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Tournaments  /  3 Apr 2014, 08:49
"Claustrophobopolis" dm2 only QW duel tourney

Register for that shit.
2014-04-05, 07:08
By the way, why do you insist on using everything other except for phpTourney? I thinkk phptourney pretty much has everything you need and it's very good for archiving purrposes.

i don't know about this current host but could you try it out by putting in some test reports? The bracket seems good but how about individual match pages
2014-04-06, 09:03
PhpTourney would be ideal, yes, however that would involve setting up a web server and installing it (i've done it before, its not hard) but it requires effort i am not willing to put in... with Challonge I had a tourney up in 2 minutes.
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