$]"
alias .msg.status.nada                "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} {%l} $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report              "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $bestweapon {%l} $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report.cells        "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $bestweapon {%l} c:$cells $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report.lg           "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_lg{&c29f:$cells&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report.lg.rox       "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_lg{&c29f:$cells&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report.rl           "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_rl{&cf31:$rockets&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report.rl.cells     "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_rl{&cf31:$rockets&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report.rl.lg        "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $tp_name_rl{&cf31:$rockets&cfff} $tp_name_lg{&c29f:$cells&cfff} {%l} $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report.rox          "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $bestweapon {%l} rox:$rockets $powerups"
alias .msg.status.report.rox.cells    "say_team $\$nick %A{%a}/{%h} $bestweapon {%l} rox:$rockets c:$cells $powerups"
alias .msg.team.powerup               "say_team $\$nick %p"
alias .msg.team.powerup.need          "say_team $\$nick %p {%l} need %u "
alias .msg.took                       "say_team $\$nick took $took $[{%Y}$]"
alias .msg.took.powerup               "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0team&cfff} %p; say_team $\$nick {&c0b0team&cfff} %p"
alias .point                          "say_team $\$nick %x at {%y}"
alias .point2                         "say_team $\$nick %x at {%y}"
alias .point3                         "say_team $\$nick %x at {%y}"
alias .report                         "say_team $\$nick %A%a/%h $l {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .report2                        "say_team $\$nick %A%a/%h $l %b"
alias .report3                        "say_team $\$nick %A%a/%h $l"
alias .reportpowp                     "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h $l"
alias .reportpowpr                    "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l"
alias .reportpowq                     "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cfff} %A%a/%h $l"
alias .reportpowqp                    "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h $l"
alias .reportpowqpr                   "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l"
alias .reportpowqr                    "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l"
alias .reportpowr                     "say_team $\$nick {&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l"
alias .reportpowrlgp                  "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h $l {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgpr                 "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgq                  "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cfff} %A%a/%h $l {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgqp                 "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h $l {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgqpr                "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgqr                 "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowrlgr                  "say_team $\$nick {&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .reportpowwpnp                  "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h $l %b"
alias .reportpowwpnpr                 "say_team $\$nick {&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l %b"
alias .reportpowwpnq                  "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cfff} %A%a/%h $l %b"
alias .reportpowwpnqp                 "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cfff} %A%a/%h $l %b"
alias .reportpowwpnqpr                "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cf00p&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l %b"
alias .reportpowwpnqr                 "say_team $\$nick {&c05fq&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l %b"
alias .reportpowwpnr                  "say_team $\$nick {&cff0r&cfff} %A%a/%h $l %b"
alias .safe1                          "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0safe&cfff} $[{%l}$] {&c0ffrlg&cfff}:$rockets"
alias .safe2                          "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0safe&cfff} $[{%l}$] %b"
alias .safe3                          "say_team $\$nick {&c0b0safe&cfff} $[{%l}$]"
alias __attack_lost_pos               "say_team $\     {&cf00attack&cfff} $[{%d}$] %E"
alias __awaits                        "say_team $\$nick awaits $[{%l}$]"
alias __coming                        "if ('$health' < '1') then __lost else .msg.coming"
alias __dm2                           "if ('$location' = 'quad-low') then .msg.dm2.trickjump else .msg.dm2.slipped"
alias __dm3                           "if ('$location' = 'water') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'water-lg') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'water-gl') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'water-rox') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'water-tunnel') then .msg.dm3.diss else if ('$location' = 'pent') then .msg.dm3.lifts else if ('$location' = 'window') then .msg.dm3.lifts else if ('$location' = 'lifts') then .msg.dm3.lifts else .msg.dm3.tunnel"
alias __e1m2                          ".msg.e1m2.spikes"
alias __enemy_powerup                 ".msg.enemy.powerup"
alias __getpent                       ".msg.getpent"
alias __getquad                       ".msg.getquad"
alias __help                          "if ('$health' < '1') then __lost else .msg.help"
alias __kill_me                       "if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_rl') and ($cells >= 6) then .msg.kill.me.rl.cells else if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_rl') then .msg.kill.me.rl else __kill_me_lg"
alias __kill_me_ammo                  "if ('$rockets' > '0') and ('$cells' > '0') then .msg.kill.me.ammo else if ('$rockets' > '0') then .msg.kill.me.rockets else if ('$cells' > '0') then .msg.kill.me.cells else"
alias __kill_me_check                 "if ('$rockets' > '0') then __kill_me_rox_check else if ('$cells' > '0') then .msg.kill.me.cells else"
alias __kill_me_lg                    "if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_lg') then .msg.kill.me.lg else __kill_me_ammo"
alias __kill_me_lg_check              "if ('$rockets' > '0') then .msg.kill.me.lg.rox else .msg.kill.me.lg"
alias __kill_me_rl_check              "if ('$tp_name_lg' isin '$weapons') then .msg.kill.me.rl.lg else if ('$cells' > '0') then .msg.kill.me.rl.cells else .msg.kill.me.rl"
alias __kill_me_rox_check             "if ('$cells' > '0') then .msg.kill.me.rox.cells else .msg.kill.me.rox"
alias __lost                          "if ('$weapon' = '$tp_name_rl') then .msg.lost.pack else if ('$weapon' = '$tp_name_lg') then .msg.lost.pack else .msg.lost"
alias __need_check                    "if ('$need' == '$tp_name_nothing') then else .msg.need"
alias __need_team_powerup             "if ('$powerups' == '') then __need_check else __need_team_powerup_check"
alias __need_team_powerup_check       "if ('$need' == '$tp_name_nothing') then .msg.team.powerup else .msg.team.powerup.need"
alias __point                         "if ('$tp_name_nothing' isin '$point') then else if ('$ledpoint' = '$tp_name_status_green') then else if ('$ledpoint') = '$tp_name_status_red') then __point_powerup else .msg.point"
alias __point_eyes                    "if ('$tp_name_quaded' isin '$point') then __point_eyes_quaded else if ('$tp_name_pented') isin '$point') then .msg.point_eyes_pented else .msg.point.eyes"
alias __point_eyes_quaded             "if ('$tp_name_pented' isin '$point') then .msg.point.eyes.quad.pented else .msg.point.eyes.quaded"
alias __point_powerup                 "if ('$tp_name_eyes' isin '$point') then __point_eyes else if ('$tp_name_quaded' isin '$point') then __point_quaded else if ('$tp_name_pented' isin '$point') then .msg.point.pented else .msg.point"
alias __point_quaded                  "if ('$tp_name_pented' isin '$point') then .msg.point.quaded.pented else .msg.point.quaded"
alias __quadover                      ".msg.quadover"
alias __replace                       "if ('$health' < '1') then __lost else .msg.replace"
alias __rlgkilled                     "if ('$mapname' = 'dm3') then .msg.rlgkilled else .msg.rlkilled "
alias __rlkilled                      ".msg.rlkilled"
alias __safe                          "if ('$health' < '1') then __lost else .msg.safe"
alias __slipped                       "if ('$mapname' = 'dm2') then __dm2 else if ('$mapname' = 'dm3') then __dm3 else if ('$mapname' = 'e1m2') then __e1m2"
alias __soon                          ".msg.soon"
alias __status_report                 "if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_lg') then __status_report_lg_check else if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_rl') then __status_report_rl_check else __status_report_normal"
alias __status_report_lg_check        "if ('$rockets' > '0') then .msg.status.report.lg.rox else .msg.status.report.lg"
alias __status_report_normal          "if ('$cells' > '0') then __status_report_normal_check else if ('$rockets' > '0') then .msg.status.report.rox else if ('$bestweapon' = '$tp_name_sg') then .msg.status.nada else .msg.status.report"
alias __status_report_normal_check    "if ('$rockets' > '0') then .msg.status.report.rox.cells else .msg.status.report.cells"
alias __status_report_rl_check        "if ('$tp_name_lg' isin '$weapons') then .msg.status.report.rl.lg else if ('$cells' > '0') then .msg.status.report.rl.cells else .msg.status.report.rl"
alias __took                          "if ('$took' == '$tp_name_nothing') then else if ('$took' isin '$tp_name_pent $tp_name_quad $tp_name_ring') then .msg.took.powerup else .msg.took"
alias __youtake                       "say_team $\$nick you take $[{%l}$]"
alias andeh1                          "say har du micen bak och fram eller? (c) andeh"
alias andeh2                          "say andeh kicked himself (c) console"
alias andeh3                          "say nej sa fick jag inte upp den (c) andeh"
alias andeh4                          "say locust's shaft is hard (c) andeh"
alias ax0                             "connect qw.irc.ax:27500"
alias ax1                             "connect qw.irc.ax:27501"
alias ax2                             "connect qw.irc.ax:27502"
alias ax3                             "connect qw.irc.ax:27503"
alias blood_dog1                      "say rtesadfy - ready (c) blood_dog"
alias bot_1on1                        "exec configs/fb_1on1.cfg"
alias bot_2on2                        "exec configs/fb_2on2.cfg;team blue;color 13"
alias bot_4on4                        "exec configs/fb_4on4.cfg;team blue;color 13"
alias bot_arena                       "exec configs/fb_arena.cfg"
alias bot_carena                      "exec configs/fb_ca.cfg"
alias bot_ffa                         "exec configs/fb_ffa.cfg"
alias bps1                            "say fuck dina javla klockingsidor (c) bps"
alias bps10                           "say blir nog inte mkt qw till hosten, ska borja spela kontrafagott med synth-leifs orkester (c) bps"
alias bps11                           "say aha han har varit och skordat.. JAVLA SVIN! (c) bps"
alias bps12                           "say 4 d'a'ck o en coca coola (c) bps"
alias bps13                           "say jihad editor (c) bps"
alias bps14                           "say he fell into the lava god (c) bps"
alias bps15                           "say kempeslang (c) bps"
alias bps2                            "say om vi kor tva ganger far vi plats med hela min (c) bps"
alias bps3                            "say ska jag komma och halla at dig eller? (c) bps"
alias bps4                            "say oj var jag admin? (c) bps"
alias bps5                            "say det kanns som jag har ett helt botnat av piripiri i munnen (c) bps"
alias bps6                            "say sa om du vaggar in han i nagon form av falsk nynorsk forsakringsgaranti (c) bps"
alias bps7                            "say vi tar en break sa ses vi i lobbyn (c) bps"
alias bps8                            "say men cara har du provat den har roccat leif? (c) bps"
alias bps9                            "say jag tycker att det var ett bra call av dvgn att borja med wow, ge han en klapp pa axeln fran mig! (c) bps"
alias darkki1                         "say or i pickh knaaaave... ooo... or noooh, i pick kaatskoo (c) darkki"
alias dh1                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27501"
alias dh10                            "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27510"
alias dh2                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27502"
alias dh3                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27503"
alias dh4                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27504"
alias dh5                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27505"
alias dh6                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27506"
alias dh7                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27507"
alias dh8                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27508"
alias dh9                             "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27509"
alias dhca                            "connect qw.dreamhack.se:27500"
alias emma1                           "say det ar alltid gott att lukta pa dem paketen (c) emma"
alias fef1                            "connect feffsson.se:28001"
alias fef2                            "connect feffsson.se:28002"
alias fef3                            "connect feffsson.se:28003"
alias fef4                            "connect feffsson.se:28004"
alias fef5                            "connect feffsson.se:28005"
alias fef6                            "connect feffsson.se:28006"
alias feffe1                          "say min aldsta bekanta ar yngre an mig (c) feffe"
alias feffe2                          "say va saru, gloryholes? (c) feffe"
alias feffe3                          "say gar och roker med sebbe staxxx brb (c) feffe"
alias feffe4                          "say man kan inte tamja en nigger (c) feffe"
alias foppa1                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27501"
alias foppa10                         "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27510"
alias foppa2                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27502"
alias foppa3                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27503"
alias foppa4                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27504"
alias foppa5                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27505"
alias foppa6                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27506"
alias foppa7                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27507"
alias foppa8                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27508"
alias foppa9                          "connectbr qw.foppa.dk:27509"
alias ganon1                          "say en osaker fasad doljer oceaner av sakerhet (c) ganon"
alias ganon2                          "say vad hette mitt skin nu igen? (c) ganon"
alias ganon3                          "say jag ar alldeles dasig, har atit alggryta (c) ganon"
alias ganon4                          "say vart sitter cara och skriver nanstans? (c) ganon"
alias ganon5                          "say hans raketer var varmesokande och jag var hetast i stan (c) ganon"
alias goblin1                         "say sa han inte far mitt shaaft paak (c) goblin"
alias grisling1                       "say kan vi inte kora en bana dar jag kan utnyttja min movement? (c) grisling"
alias h_calcmulti                     "if %1 == 0 then set h_multi 1; if %1 == 1 then set h_multi 10; if %1 == 2 then set h_multi 100; if %1 == 3 then set h_multi 1000; if %1 == 4 then set h_multi 10000; if %1 == 5 then set h_multi 100000; if %1 == 6 then set h_multi 1000000; if %1 == 7 then set h_multi 10000000; if %1 == 8 then set h_multi 100000000"
alias h_pop                           "set_calc h_popped substr %1 0 2; set_calc h_tmp strlen $%1; set_calc h_tmp $h_tmp - 1; h_calcmulti $h_tmp; set_calc h_tmp $h_multi * $h_popped; set_calc %1 $%1 - $h_tmp; if $h_debug == 1 echo popped $h_popped from %1. %1 now $%1"
alias h_priv_replacenext              "set_calc h_npos $h_npos - 1; set_calc h_nnum substr %1 $h_npos 2; set_calc h_tmplen strlen $%1; set_calc h_tmp $h_tmplen - $h_npos; set_calc h_tmp $h_tmp - 1; h_calcmulti $h_tmp; set_calc h_tmpval $h_multi * $h_nnum; set_calc %1 $%1 - $h_tmpval; set_calc h_tmp $h_tmp - 1; h_calcmulti $h_tmp; set_calc h_tmpval $h_multi * $h_nnum; set_calc %1 $%1 + $h_tmpval; if $h_npos > 0 then h_priv_replacenext %1 else if $h_debug == 1 then echo deleted %2 so %1 now: $%1"
alias h_push                          "set_calc h_tmp strlen $%1; h_calcmulti $h_tmp; set_calc h_tmp $h_multi * %2; set_calc %1 $%1 + $h_tmp; if $h_debug == 1 echo pushed %2 into %1, now: $%1"
alias h_quickover                     "-attack; h_weapon2"
alias h_replace                       "set_calc h_tmppos pos %1 %2; set_calc h_tmplen strlen $%1; set_calc h_tmp $h_tmplen - $h_tmppos; set_calc h_tmp $h_tmp - 1; h_calcmulti $h_tmp; set_calc h_tmpval $h_multi * %2; set_calc %1 $%1 - $h_tmpval; set h_npos $h_tmppos; if $h_npos > 0 then h_priv_replacenext %1"
alias h_top                           "set_calc h_topped substr %1 0 2"
alias h_weapon                        ""
alias h_weapon1                       "impulse 1 2 3 5 4"
alias h_weapon2                       "impulse 2 3 1"
alias h_weapon3                       "impulse 3 2 1"
alias h_weapon4                       "impulse 4 5 3 2 1"
alias h_weapon5                       "impulse 5 3 4 2 1"
alias h_weapon6                       "impulse 6 5 3 4 2 1"
alias h_weapon7                       "impulse 7 5 3 4 2 1"
alias h_weapon8                       "impulse 8 5 3 4 2 1"
alias h_weapon9                       "h_weapon2"
alias h_weaponpop                     "h_top h_firingstack; h_weapon$h_topped"
alias henu1                           "say crazy swedes (c) henu"
alias irc1                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27501"
alias irc10                           "connect qw2.irc.ax:27510"
alias irc2                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27502"
alias irc3                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27503"
alias irc4                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27504"
alias irc5                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27505"
alias irc6                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27506"
alias irc7                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27507"
alias irc8                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27508"
alias irc9                            "connect qw2.irc.ax:27509"
alias ircca                           "connect qw2.irc.ax:27500"
alias kapo1                           "say idiootti saatana (c) kapo"
alias kapo2                           "say proxy:menu help - plz help (c) kapo"
alias krattan                         "oldcrat;1on1;noweapon gl"
alias lethalwiz1                      "say du verkar ha mycket bredare shaft an mig (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz10                     "say ska snacka med dahmer lite brb (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz11                     "say kvarg o kolasas, skoljs ner med en balja java (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz12                     "say nan mutta far det val vara (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz13                     "say MEN MARGINALEN!!!! (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz14                     "say team 0 12 (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz2                      "say jag sa ju att jag ar orlando bloom (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz3                      "say spawn larva (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz4                      "say varfor far man templars utan energy? (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz5                      "say mors lilla brolle junior (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz6                      "say jolle brunior (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz7                      "say jag var inte alls beredd pa att du skulle komma (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz8                      "say det var ju for att era randomraketer knuffade ner mig i roeven (c) lethalwiz"
alias lethalwiz9                      "say kommer du ihag hur simmarna fiskade i havet? (c) lethalwiz"
alias locktar1                        "say ar bilbo med? (c) locktar"
alias locktar2                        "say baby, den bruna lilla grisen (c) locktar"
alias locktar3                        "say eker'o' beastlings for fan, live in the world! (c) locktar"
alias locktar4                        "say samsung biceps: youtube-fenomenet! (c) locktar"
alias locktar5                        "say we were just feeling eachother up (c) locktar"
alias locktar6                        "say GET MILOTN HERE (c) locktar"
alias locktar7                        "say jag haller alltid pa the andehdog (c) locktar"
alias locktar8                        "say the rocket gear (c) locktar"
alias mawe1                           "say ska ni fira valbord eller (c) mawe"
alias mawe2                           "say vi leker kurd (c) mawe"
alias mawe3                           "say rukti tunk (c) mawe"
alias mawe4                           "say bad start -> restart! (c) mawe"
alias milton1                         "say pelia saatana (c) milton"
alias murzik1                         "say no vodka, only vine and womans (c) murzik"
alias ok981                           "say har druckit lite viin det ar nog darfor jag kanner mig sa sprallig (c) ok98"
alias on_enter                        "say carrier has arrived"
alias paniagua1                       "say at least i dont quadbore anymore (c) paniagua"
alias razor1                          "say kan ni sanka basen i mina horlurar? (c) razor"
alias rikoll1                         "say tror det er no skummt paa gang (c) rikoll"
alias rikoll2                         "say i dont really care much for rst (c) rikoll"
alias rio1                            "say pantera featuring pantamera (c) rio"
alias rio2                            "say jihaadue (c) rio"
alias rst1                            "say sa aldrig att jag ville ha en liten mus (c) rst"
alias rst2                            "say at du din grot och hall kaften (c) rst"
alias rst3                            "say kan inte lira nu, ligger med en barbar i sangen (c) rst"
alias rst4                            "say jag tycker att cara ar perfekt (c) rst"
alias rst5                            "say jag tar garna en liten sipp ur devogens... manaboots (c) rst"
alias rst6                            "say jag har snart skill (c) rst"
alias rst7                            "say jag gillar det att logitesh har hoppat in i gamingbranschen (c) rst"
alias rst8                            "say men vafan har jag gjort med min tuck knapp? (c) rst"
alias russia1                         "say nu che vov? gotov? odin razok)"
alias russia2                         "say privet, kak dela? ty krasivaya! zachetnie siski!"
alias sarko1                          "say vad heter du nu... janne! (c) sarko"
alias timon1                          "say but anyways who's leif :D (c) Timon"
alias trash1                          "say det var helt obegripligt det han skrev (c) trash"
alias trash2                          "say en mans bajs ar en annan mans godis (c) trash"
alias troopers1                       "connect troopers.fi:28001"
alias troopers2                       "connect troopers.fi:28002"
alias troopers3                       "connect troopers.fi:28003"
alias xterm1                          "say men ratt lol att ga afk (c) xterm"

//                                                                                                //
//                                       Q W 2 6 2   H U D                                        //
//                                                                                                //

//                                                                                                //
//                               T E A M P L A Y   C O M M A N D S                                //
//                                                                                                //

tp_pickup    default
tp_took      default
tp_point     default

filter       clear

//                                                                                                //
//                          M I S C E L L A N E O U S   C O M M A N D S                           //
//                                                                                                //

mapgroup clear

skygroup clear

floodprot 4 4 10


//                                                                                                //
//                                   P L U S   C O M M A N D S                                    //
//                                                                                                //


//                                                                                                //
//                                    K E Y   B I N D I N G S                                     //
//                                                                                                //

bind  TAB           "+showteamscores"
bind  ENTER         "tp_msgenemypwr"
bind  ESCAPE        "togglemenu"
bind  SPACE         "+jump"
bind  +             "sizeup"
bind  ,             "autotrack 1"
bind  -             ""
bind  .             "autotrack"
bind  /             "impulse 10"
bind  0             ""
bind  1             "say :)"
bind  2             "__quadover"
bind  3             "__getpent"
bind  4             "__slipped"
bind  5             "__enemy_powerup"
bind  6             "__attack_lost_pos "
bind  7             "__rlkilled"
bind  8             "__slipped"
bind  9             "__need_team_powerup"
bind  =             "krattan"
bind  [             "cmd rnd dm2 dm4 dm6 brav aero ztn"
bind  \             "pause"
bind  ]             ""
bind  `             "toggleconsole"
bind  a             "+moveleft"
bind  b             "__lost"
bind  c             "__safe"
bind  d             "+moveright"
bind  e             "alias h_weapon9 h_weapon3"
bind  f             "__took;hud_gameclock_style 1;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;hud_gameclock_style 0"
bind  g             "__getquad"
bind  h             "__youtake"
bind  i             "tp_msgyesok"
bind  j             "__soon                     // item spawns soon at loc"
bind  k             "__quadover"
bind  l             ""
bind  m             "__replace"
bind  n             "__awaits"
bind  o             "__coming"
bind  p             "say hyvat juhlat"
bind  q             "alias h_weapon9 h_weapon2"
bind  r             "alias h_weapon9 h_weapon5"
bind  s             "+back"
bind  t             "messagemode"
bind  u             "__need_team_powerup"
bind  v             "__help"
bind  w             "+forward"
bind  x             "shownick; __point"
bind  y             "messagemode2"
bind  z             "__kill_me;impulse 7 8 6 5 3 2 4"
bind  ~             "toggleconsole"
bind  CAPSLOCK      "+miscinfo"
bind  PAUSE         ""
bind  UPARROW       "demo_setspeed 125"
bind  DOWNARROW     "demo_setspeed 75"
bind  LEFTARROW     "demo_setspeed 0"
bind  RIGHTARROW    "demo_setspeed 100"
bind  ALT           "__status_report"
bind  CTRL          "weapon 7;+jump;+attack;wait;-jump;-attack"
bind  SHIFT         "alias h_weapon9 h_weapon8"
bind  F1            ""
bind  F2            "__enemy_powerup"
bind  F3            ""
bind  F4            ""
bind  F5            ""
bind  F6            "say o lw har nanting som andra saknar, han har nat som andra inte har"
bind  F7            ""
bind  F8            ""
bind  F9            ""
bind  F10           ""
bind  F11           ""
bind  F12           "screenshot"
bind  INS           ""
bind  DEL           ""
bind  PGDN          "exec nutcases.cfg"
bind  PGUP          ""
bind  HOME          ""
bind  END           "exec sd.cfg"
bind  KP_STAR       "menu_mp3_control"
bind  KP_HOME       "mp3_rewind"
bind  KP_UPARROW    "mp3_play"
bind  KP_PGUP       "mp3_fforward"
bind  KP_MINUS      "say {&c901mp3&cfff} {$mp3info}"
bind  KP_LEFTARROW  "mp3_prev; mp3_songinfo"
bind  KP_5          "mp3_pause"
bind  KP_RIGHTARROW "mp3_next; mp3_songinfo"
bind  MOUSE1        "+h_quick7"
bind  MOUSE2        "+h_quick9"
bind  MOUSE3        "+h_quick6"
bind  MOUSE4        "__coming"
bind  MOUSE5        "toggleready"
bind  MWHEELUP      "__rlgkilled"
bind  MWHEELDOWN    "__attack_lost_pos"
2016-03-30, 08:33
Cool stuff inni. &#128521;
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