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EQL  /  9 May 2009, 12:00
Tomorrow(sunday) @21 cet its time for the EQL semifinal # 1 between SR and Druidz.
The game is BO5 and every map(dm2,dm3,E1M2) will be played atleast one time.
They are first being played in random order and if the score is 3-0 to any of the team the game is over. If its 2-1 the team with 1 win will choose the next map.

The players that will combat is:
Drz: bps,gob,lak,maw,raz,rep

Previous games:
In the groupstage SR and DRz played a close game that went to a decider map(e1m2) where SR came on top by winning e1m2 with 8 frags.
EQL9 Groupgame: SR vs DRz: 2-1

And if i remember correct( can't find the game) SR and staralliance played eatchother in the nqr11, and that was also a close combat where SR won decider(e1m2) aswell...

a)What do you think of the game? b)What will be key factor for the teams?
Lakso: a)SR is really strong on dm3 and we will have a tough time with them there and Drz(our) map is dm2 that i think we will win and then the e1m2 will be rly tight. And then the team that is down will choose their map(dm3 for sr dm2 for drz) and winning it and after that it will be a decider that we will win. So
3-2 to DRz by winning two dm2 and one dm3.
b)If reppie is on fire, DRz is on fire. And a good tp from sr will be their key.

xantom: a)No doubt the biggest game in EQL9 so far. It will be a thriller for sure and i'm gonna enjoy watching these teams battle for a place in the final (hopefully with 100 other spectators and some commentary?
b)Key players: reppie/murdoc (YES murdoc is running the show in SR today). DRz are with no doubt in better shape, however SR has been playing together for a longer time giving them a more established type of teamplay. So, if DRz pull their tp together and SR does some heavy warmup, this should be a very tight game.

blAze I think SR's strength is their experience, they are used to winning big games where as DRz has lost big games that they were supposed to win before. I also think that SR is stronger in 2/3 of the maps (dm3 and e1m2) and that is why I think SR will win. DRz has been much more active though, so they might still win if SR is a bit rusty and can't perform on their usual level.
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