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Guides  /  11 Jan 2012, 20:43
Behind the scenes in 4on4
Last night I recorded a 4on4 match - two maps worth - along with the players' tactical voice comms in mumble. I focused on a single team each map.

It is a really interesting look into how a 4on4 team-in-training operates and plays an entire game start to finish. If you're interested in quakeworld 4on4, check it out.

Watch the games here:
First map:
Second map:
2012-01-12, 02:15
Next time watch for our opponents only please.
Team which you listen to always lost .
And there are not so many tactical voice in draft league.

I believe you can find some true tactical voice on Slackers mumble. It should be English based.
2012-01-12, 17:33
Next time I will do exactly the same thing, if I want to show people how a team in training can lose. 1) It has to be a team in training, and not a perfected team like slacked, because this lets the viewer see the formation of a 4on4 team and how the viewer can participate at the very beginning. 2) It has to be a loss, because we learn the most from our losses
2012-01-12, 20:17
You can do /bind kp_1 "track #1" etc, then your 1-4 num pad keys will switch POV in 1st team, 5-8 in the other. Better than this typing into console I guess.
2012-01-13, 04:20
This is indeed interesting to watch. I've only ever played with suddendeath, and we're all Swedish unless Reppie is playing.

However, I'm not so much for the losing part, but way more interested in when losing control of the map - how to regain it. It's easy to get locked down on dm2 for example, and I'd love to hear when other good teams apart from Suddendeath try to take the map back. That's very interesting to me.
2012-01-13, 04:20
Oh and great effort by the way! More of this!
2012-01-13, 08:08
yea, great effort! Perhaps we should try this at home?
2012-01-13, 20:28
What happened to the Slipgate complex by the way?
2012-01-13, 20:28
What happened to the Slipgate complex by the way?
2012-01-13, 21:24
If you mean the slipgate show, that's on hold, aka the next scheduled show is "whenever"
2012-01-14, 10:44
Good job. My 5 cent to improve this:
Phil You should separate death messages from team/player/spec talk. And use team frag difference instead just all frags.
Maybe use simple items, and it is very entertainment to use damage palette changes when hit and little of v_kick* ( in qw demos it adds more dynamic and aggression).
Gibs are to messy but one effect is cool when gibed the ball of blood splash. I can help with this setup if You wish.
2012-01-16, 11:54
i agree with spin when he says more v_kick and such.
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