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Tournaments  /  18 Oct 2012, 15:44
Quake Monster Tournament - Knight vs Enforcer
2012-10-18, 16:54
2012-10-18, 17:25
2012-10-19, 13:57
Shub-Niggurath in final?
2012-10-19, 17:38
I thought about that, but shub niggurath doesn't really do anything except spawn other monsters and be indestructible

Maybe chthon, but I'm too lazy to make that arena work....
2012-10-20, 08:47
This was pretty cool. The 1on1 with melee vs ranged becomes quite rigged since enforcers can't shoot when the knight gets too close. How often are you going to post these?

I'm expecting death knights vs shamblers battle it out for the final spot. 5 DK's against 2 shamblers could be interesting if the knights focused on one shambler at the time, otherwise it's rape time. Shamblers will probably be battling fiends in the final and shamblers wiping the floor with them, as it's just 2 fiends for 1 shambler and that's not nearly enough.
2012-10-20, 14:23
maybe should adjust the tournament so its a dps/hp ratio matchup..
make some simple formula to calculate strenght. with dps and hp included to get a more closer matchup
2012-10-22, 20:22
Is it possible to have the monsters be human controlled?
2012-10-23, 02:50
Hehe Phil... Looking forward to follow this
2012-10-27, 15:05
2012-11-01, 11:13
Reminds me of the Morph patch, we used to have monster duels at LANs
2012-11-12, 19:19
Oh I nearly missed this. Blog updates are a bit hidden on the new site. Really funny!
2012-12-28, 13:13
it is possible to take control over monsters, the quake done quick team once did a speedrun through the whole game as a fiend and I have played a mod where it was possible.
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