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Servers  /  4 Dec 2013, 16:08
New Netherlands Servers
I've added some new Netherlands servers... KTX and QWfwd. If people use them i'll upgrade the server and add another KTX, a QTV and a Qizmo.
  • - KTX 1
  • - KTX 2
  • - QWfwd

I've added a second KTX port.
2013-12-04, 22:15
Nice one.
2013-12-06, 14:24
qtv port?
2013-12-12, 15:09
Nah no QTV. This server isn't beefy enough to support it's own QTV however if another QTV server wanted to connect to these servers I'd be happy to...
2014-05-16, 14:40
These servers are now back up AND we have QTV
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