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Commentary  /  30 Aug 2012, 01:51
Video ideas?
As the winter approaches, I want to do more quake videos. What do you guys think? They would be geared for newer players since I am half a noob these days myself

If you are interested, let me know here, and also what kind of videos you think makes the best sense to make.

Is it live commentary? Is it beginner guides for duel? Is it shorter clips? Demo reviews? Non-live commentary? Something else?
2012-08-30, 06:09
I have an idea, and I already made a movie script for it. I need to finish it up though
I sent you what I have of it so far. Basically short movies for introducing various game modes in QuakeWorld. 1on1, 1on1-aim maps, 2on2, 4on4, FFA.. basic videos, but covers basic gameplay guide. What are the rules, how do you get started.
Not so much tactical guides, at all really. Just general premise of the game modes.

DDK has already done some great indepth tutorial videos for 4on4 and we hope to see more of that in the future.
2012-08-30, 08:38
I don't have an idea of what kind of video to do, but may I suggest that you do it in 120hz! Saw that link (lost it now) where someone demoed 120hz video, and it was freakin' awesome...
2012-08-30, 08:44
Perhaps a video detailing every step for a complete noob from downloading nQuake to play a game against other rookies.

1) Download
2) Install (be sure to not install in Program Files)
3) Configure?
4) Find an opponent
5) Play

The configure part could perhaps include some of the usual problems that nQuake users have (readme.txt).
2012-08-30, 11:57
It should also include
6) Get in touch with the community (Like an updated version of QuakePhil's Quakeworld Scene video)
2012-08-30, 12:50
I'd really like to see a well commentated and analysed CTF demo from its glory days.
2012-08-30, 18:59
I loved your video show because it featured some QW gossip.
Similarly, I'd really enjoy a show that features QW history and/or the past. Maybe you could talk to old players, former QW stars, show a few classic videos, talk about how QW used to be played and some background information.
Combine that with some Culture Club and Simple Minds songs in the background and you'd create a show I wouldn't miss a single episode of
2012-08-30, 20:49
1) Choose the main target you want to achieve. (For example, make NA QW scene more active by attracting new players/spectators/make some buzz)
2) Discuss and choose one or two main ideas how to make 1. efficiently. (For example: 1) do weekly single elimination 16ppl/ double elimination 8ppl duel competition on single map with live streaming/commentator via mumble/qtv . 2) do biweekly interview with skilled players who will describe one of his games. Decision making in different situations, some tips, etc. Also interview with some QL stars with QW background who will describe the difference in ql duels and qw duels. Fiend, czm, zero4, ziel etc etc.)
3) concentrate on things your chose, do it during 4-5 months straight and do not spend your time on others things like streaming your own games etc.

If you like weekly duel tournament idea, I can say that it works quite good. TARGETQUAKE DUEL works fine in QuakeLive community. Choose some evening on weekday. Single elimination with 16 players could be done in just one hour. The hardest part here to get 16 players and one more skilled commentator. As for commentator, you can use one of europenian skilled player. As for players it should be properly advertised in the community. (participate to make the show and make the scene more active). And of course make some buzz. Post everything on esreality and other major QL resources.
Free NQuake and QTV should make it easier.

That what I would start if I have more time.
2012-08-30, 23:27
Whatever you do, dont use dubstep. Lol.

120hz geez, most people watch via streaming sites anyway. Only a select (enlighted) few will download. I say 60 fps must be enough anyway.

Anyway, i hope any work on camquake (inside fte, or whatever else) is done. And that i can batch-record demo parts, demo after demo automaticly via some script. That will make it attractive again for me to start with a new movie.
Cause I need to capture the same demo multiple times for better looks dont with layering effects via video editor. To illustrate: 1: plain capture without hud, 2: only the hud, 3: only capturing models and black level, 4: depth render to make a DoF effect or other enhancements. Say I use 50 demos x 4 = 200 captures. Then I must also make sure that those 4 captures of every demo line up exactly the same frame for frame (sometimes it can be a bit off)

Anyway that batch recording script would help you much but if anyone is willing to create such a thing..... .... I'll be craving for it.

Good luck with all the suggestings and making up your mind.mi ll be looking forward to watch some!
2012-08-31, 08:49
Hehe bps, 120hz :-)

YouTube only support 30fps
2012-08-31, 15:45
All kind of videos are great.
But from an noobs (me) perspective I really liked and learned from your commentary videos.
And doesn't matter if it live or some demos of better players.
Also empezar suggestion is really good.

Best of luck!
2012-08-31, 19:26
Because suggestions don't hurt: Review demos of some high level players, and try and get those high level players to join you in commentating them. Could be some quite insightful stuff.
2012-09-04, 21:42
leopold: here's some ctf matches (not analysed):
2012-09-05, 07:04
thx, mushi, already saw that one (I think I even have the demo somewhere).
2012-09-06, 15:12
More feedback here please:
2012-11-12, 19:48
since im new in the scene. i summary of all usefull jumps and tricks would be neat. (with speedometer etc) also some how to play tdm (ctf if there are still players)
2012-12-28, 13:09
trick videos, all tricks on certain maps in one video, for example a dm2 trick vid with like 50 tricks in it with explanations on when the tricks are useful
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