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Tournaments  /  30 Nov 2007, 16:50
Dreamhack: Groups 1, 2, 3
The first three (out of eight) groups have more or less finished all of their games. The following so far qualify for playoffs: ParadokS, Lurifix, Destrux, Adrenalin, riker, Ake Vader.

Here are some of the highlights:
Ake Vader earned a tie vs riker. The scores were 37 - 6 for riker on DM4, and then 13 - 10 for Ake on Aerowalk!

(Note: group games are best of _two_, meaning if you lose one map and win one map, you are tied. I think there is a frag difference tie break. I hope if Dreamhack does QW again in the future, all games will be best of 3 or 5, because best of 2 is unnecessary confusion...)

Destrux has started the LAN off very strongly, probably losing the least amount of frags, and most visibly dominating Adrenalin, who I hope will have enough time today to practice during group games, so that he can be used to the computers for tomorrows playoffs.

ParadokS almost lost a map to Lurifix; during DM4 there was a brief moment during which Lurifix was leading, but then ParadokS gathered himself together and took the map with something like double Lfx's score. You can talk to bps if you want to learn more about Lurifix.

Drakdodarn had non-rookie games, but because of the stacked group he was not able to qualify. It is always hard to seed so I'm not going to criticize Dreamhack; and Drakdodarn was more like a div5/4 in contrast to the other players who would qualify as rookies, and if you guys are reading this, I invite you to #qwrookie on Quakenet where other very new players who enjoy QW learn how to play and have fair games with each other.

Now, reppie is setting up for his group games, and then he will have enough sleep for the playoffs tomorrow. Other players are also setting up little by little, so those games will commence soon.

In the mean time, I have been conducting so called "flash interviews" with the players. Here is some of that insight. When I asked reppie who he would most like to face in the finals (out of the favorites) he said LocKtar or nabbe, because he thinks nabbe is too rusty and he also thinks LocKtar's playstyle is a good thing for him (for reppie). On the other hand, the player he wants least to fight is ParadokS. There was also some non-committal discussion about DM2. Reppie said he does not want to pick it, because it is risky and luck-prone; but also he would be glad if someone picked it against him, because he is good under pressure.

I also picked ParadokS's brain a bit, and he said that of course he will pick DM6 every time. But all other questions were not really answered, ParadokS told me he doesnt "analyze" it too much, he just "plays" which looks about right.

The inevitable Carmac is at the LAN too, and he intends to interview ParadokS using video; it would be interesting what comes of that.
2007-11-30, 17:02

i lke! great
2007-11-30, 19:12
nice blog! keep it comming!
2007-11-30, 19:39
yea, giving some recognition. nice work and keep em' coming.
2007-11-30, 20:45
JOHN? carmak. zomg.
2007-11-30, 21:23
carmac = some news writer from ggl/esreality
2007-11-30, 22:34
he also does a series of pranks called LANtics under the fake name of Uszat
2007-12-01, 16:01
sassa is right, it's not John Carmac ;-)
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